Friday, October 5, 2012

Simple FOTD and EOTD

You maybe notice that I rarely posted about FOTD or EOTD. Maybe some of you already know that I'm not that good with makeup. I can't apply eyeshadow well nor use fake eyelashes well. My makeup skill can be considered at beginer level or maybe below that ha5. Sometimes I feel embarassed to share my pictures because I'm afraid that I will look like clown and many of you will laugh at me. But, one of my friend tell me that I should have a confidence! don't always think about what people will say, sometimes you need to ignore them and be yourself! So, I practice again and again *why it sounds like 2pm's song ha5* and now I will share you my recent FOTD and EOTD. I know it is still messy *yeah, i know it* and faaaar away from perfect. But, still I want to share it *thick skin* ha5. Well, I need to make a new post to make this blog alive, right? :p

Any thoughts and comments are always welcome!
Don't worry I don't bite :)


  1. aku paling ga bisa pake eyeliner, keliatan aneh hehehe, bagus kok dandannya, natural gitu, apalagi pas pake kacamata,unyu :)

  2. lucuk ce pas pake kacamatanya :3 haha
    cantik kok jd ga usah malu2 ^^ hihi

  3. cakep kok sha, matamu kliatan lebi hidup klo ky gt ^^

  4. cuteeeee ce sha <3 hehehehe suka bgt yang foto pertama :D

  5. iya sha, perlahan2 pasti bisa jago kok *-* peduli amat kata orang sha, apalagi orang2 yang gak ngerti sama seni kayak begini *-* yang cuma bisa ngasi komentar pedas negatif yang menjatuhkan duh *jadi curhat* wkwk..<3<3 aku juga gak bisa pasang fake eyelashes, jadi rempong ><

    1. hehehehe stuju dit!! sama2 latihan biar cepet jago :) *hug*

  6. the eye makeup is so gorgeous! ^_~


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