Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review: Skin 79 Orange Super Plus BB Cream [Sponsored]

Hi girls~ I'm back again with BB Cream review!

This time I will review Skin79 Orange Super Plus BB Cream. I know about this BB cream for quite long and I heard this BB Cream is quite good. But, I still don't have chance to buy it *I still have many BB Cream in my stack*. So, when my newest sponsor offered me to review Skin79 product, I was happily choose this BB Cream.
About the product:
Skin79 Orange Super Plus offers ‘Triple Function’ benefits, being UV protection, whitening and wrinkle improvement. Specifically it promises to make skin bright and smooth, with multi-vitamin and eco-oil ingredients to strengthen the skin, form a protective barrier and block melanin formation. The formula is quickly absorbed and adheres well to the skin to make skin transparent and clean.

Amount: 15g

Ingredients:  (Click to see larger image)
This BB Cream comes with a sleek bottle with pump. It looks like a juice can *my first impression he5*. This packaging is similar with Skin79 Hot pink and Gold Label *only the color is different*. The main color is orange. The pump doesn't comes with any cover or secure key or anything else to make this BB Cream travel friendly. The pump works perfectly since the first use *I have bad experience with Etude's pump*


The good things:
This BB cream contains very high SPF 50/PA+++
The texture is light and easy to blends
Matte finish and medium coverage. It covers blemish and dark circle well. 
But, still need more concealer if you have big pimples.
Great oil control! After 5 hours, rather than makes my face greasy like the other BB cream, it can be said that my face has dewy finish. I don't use any oil control paper for 6 hours! and this is a new record. I don't apply any primer before apply this BB Cream.
The color suits my skin tone perfectly (better than Hot pink and Gold Label)
Cute packaging!
So far doesn't causes me any break out *I've been using this for 1/2 month*
The bad things:
The packaging isn't travel friendly.
Only comes with 1 shade. It may not suitable for all skin tone especially for those who has dark skin tone.
I can't see any leftover because the bottle isn't transparent and there isn't any way to open it.

I'm not sure if this BB cream specially made for oily skin but it works perfectly on me *I have oily skin*. I would love to recommend this BB Cream to people who has fair skin tone and oily skin type. However please always note that the result maybe different for other people.
You can buy Genuine Skin79 products at Lalaluna Nail Parlour.
The price for this product is IDR 140K
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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience. I'm not being paid for doing this review. 


  1. nice review ce :)
    dulu aku pernah pake yg hot pink yg emang buat oily skin type kan, tapi di aku kurang cocok >_< sepertinya aku harus nyoba yg orange nih hehe ^^

    1. cobain yang orange la~ aku lebih suka ini sih dibanding hot pink..

  2. Wow I really like this and if it is food for oily skin then I truly want it even more. Hmmm gotta think of a way to buy it now lol. Awesome review! Love it.

  3. Sha si skin79 orange ini warna shadenya kalo dibandingin sama bb cream skinfood yang shadenya light beige .. terang mana ? :D

    1. Skinfood punya lebih terang. dan teksturnya lebih cepat kering IMO, yang skin 79 lebi gampang diaplikasikan dan finshed resultnya tuh kaya plek nempel di muka gt nge blend banget. Highly reccomended! :)

    2. Vicky.. lebih terang punya skinfood menurutku..

      Thanks macchi udah bantu jawabnya :)

  4. great review! I haven't tried this one but it seems pretty nice and great that it works well on oily skin ^_~

  5. wow what a detailed review, thanks for sharing it! always good to know about different brands and products so we can make wise choices when it comes to makeup.

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  6. aku jg pnya pengalaman buruk sha dgn pump bb creamnya etude ._.

    1. walah sama ya? kayaknya etude harus memperbaiki kualitas pumpnya deh..

  7. Ini sumpah packagingnya lucu bgt, kaya botol jus! haha
    sayang bgt, aku ga pernah nemuin shade bb cream yg cocok buat kulitku yg agak gelap udah coba etude, skinfood, n missha T.T
    enak ya shasha bisa cobain macem2 bb cream,,

    1. Hmm kalau agak gelap coba pilih yg shadenya natural beige aja del.. atau nyobain etude yg bright fit..kan pilihan shadenya lebih banyak :)

  8. Sorry shasha kalo emang mataku gelo..
    Harganya brp? Kok ga nemu ya?

    1. Kalau aku liat i fb nya seh hrg 140,000 buat yg kecil kattie,bnr ga sha?

    2. 140rb ce..sorry lupa nulisnya >_< *bentar ku edit nanti*
      thank you emilya udah bantu jawab :)

  9. aku juga agak gak suka sama pump nya etude .__.
    udah gt tak cocok pula sama bb cream nya

    1. kalau BB Creamnya etude sih aku ga masalah..hehehe
      kalau pumpnya memang pertama-tama bermasalah..setelah itu lancar2 aja :)

  10. Would you recommend this bb cream for combination-oily skin?


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