Friday, September 14, 2012

Review: Skin79 BB Cream (Gold Label, Hot Pink, Diamond Prestige and Diamond Pearl Luminous)

Hi ladies~ I'm sure many of you are already familiar with this Skin79 Black Label Miniature set. Me personally already tried this set back in 2010 (yes, 2 years ago!! Skin79 is the first BB cream I've ever tried~). Around May 2012, I got this miniature set again as a giveaway prize. The miniature set contains 4 different BB Cream (Hot Pink, Gold Label, Diamond Prestige, and Diamond Pearl Luminous). Today, I will review them~

Swatches Comparison:

Gold Label Mini BB Cream SPF 25/PA++
❤ It conditions skin and restores skin's elasticity.
❤ Whitening ingredient butane is effective in reducing the appearance of spots for flawless and brighter complexion.
❤ It also protects skin from being damaged by UV rays.


My skin condition is really bad when I tried this BB cream >_<

My opinion:
❤ The texture is thick and the color is quite dark at first but slowly change
and fit my skin tone after blends it well.
❤ This BB Cream is suitable for dry and fair skin (my skin type is oily). When I use this BB cream, the oil control isn't really good (2-3 hours). I'm sure it will works better for dry skin.
❤ The coverage is light~medium
❤ Dewy finish and moisturize well
❤ The scent is nice and fragrant. Somehow I smell a chocolate flavour~

Pink Label Mini BB Cream SPF 25/PA++
❤ It contains Phyto-complex that provides skin with various nutrients for bright and flawless complexion.
❤ It protects skin from being damage by UV rays.


My opinion:
❤ This BB cream is similar with Gold label, it has thick texture and dark shade
❤ Suitable for Oily skin. The oil control is around 4~5 hours. If I use primer it will works better.
❤ Light~medium coverage
❤ Semi matte finish

Both are Gold label and Hot pink have a grey undertone so make sure you use a lighter compact / loose powder after use this BB cream to make your face brighter. 

Diamond Prestige Mini BB Cream SPF 25/PA++
❤ It blocks UV rays to prevent the formation of melanin for a long-lasting whitening effect.
❤ It contains diamond and crystal powder complex, leaving skin translucent and alluring


My opinion:
❤ This BB cream has a creamy texture. It is more liquid than Hot pink and Gold label. The color also more lighter. It is easy to blend and gives me instant bright result
❤ The coverage is medium with semi dewy finish.
❤ Oil control is quite good around 4-4,5 hours

Diamond Pearl Luminous Mini BB Cream SPF 25/PA++
❤ It blocks UV rays to prevent the formation of melanin for a long-lasting whitening effect.
❤ It contains diamond and crystal powder complex, leaving skin translucent and alluring
❤  In addition, pearl powder allows sharper face contour.

Notice the glitters?

My opinion:
❤ This BB cream has a liquid texture. It is also contains glitters. I rarely use this BB cream on all over my face, because it will makes me looks like a disco ball~ Usually I use this BB cream as a highlighter~
❤ The coverage is very light with dewy finish.
❤ Oil control is around 3-3,5 hours
❤ Overall I think people with dry skin would love this BB cream. As for oily skin type like me, I just don't found anything special about this BB cream. I don't use it often because the glitters are quite visible on my face also it doesn't really cover my pimples >_<.

Conclusion: My favourite still the Hot pink and the Diamond Prestige~ But I'm not having a bad experience with VIP gold~ If you still newbie with BB creams, maybe you can try to buy this set~ It is really worth to try and you can get 4 different BB cream in 1 set ( you can choose which one is suits with your skin).
 But, please be AWARE with fake products! Nowadays, there are many fake Skin79 BB Cream that being sold in Indonesia. I suggest you ask more detail about the product and search for testimonials before you purchase~

That's all~ sorry for long post~ Have a nice day!

Updated on Sept 29th
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  1. Ah, ini BB Cream pertamaku, yang Hot Pink.. Nostalgiaa~ ^__^

    1. sama ce :D
      dulu pertama kenal BB cream nyobain miniature ini juga~
      jadi pas dapet lagi seneng banget hehehe

  2. HOT PINK oke sih. paling cocok ke warna kulit. coveragenya jg oke. nice review anyway.

  3. Yang prestige tampaknya menarik untuk dicoba nih ce =)

  4. Ahh it will be so nice to get my hands on this one. I want to tey asia bb cream. I love diamond prestige n was gonna say diamond pearl too until u said it makes ur face look like a disco ball, i changed my mind hahaha. I, too have an oily face so i can totally relate to you.

    1. hahaha if you have oily face I don't recommend you to try diamond pearl~

  5. lucu ya kalo kemasannya kecil-kecil, ga bakalan bosen, pakenya ganti-ganti :)

    1. yup~ hihihi pakainya tergantung kondisi kulit..kalau kering pakai gold label..balik ke oily pindah ke hot pink hehehe

    2. Jadi pengen nyoba yg pearll hehe

  6. Thanks for dropping by and entering my giveaway! :) I do like your blog.

    I love BB creams! Need to try them out. :)


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