Friday, August 24, 2012

Surprise Giveaway Winner Part 1

Maybe some of you are in the state of confuse right now. 
These questions maybe circling around your head now.

"When is the giveaway start?"
"Which one is giveaway post? I don't see any"
"What is the prizes?"

Sorry if I make you all confuse. But, I already give you a clue about this giveaway on this post!
I have this idea, to give my loyal reader a little gift in order to show you my 
"Thank you for being here with me and spent some time to read my sucks grammar"
The rule is very simple: Just follow my blog and leave comments on my post.
You don't need to leave comment on every post if you don't want.
(If you want, it can be increase your chance)

Let's move into the Surprise Giveaway Part 1
So here are what I give to you this time:

Lioele Carry Me Handcream
St Ives Apricot Srub
Some samples

I know it is not a lot (can be consider very small, I guess). Sorry, I can't really afford expensive things >_<
I hope you can appreciate it eventhough it is not a big one~
 The participants are everyone who left comment on this post until this post.
I've already put all your name on excel sheet and use to choose the winner.
(Please note: for next part, I might (or might not) use another method to choose the participants and the winner. It is depends on my mood in the future he5)

And the winner for Part 1 Surprise Giveaway is:


Lee Via Han

Please leave comment here with your email address or sent me an email to claim your prizes at:

I will wait for 2x24 hours for the winner to responds or I will choose the new winner.

For the others, please stay tune for the next surprise giveaway! (It won't be long I promise :p)
PS: Forgot to tell you~ this is open international too~ <3


  1. haha aku suka cara bikin giveawaynya ce, unik + kreatif :D two thumbs up~ btw, congrats to the winner <3

  2. wah nice idea sha ><..kkk

  3. Now this is wonderful giveaway :D Congrats to the winner!!

  4. oh bener kan emang ga ada pendaftarannya? sempet binun gt.. LOL! suprise abis!

  5. mang cara giveawaynya yg beneran surprise, klo ada part 1 berarti ada part 2 dan sterusnya dong:)congrats to winner

    1. direncanakan memang ada yang ke 2 dan seterusnya kok :)
      jangan lupa sering mampir ya ^^
      Thank you~

  6. congrats buat yg menang :) bener2 surprised heheee ^_^


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