Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lyra's Giveaway Feat Naris Indonesia

Hello~ Today I will share some good news for you~ It is a giveaway from Lyra! The prizes are from Naris Cosmetics. Maybe many if you still unfamiliar with this brand, so I will explain a little for you~

Naris is cosmetic brand from Japan. Naris Cosmetics has been manufacturing and distributing cosmetics since 1932. Nowaday, the products are marketed globally from USA to Russia and from China to Indonesia.

The name "Naris" is derived from the english word "Nourish". The insigna design is based on the Lily, exemplifying gentleness and receptivity. Naris Cosmetics Co.,Ltd. has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of creativity and technological expertise. The company's aim is to keep creating opportunities for positive interactions with the customers, while continuing in their quest for the true essence of beauty.

Truthfully, I never tried Naris's products before. That's why I want to join this giveaway~ I hope I can have a chance to try the products. I've read the body lotion review at Lyra's blog and it is sounds an interesting product! If you want to read the review too, you can click here

Wish me luck~ and if you want to join this giveaway you can click here

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