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ASK: Christmas Swap For Indonesia Area

Halo temen-temen, menjelang makan siang di kantor mendadak aku ada ide untuk suatu beauty project.  Ada yang pernah dengar tentang christmas swap? atau bahasa indonesianya acara tukar kado.  Di kalangan beauty blogger internasional acara christmas swap ini populer sekali dan sering diadakan menjelang hari natal. Aku selalu pingin ikutan kalau ada acara-acara seperti itu, tetapi sayang sekali aku belum bisa untuk melakukan pengiriman ke luar negeri.  Nah, berhubung di Indonesia kayaknya belum pernah ada yang ngadain acara-acara sejenis itu, kali ini aku mau nanya pendapat kalian tentang christmas swap untuk daerah Indonesia.  Kira-kira ada yang tertarik untuk ikutan nggak ya?
Kalau memang yang tertarik untuk ikutan lumayan banyak (lebih dari 1 orang ya pastinya), aku berencana untuk melaksanakan project ini. Tentu saja akan ada syarat dan ketentuannya ya (nantinya) biar project ini lebih rapi dan berjalan sesuai dengan yang diharapkan. Salah satu syarat utama pastinya adalah beauty bl…

Review: Silky Girl Eye Opener Mascara

Hi~ I'm back again with another Silky Girl's product. This time I will talk about their Mascara. The name is Silky Girl Eye Opener Mascara~ Sounds like a "wow" name, right? It is claims to make your eyes look bigger after you wear this mascara. Being people with small eyes, of course I don't want to let go a chance to try this mascara~ I got this mascara for free from my cousin *yay~*

Packaging: I can't say it is a tiny packaging but it is not big too. The packaging is quite light and fit on my hand. The main color is black with pink words printed on it's packaging.
Price: IDR 40k

The good things: It is separates my lashes perfectly and the color is very black. Lengthen my lashes quite well and doesn't clump Light packaging and the price is cheap
The bad things: It doesn't really hold curls

Review: Etude House AC Clinic Daily Sun BB [Sponsored]

Hello~ I think it's been awhile since the last time I talked about BB cream, right? Today I will bring you a new review about Etude House AC Clinic BB Cream. You know, as a BB cream junkie but have serious problem with oily and acne skin, I always want to try a "Good" BB cream~ I mean the BB Cream must not makes my skin condition worse or causes me new acnes. That's why I decided to try this BB cream~ because, it is targeted for trouble skin *like me*~ Read more if you curious :)

About the product:

Review: Silky Girl Pure Fresh Oil Control 2 Way Foundation

Silky girl is one of drugstore's brand that quite famous in Indonesia. Actually I have many Silky Girl products in my stack (including their famous BB Cream and Gel eyeliner) but I still don't have chance to try it all >_< (maybe I will include them in my next giveaway :p). Today, I will make a review about their compact foundation. I got a great deal for this foundation (buy 1 get 1 free!).

About the product:

EOTD: Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow~ GR162

Hello girls~ Let me introducing you with my little Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow. I got this cutie as giveaway gift from Qoqo. I fell in love with this eyeshadow since the first time I saw the color~ It is green color but I think it is more similar to Turquoise color (one of my favourite color). move on to the review~

My shade: GR 162
The powder texture isn't really chalky and the color pay-off really good~ only need apply a little to achieve a soft green color. It has a little shimmer but doesn't really visible on my eyes.

Thanks for reading~

Lyra's Giveaway Feat Naris Indonesia

Hello~ Today I will share some good news for you~ It is a giveaway from Lyra! The prizes are from Naris Cosmetics. Maybe many if you still unfamiliar with this brand, so I will explain a little for you~
Naris is cosmetic brand from Japan. Naris Cosmetics has been manufacturing and distributing cosmetics since 1932. Nowaday, the products are marketed globally from USA to Russia and from China to Indonesia.
The name "Naris" is derived from the english word "Nourish". The insigna design is based on the Lily, exemplifying gentleness and receptivity. Naris Cosmetics Co.,Ltd. has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of creativity and technological expertise. The company's aim is to keep creating opportunities for positive interactions with the customers, while continuing in their quest for the true essence of beauty.
Truthfully, I never tried Naris's products before. That's why I want to join this giveaway~ I hope I can have a chance to try t…

Review: Essence Gel Eyeliner x Masami Shouko Gel Liner Brush

Lately, I'm a little obbsesed with gel eyeliner~ eventhough I don't have a very nice impression with my first gel eyeliner, I change my mind after I try this eyeliner. Please meet my HG gel eyeliner~ Essence Gel Eyeliner. I got this as a giveaway gift from qoqo.


About The product: Special  occasions require special eye make-up products like the Gel Eyeliner from Essence! It's ultra-smooth gel formula allows an accurate application similar to liquid eyeliner. The range offers various effects, such as matte or shimmering. Simply dip the brush into the pot and effirtlessly paint a perfect quick drying line. You're left with an ultra long-lasting, smudge and waterproof look!

This gel eyeliner is very famous among international beauty blogger due to its cheap price but the quality is superb! It is often sold out at ULTA's website and if you want to try this product, you better be fast~

Looxtag : Fashion & Beauty Products You Avoid

Halo~ Kali ini postingannya pakai bahasa Indonesia ya.. Untuk kali ini aku mau membahas beauty tag dari Looxperiments. Sesuai judul, yang akan ditulis adalah mengenai fashion dan beauty product yang tidak ingin aku pakai. Berikut adalah list "Must Not Wear"ku :)
Dari dulu pingin banget pakai softlens. Secara mata aku ini kecil dan sipit juga, jadi berharap dengan bantuan softlense lebih kelihatan besar gitu. Tapi sampai sekarang udah umur 20++ tetap tidak berani pakai. Pernah sih nyobain untuk pakai, tapi si softlense baru di deket mata aja, reaksiku uda kayak orang freak ha5.. Ga berani banget nempelin ke mata >_<. Aku kadang iri sama orang yang suka gonta ganti softlense, tapi mengingat cara pakainya (dan melepasnya) yang agak-agak gimana gitu (menurutku), kuputuskan ga bakalan pakai softlense deh hi5~~
Lipstick Merah
I have a super thick lips! Imagine if I wear a red lipstick? *berasa kayak badut* ha5  
Semua produk yang merknya tidak jelas 
Kayaknya ga pe…

Review: Etude House Dolly 3 Step Eyes [Sponsored]

Etude House is one of my favourite korean brand. Their products always comes with a cute and girly packaging. I know that we buy product because of its quality not because its packaging, but I also can't deny that I always attracted with cute packaging :D. Recently, Etude House released new products with Dolly Concept~ one of the product is 3 Step Dolly Eyes~ and today I will talk about it~
How to use:
Available Shades:
My Shade: PK001


I will talk about the outer packaging first~ the wrapper is pink color. it has lace decoration which makes it look like a princess cosmetic~ The back of the wrapper is written the full list of ingredients also step by step how to apply the eyeshadow. It is really help for the beginner like me~ Move to the compact itself~ the packaging main color is pink and has lace decoration too. The decorations are hologram so the color often changed to rainbow color. I love it so much!
Color and Texture:
The powders are embossed with he…