Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: Lioele Aroma Soft Peeling Gel

Back on July 2012, I purchased this peeling gel at Lioele Makep Class. At that time, I tried a little product on my hand and I was very satisfied with the result. I ended purchased this product when the class was ended XD. Since then, I use this product regularly once a week and I feel a good result from this product. Read my review below~

About this product:
This product controls dead skin cell and impurities of the skin effectively by including natural cellulose which is organic pealing substance. It helps to speed-up the skin turnover cycle to make your skin clean and healthy. It also includes Vitamin A and E to promote skin softness.

Packaging: It comes with huge plastic tube. The main color is pink :D

Ingredients: (Sorry the paper is slightly torn)

The peeling gel:

 Gently massage it~


How to use:
Apply Aroma soft peeling gel to face after cleansing face
Gently massage into face and let it dry
After 10 minutes, rinse face with water
Gently dry face with soft towel

Price/Amount: IDR 130.000/80 ml

The good things:
Makes my face brighter and softer after I use it
It has a nice and relaxing aroma
A little is enough for entire face
Huge and pink packaging :D

The bad things:
Can't be used too often or it will makes me break out


  1. cute packaging :D
    but im scared of breaking out o-o lol

    1. If you don't use it too often, it will not cause you breakout :)

  2. Bagus deh kayanya, tapi rada mahal yah. Soalnya isinya dikit, innisfree wine peeling softner harga segituan isinya lebih banyak >.<

    1. Iya harganya agak mahal sih kalau dibanding yang lain..cuman pas beli aku dapet disc 50rb jadi masih lumayan murmer hehehe

  3. wooooo dramatis banget before afternya, jadi pengen... Jadi inget klo aku ada samplenya di rumah, jadi kepengen nyoba besok, mudah2n cocok ^^

  4. I used to like peeling gels too as it gently exfoliate and make my skin soft and smooth but I also notice that it tends to break me out so I use it only once a month for exfoliating purpose =)

    1. Same with me :(, I must use it carefully or it wil makes me breakout :(

  5. aku gampang bosen nihh pake peeling, tp ga tahan sih liat warna packagingnya :D

  6. so cute packaging....wrn pink gt sha.....
    aku skrg masi pake peeling dari face shop ni...
    ntar kalo dah habis baru ganti ke ini d...:)
    thank you for sharing sha...

  7. I need one! I want one! =)


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