Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review: Silky Girl Pure Fresh Oil Control 2 Way Foundation

Silky girl is one of drugstore's brand that quite famous in Indonesia. Actually I have many Silky Girl products in my stack (including their famous BB Cream and Gel eyeliner) but I still don't have chance to try it all >_< (maybe I will include them in my next giveaway :p). Today, I will make a review about their compact foundation. I got a great deal for this foundation (buy 1 get 1 free!).

About the product:

Formulated with Selective Sebum Powder to free your skin of unsightly shine and minimizes the appearance of large pores. Infused with the goodness of Apple Extract to maintain the balance of your skin’s moisture level. Contains Olive Squalane to keep skin smooth, soft and supple. This product’s non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and oil-free formula leaves your skin matte, fresh and natural.

The packaging reminds me of candy bar handphone. The shape is rectangular and white as main color (my fave!). Actually the packaging is just "plain", nothing's special. But what I love from this packaging is, the mirror is wideee *love it to the max*. It also comes with a sponge applicator~

How To Use:

Shades: #1 Fair, #2 Natural, #3 Rose Beige

My shade: #2 Natural

Price/Amount: IDR 35K/ 8g

The good things:
Provide a medium coverage and matte finish.
Non comedogenic and oil free product!
Oil control is around 4 hours~ It is really help to make my oily face stays matte!
Cheap price and can be found easily in my town

The bad things:
The packaging is a little "old-school" for me.


  1. aaaa.. serius buy 1 free 1? cuma untuk twc doank apa all silky girl sa?

    packingnya bisa banget yah...

    1. kayaknya kalau sekarang promonya sudah ga ada deh say..aku belinya sekitar bulan agustus kemaren soalnya :)

  2. hahaha setuju soal packaging emg plain banget ce ;P *point plusnya cermin ^^* hehe

  3. SG kualitasnya lumayan memuaskan, aku suka maskaranya yg eye opener :D

    1. wah samaa~ aku juga pakai mascara itu *reviewnya menyusul* he5

  4. Aq juga punya, shade yg aq beli 03 rose beige.
    iya, beli 1 free 1, lumayan koq coveragenya kalo dipakai dengan spons lembab. Tahan lama pula :)

  5. aku blm pnh nyoba produk silky girl.. tertarik sm blushnya sih xD

  6. Nice, I like silky girl too, didn't know the foundation looks great.
    And I love the simple clean packaging ^^

  7. Replies
    1. yup~ buat yang punya kulit berminyak cocok banget ^^


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