Monday, September 17, 2012

Event: The Grand Palace Bithday Ceremonial

Yesterday I was attended Grand Palace First Birthday at Grand City Surabaya.
I went there with fellow IBB friends (yennyca, xiao vee, caroline, hana, lala, and pricil).
Grand Palace is a departement store at Grand City Mall Surabaya. They provide many stuff from various brand. For Beauty Section, they have KOSE, Max Factor, Revlon, Frais Monde, History Of Woo, LT Pro, ZA, and many more.
To celebrate their first birthday~ Grand Palace arranged a special birthday party. I was lucky enough to get the invitation and joined the party~ Here are the rundown of the show~

I don't stay until the end of the show because I have another appointment. But, I manage to capture some photos to show you about the party~

Fashion Show~

Makeup Demo by KOSE~

Group Picture!

and the Goodie Bag~

I also get a cupcake~ the main color is black and white because the Grand Palace theme is black.

Thank you Grand Palace Surabaya for inviting me~ I really have a good moment~
Happy Birthday!


  1. Fun!!! Wish I was there so I can finally meet all of u guys :)

  2. Nice post! Hope you IBB Bloggers Surabaya had fun at the event! ^^

  3. Replies
    1. Xiao vee yg baju biru bukan? Tinggi yaaa aslinyaa

    2. yang nomer 3 dari kiri ce :D
      kurus dan tinggi tepatnya hehehe

  4. gak bisa datang T-T

    1. sayang banget ga bisa ketemu git :(
      lain kali kalau ada acara ikut ya :D

  5. Goodie Bag nya bikin Ngilerrrr Tuh, Keren Banget ...!


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