Monday, October 22, 2012

Review: Essence Gel Eyeliner x Masami Shouko Gel Liner Brush

Lately, I'm a little obbsesed with gel eyeliner~ eventhough I don't have a very nice impression with my first gel eyeliner, I change my mind after I try this eyeliner. Please meet my HG gel eyeliner~ Essence Gel Eyeliner. I got this as a giveaway gift from qoqo.


About The product:
Special  occasions require special eye make-up products like the Gel Eyeliner from Essence! It's ultra-smooth gel formula allows an accurate application similar to liquid eyeliner. The range offers various effects, such as matte or shimmering. Simply dip the brush into the pot and effirtlessly paint a perfect quick drying line. You're left with an ultra long-lasting, smudge and waterproof look!

This gel eyeliner is very famous among international beauty blogger due to its cheap price but the quality is superb! It is often sold out at ULTA's website and if you want to try this product, you better be fast~

Isododecane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Mica, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Cyclohexasiloxane, Propylene Carbonate, Ci 77499 (Iron Oxides).

It comes with a glass pot. The amount is quite huge for a gel eyeliner. 

Price/Amount: $3.99 / 3 ml

My Shade: Midnight in paris (It is a bold black color) 


Waterproof test~

 After pour with water and rub~ can you notice my skin become red? :p

The good things:
The color is very bold
Long lasting! It stays all day on my eyelid~
It doesn't smudge or transfer even after several hours
Glides smoothly and Easy to blends
The texture is super creamy
Cute packaging and the price is cheap.

The Bad things:
I can't think any. Maybe my main problem is, this product can be easily found in my country. I must order it online.


Along with my HG Gel eyeliner review, please let me introduce you to my current favourite eyeliner brush. Because I never tried gel eyeliner before, I never purchased any eyeliner brush. And my first gel eyeliner from ELF also comes with brush so I don't need a new one. But, essence gel eyeliner doesn't include any brush on its packaging, so I decided to buy one. My pick is Masami Shouko Eyeliner Brush. This brush is quite popular among local beauty blogger for its quality and its cheap price. I got this for IDR 24,9K at SOGO. The shape is very unique because the tip is bended, which makes it easier to apply eyeliner.
More information about Masami Shouko Brushes~ Click Here and Here.

Have a nice day~


  1. aku pny yg masami shouko yg itu tp blm dicobain ce hehe ^^
    yg essence kayaknya bagus tp dmn bs belinya ya? x_x

  2. Iya~ aku lihat kamu menang GA di misskattie hadiahnya brush ini ya? *kalo g salah*
    Harus ikut PO di online shop2 lokal yang buka PO ulta shel~ :p

  3. sha beli essence gel linernya dimana sha???? *-*

    1. Itu dapet hadiah giveaway dit :p
      kalau mau beli setauku adanya di

  4. wow this looks great, iv been on the lookout for a good gel eyeliner. wet n wild and elf dont work for me, they tend to transfer after a few hours :(

  5. Got the gel liner in London baby. So excited to try it after this review! :)

  6. Hmm..hae Non, salam kenal dari aku. kunjugan pertama aku nih diblog ini..follow sukses..follow blogku juga ea Non..thank's ..Salam Persahabatan..

  7. the brush look pretty unique and interesting! thanks for sharing ^_~

  8. Essence ini yang ngeluarin kuteks essence bukan ya?

    1. setauku memang essence ada produk kuteks juga..

  9. Wah, gimana sih pake brush itu, bentuknya aneh. Hehehe
    Kalo aku pake geliner selalu pake angle brush

    Nice Blog dear, visit and follback my blog yah :D

    1. Pakainya seperti biasa say he5 menurutku lebih enak karena untuk daerah dalam mata jadi lebih kejangkau~

  10. huuuuua bikin ngiler gel liner essencenya,banyak produk essence yang pingin aku cobain :'(

  11. Replies
    1. bukan say.. seperti yang aku bilang di atas, belinya di web luar

  12. sistaa mau tanya,, ini sista ambil gambarnya pakai kamera ap ya? hehe hasilnya bisa bening bagus :)

    1. Halo~ untuk kamera aku pakai Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX12

  13. Kalau brushnya engga buat gel liner (pake eyeshadow warna gelap gitu) bisa engga ya?


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