Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Big Bang Alive Concert~ Jakarta, October 13th

Warning: This post will be the longest post I've ever write and may contain a lot of pictures about Bigbang~ If you don't like K-pop, you can stay away from this post~

Sorry for have been MIA for awhile.. Last week I was at Jakarta to watch bigbang's concert. Bigbang is my favourite idol group from korea and i was really happy that finally they come to my country and I have a chance to watch them. I like bigbang since 5 years ago~ and I always dream to watch them singing live in front of me and last saturday, my dream was coming true!!!
I saw them in front of me!! Singing, dancing, and talking right in front of my face. My distance with them is only about 1 meter (and maybe less). Omg ~

My bias from bigbang is TOP. But i also like the others too! I think bigbang is different from the other idol groups. Their songs are always ear catching and have a great quality. Their performances are super great!! Their voice when they was sing live isn't different with the recorded one.
I never watched a life concert before. So this is my very first time and I glad because I choose bigbang as my opening. The concert was taken place at Mata Elang International Stadium, Ancol. The concert began at 8pm but the gate will be open at 6pm. I was queued from 1 pm with my friends. You think i was too early? Well, when I was reached there, the place was already crowded with tons of people. Some of them are coming since 4am, can you believe that?? Because the queue was beyond control, the gate was open earlier. When i was queque at the restaurant, the gate was open and all of us was running like crazy. So we ended queque at 3 pm and not having lunch *great*. I reached the first level of MEIS at 5pm after queueing under the sun for 2hours. After that i must wait again for 1,5 hour before finally i can get to the venue.

Me and my friends choose standing A to watch this concert. At the first 30 minutes of the concert, I was thinking that we choose the wrong position!! Because the audiences are crazy!!! They push everyone and everywhere. Push anything in front of them, knock everything and scream like crazy. Well I know it is a concert and my place is standing, but you will never imagine what kind of place is that!! I can't move and was dragged all over the place. I can't even feel my hands and legs. Even bigbang was stop for a moment and taeyang was mad and tell everyone to move back and don't pushing the others. After that, the situation is under control and i can enjoy the concert *thanks taeyang*.
The concert was super good!!! All of the member are look so HOT and HANDSOME!! The opening of the concert was, 5 of them inside a tube and then they started singing still alive. My TABI is super hot!!!! I want to bring him home~ omg!!
Daesung n seungri are love to sing and dance near "Standing A2" (my place) and seeing them in real life and super close distance was AWESOME!! Both of them are handsome!!! And daesung's smile seriously makes me melt!!
Not to mention that TOP is always being the most handsome among the member, but that night he seriously look HOT!! With his hat, glasses, hoodie~ everything look good on him.
GD was the less excited among them, i don't why~ but because we always chant "kwon ji yong" everytime he moved, he look happy and bow to us~ He even sit near my position~ lalala

Taeyang~ can't say anything about him except daebak~ dancing in front of the stage with half naked *faint*

Concert's Highlights *some of them*~
❤ There are some korean fans whose stand in front of me, and I guess taeyang or daesung recognize them, because both of them always come closer to those fans. and taeyang even give them a jacket
❤ Daesung and Seungri pour some water to my position!!

❤ Seungri got a lot of Panda and he arrange them in front of the stage~ it looks like he has a panda family :p
❤ TOP run to catch seungri and pour some water to him. After that, Daesung also revenge by pouring water to TOP during his solo part~ luckily he wear a hoodie~
❤ When the LCD played a video about flying dragon, the fans were chanted "kang dae sung" for almost 1 minute. But, it turns out to be Taeyang's solo stage *poor tae~*

❤ Daesung's Wing performance~
❤ During "Haru haru performance", all of the fans was singing along to Haru Haru's chorus, and the members are look so surprised because we all memorize the lyrics perfectly eventhough it is in Korean~

❤ The blue mission during "Blue performance"!!!
❤ When the other already move to the backstage, taeyang come back alone and dancing without his shirt~
❤ After they said good bye *before encore*, GD was trying to talk more but the fans already scream "we want more", so GD stopped and asked "You want more?" lol, I think he still want to talk more but he can't.
❤ Taeyang,GD,Daesung and Seungri use English to communicate, only TOP use korean~
❤ Taeyang, Seungri, and Daesung love to talk in Bahasa~ "Terima Kasih", "Tubuh saya tidak enak", "Aku cinta padamu",etc wkwkwk so random words~

Random Pictures~

 With my friends~

 Our Crown Lighstick~


 My T-shirt :)

 Some Fan that I bought at MEIS~

                                                           The tickets and crown lightstick~

Fiuh~ such a long post~ I hope you enjoy my post about the concert :D
PS: sorry for my bad grammar and messy english~ Until now my condition is still 75%, my body feels so heavy and all I want to do is sleep *but I can't*~ If you found a mistake in my post, please tell me so I can edit it :) Thank you~

PS Again: All pictures without my watermark credit to my friends and YG Entertainment Official Facebook. I didn't take any picture during the concert because the crowds are so crazy~ lol~


  1. ahh I love BIGBANG! <33

  2. woah keliatannya fun banget ya disana ce, sayang banget aku ga terlalu suka sama bigbang wkwk *plakk~ :P aku malah belum pernah nonton live concert sama sekali lho hiks T_T
    btw, nice post ce ^^

  3. enaakk bisa memandangi GD dari dekaat *-* di tribune 1 lumayan jauhhh ~~

    1. kalau di standing puasss banget~ deket sekali soalnya :p

  4. seruu seruu,aku turut merasakan keseruannya,pas dulu nonton konser b2st >.<


  5. jie...
    crown stick n tshirt keep clam nya beli dimana ><
    aku mauuuuu ><

    1. crown stick nitip temen yg pas ke korea bulan lalu~ kalau T-shirt yang beliin temenku~ di OS lokal kok, nyablon sendiri gitu ^^

  6. aaaaa asiknyaa.. hahhaa.. km beli2 yaa.. aku sm via bokek ga beli apa2 xD
    syang qt ga bs ketemu sha :(

    1. ha5 ga beli banyak2 kok rin~ cuman pas temen2 beli, aku ikutan beli juga :p.. iya sayang ga ketemu :( soalnya ribet banget yang pas hari sabtu itu >_<

  7. huaaa kereeeeeen...aah nyesel nggak bisa nonton...(*o*)


  8. Ahhh so lucky! Thanks for the post, I enjoyed it!


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