Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Blush

Maybelline always become my favourite drugstore brand. Recently when I was at Jakarta for my vacation, I discovered a very great deal for this blush. This is my second blush from Maybelline brand. My first blush is Maybelline Angelfit Watermellon. Now, let's move on to the review~

Packaging: The packaging somehow looks cheap for me. It comes with a small plastic packaging, the lid is clear glass so we can easily see the color. The main color for the packaging is soft green/mint and it doesn't comes with brush or mirror.

Available Shade: Fresh Coral, Fresh Berry, Fresh Apricot, and Fresh Rose
My Shade: Fresh Berry.
 If you wonder why I choose this shade? That's because this is the only shade that's goes on sale *lol*

Price: Normal price is around IDR 40K-45K / My price IDR 16K (Before you ask, this isn't an expired product. I've check the production date before I purchased it.)

Swatch on my hand: The color looks really bright, right?

only use a little for my cheek :D

The good things:
The blush isn't chalky or powdery
The texture is very smooth and doesn't contains any glitter
The color comes out really nice and very pigmented
The staying power is around 4-5 hours
Only need to apply very little for this color *fresh berry*. If I apply to many I will look like a clown he5
Cheap price

The bad things:
The packaging is boring and it doesn't include brush or mirror
The color *in this case fresh berry*may not suitable for all skin tone


  1. yg ditangan keliatan tua ya warnanya, pas di pipi nyaris tak terlihat...kamu pake berapa oles say buat yg di tangan?

    1. di tangan 2x oles win.. yang di pipi aku oles 1x di brush trus ditepuk2 dikit jadi warnanya soft..soalnya pertama pakai sempat kemerahan banget sampe kayak ondel2 hahaha jadi aku pakainya super dikit..warnanya uda keluar banget.

  2. aahh aku juga punya ini sha yang fresh rose, udh lama punya belom abis2.
    di diskon jd 16rb? murah banget ahaha
    blushnya emg bagus, tahan lama, yg warna fresh rose nyaris tak terlihat di kulitku klo cuma 1x swipe, 2-3x lah baru agak keliatan :D

    1. iya pas diskonan soalnya hehe~ yg fresh berry warnanya berani banget~ kalau pakai 2-3x bisa kayak badut :p

  3. wow it looks so natural on you! at first i thought the shade was pretty intense but I guess a little goes a long way~ you look really cute on this blush ^_~

  4. I love the really pink sweet color, looks really cute on your cheeks~ ^^

  5. Such pretty shades! I love blush and these look great!

  6. wihh trnyata wrnanya natural ya d pipi, ga seserem yg d pan.. xD


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