Friday, September 28, 2012

Review: Etude House Wonder Pore After Sun Special Set [Sponsored]

Etude House Wonder Pore After Sun Special Set is a trio of skin care essentials to deep clean, refine, and soothe irritated and tired skin due to hot and humid summer weather. It cares for your pores from deep within by penetrating deep with its special formula, containing Pasque Flower, Western dandelion, Chrysanthemum, and Cypress Extracts. Prevent and maintain enlarged pores, moisturize your skin and increase elasticity with just three simple steps!

Set Includes:
❤  Wonder Pore Freshner 25ml
❤  Wonder Pore Clay Clear 10ml
❤  Aloe Moistfull Soothing Gel 10ml

❤  Wonder Pore Freshner: Use an appropriate amount on cotton pad and wipe gently
(morning and evening)
❤  Wonder Pore Clay Clear: After Cleansing, apply a thin layer. Leave for 15-20 minutes.
Rinse off with lukewarm water (1-2 times a week)
❤  Moistfull Aloe Soothing Gel: After Wonder Pore Freshner, gently massage over face.
Re-apply as needeD to dry and irritated areas (morning and evening)

Deep Cleans Pores
Maintains pH 4.5 +/- 1
Controls Sebum
Minimize Pores
Refines Skin Tone
Increases Elasticity

My Opinion about Wonder Pore Freshner:
The texture is clear water (like the other toner). There isn't any strange smell from this toner. I use it twice a day and so far it is really works to remove dirt and excess oil on my face. It makes my face looks moist and no tighten feeling after I use this. I love this toner so much!! *I want to buy the full tube :p*. Also so far it doesn't works negative for my skin.

My Opinion about Aloe Moistfull Soothing Gel:

The texture is light gel. It is absorb quickly and not sticky. It has mild Aloe scent and gives me a cool sensation after I apply it on my face. I love how it makes my face looks "alive" after a tiring day. I use this only on the evening, after I came home from work. But, I think this product will fit people with dry skin. If you have oily skin like me, your face probably feels greasy after several hours *that's why I only use this in the evening when I'm at home*

My Opinion about Wonder Pore Clay Clear:


It is quite hard to squeeze out the mask from it's packaging. The color is grey and the texture is like clay *well it's supposed to be like clay, right? :p*. It is a little hard to blend and you must a little hurry if you use this mask because after several minutes it will dry and makes your face as hard as rock. It works great to reduces the appearances of my large pores after I use this mask, but it is only temporary. I love this mask because it makes my face feel supple and clean *from dirt and oil* after I use this. I'm not sure about permanent result because I only try the miniature size~ Maybe I will try to buy the full size later~

I live in Surabaya, where the sun shines super brightly even in the morning ha5. Because of that, I always seek for something "cold and fresh" everytime I went home after work and this set definitely the right choice!

You can get this set for IDR 60K at My Lovely Corner Shop and if you mention "Miss Belanja", you can get free shipping for Jakarta area~ Happy shopping~

What do you think about this set? Don't forget to leave me a comment below~

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience. I'm not being paid for doing this review. 


  1. makasih buat reviewnya ^^ oia harganya 60.000 ^^ hehhee. Aku yang jualan aja jadi tergoda pengen nyoba yang wonder pore freshner :p hehehe

    1. Oops sorry tik >_< udah ku edit ha5~
      cobain aja ga nyesel pasti~ ga membuat kulit jerawatan juga kok *meracunii*

    2. wonder pore freshner ada alcoholnya sha .. dulu ak cocok pake ini, udah abis 450 ml-an .. eh tiba2 sensitif trus perih tiap pake ini :'(

    3. oya? wah mungkin pas kondisi kulitnya bermasalah juga trus kena alkoholnya jadi perih ya.. aku coba miniaturenya baik2 aja sih~ mungkin aku coba beberapa botol lagi aja baru beli full sizenya he5 thanks for sharing ya~

  2. wow..i love to try this product..:)thx for making review about this.

  3. hahahaha bener banget shaaa, surabaya itu panaaaasss sekaliiiii... :p
    thanks for the review <3


  4. Ooo great review! I will want the gel here for winter cause ichave oily skin and i can use it at night to restore and hydrate my skin. The clay mask will be nice too. The toner is prob good for me for summer time. Wow u know i dont have to worry the next time i come home, i know what to get now haha

  5. waa.. baru mikir2 pengen beli ini dan tiba2 ada yg nge-review, thanks so ya.. ^^

  6. Great job on the review, ClearPores is an amazing product.

  7. Great review. I'm reviewing on Etude House Wonder Pore Modelling Clear.
    Check it


  8. Tetamu dari malaysia,
    singgah baca review :)

  9. Dear, sekarang wonder pore freshner tersedia loh di

    mampir-mampir ya dear ^^


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