Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Skin79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream [Sponsored]

I hope you are not sick with another BB cream review *please forgive me*. This time the BB cream is come from Skin79 *again, I know*. Please read the review below~

About the product:
Whitening and Wrinkle improvement
SPF 25/PA++
Also attached with cute lip and cheek tint


This BB Cream comes with a huge pump bottle. The main color is purple and gold. If you open the top cap, you will discover a red cream (lip and cheek tint) along with a small mirror. Move downward, open the whole cap and then you will discover the pump. The pump itself is a little weird for me. Usually pump will attached on front side of the packaging. But, it is different for this BB Cream. The pump is on the middle of the packaging, so it is a little hard to pump out the cream at first. Also the packaging's color around the pump is black, which makes it get dirty easily when I pump the cream (see the picture~). 

Amount: 40g


The good things:
The texture is creamy and easy to blends.
The color is similar to Skin79 Orange vital~ which I love the most because it is suits with my skin tone
The finish result is Dewy with Medium Coverage. But, still need to apply more concealer if you have blemishes.
This BB cream has s nice floral scent. Check the ingredients list and you will found many
 flowers extract on the list.
The cheek/lip tint has a very pretty color. I love it so much. I only use it on my lips and it gives me a natural pink color with a little moist effect but not sticky at all.
Unique Packaging! I always love Skin79's packaging~

The Bad things:
The cheek/lip tint doesn't stay very long on my lips. The staying power is around 1-1,5 hours. 
I hate the pump! seriously it makes this BB Cream really hard to use. I always ended pump to much cream and makes the packaging dirty.
This BB Cream is suitable for dry and combination skin. So I can't expect a very good oil control from this BB cream. It makes my T-zone feels greasy after 3,5 hours. But, I think it still acceptable.
(My skin type is Oily)

I got this BB cream from Zaturashop as a giveaway gift (The price is around IDR 140K).
and I'm really happy because I always want to try this BB cream but I'm to afraid to buy it because I don't think it will works for me. But, I guess I'm wrong~ I love this BB Cream and the lip tint too!

Have you tried this BB Cream?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience. I'm not being paid for doing this review.


  1. What a nice packaging! Lip&Cheek Tint collaborate with BB Cream.
    Nice post anyway ^^
    Salam kenal ya!

  2. Yea i agree with u! I dont loke how the bb cream came out in the middle! I will make too many mistakes by pumping it too much and just wadting the product. I do love the idea of a lip tint on top, convenience.

    Great review!

  3. wuaaa asiknya dikasi gratsi dari zatura ^^
    hmm kyanya kurang nutup yah kaya kamu blg, sha..
    oia, hadabiseii yg km tanya di blog aku itu isinya 1 setiap pack..

    thanks for review, ak mw coba bb cream ini :D

    1. ayo dicoba :D bisa meluncur langsung ke Zatura :p

  4. lip tint nya bagus sha! syang ya ga tahan lama :(

  5. wah packagingnya unik banget :) sayang banget ya lip tint nya gak tahan terlalu lama, padahal warnanya bagus lho *salah fokus, lebih fokus ke lip tint nya drpd ke bb cream nya* wkwk :P
    btw, congrats yaa ce udah menang :D

  6. aww too bad the oil control wasn't that good...but at least the shade matches your skintone..=)

  7. aneh ya pump bb creamnya ce o.O
    nice review :D

  8. pengen nyoba ini, match with my skintone gak yah? kayanya mending pilih yg tube nya biasa aja yah, tp gak dapet lip tint :(


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