Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Bday My Blog!

Today is my blog's bday! Yay~ Happy birthday to my blog!
Because today is a special day, I will talk a little about my blog~

Introducing my blog!
I started my blog 1 year ago, this is not my first blog but this is the first time I'm being serious with something called "BLOG". Through the first 6 month, the average pageviews for my blog is around 300-500 pageviews/day. But recently I got 1000++ pageviews/day~ such a nice number :D
My blog's name Miss Belanja Online is inspired from my habits~ I'm not a mobile person and almost everyday I've spent my life in front of my computer! I love to surf online and do some shopping~
That's why I named my blog as
I guess because of that name, many people often asked me about trusted online shop~ he5
I receive quite many email/FB Message/Twitter DM that asked about where to shop this brand? or where can I buy this kind of product? and sometimes about product's review. 

Why I use english for my blogpost?
I know my english skill is bad. I'm good at vocabulary but really bad with grammar~ I know that!
I use my blog as a media to help me develop a better english skill. I don't use english as my daily language, and I rarely speak it unless when I'm at school. But now after I graduated from college, I never use it anymore. That's why when I started this blog at the first time, I made a commitment to myself, that I must use english language to write my post. With practice more and more, I believe my skill will improve.

Why my review is so short?
I guess this is because my personal habit (again). I love to read a straight-to-the-point review when I do blogwalking. Even when the author write a long introduction about a product, I will only scroll down until the bottom of the post and read the conclusions. That's why, when I make my own review, I always make it short and straight to the conclusions.

Hmm... Okay I think I will stop now~ too much talking will make you bored I guess~ he5
Anyway, Happy bday to my blog!
Thank you for all my readers~ active readers, silent readers, followers, even visitors!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and read my random thought!

PS: Don't forget to join my birthday giveaway

Have a nice day~


  1. happy birthday to the 'pieces of you' ce shaaaaa! *hug kiss* semoga kedepannya blog ini makin maju ya, aminnnn <3

  2. Happy birthday buat blog nya Ce Shasha <3
    banyak banget ce page view per day nya >.<
    mungkin kapan" bisa buat tips" biar blog banyak dikunjungi orang hehe :D :P

    1. thank you~ rajin2 nulis aja say..hahaha <3

  3. happy bday for you blog Sha.. makin kreatif yaa...
    hihi.. aku sering intip blog kamu

  4. met ulang tahun ya ^^
    semoga semua harapannya tercapai. amien,,

  5. Happy Bday!!!
    I love reading this blog ^^

  6. Happy birthday missbelanjaonline
    Congrats Shashaaa :D

  7. Happy B'dae to ~ always success and gain more followers ~ and i know u will ^^

  8. Happy birthday to your blog! :D I'll always be your reader <3 !

  9. @All: Thank you for all your support for my blog! *virtual hug*

  10. happy birthdaay for your blog!
    keep blogging pretty!
    gbu xx

  11. Happy bday dear shasha, makin maju makin banyak review bermutunya makin banyak followers-nya. Amin...

    salam knal

  12. Happy Blog Birthday =D
    As you sad, it's a great oportunitie to practise you English and I like your reviews - I mostly skip larger introductions as well XD

  13. happy birthday for your blog shasha, aku juga pengen bisa posting di blog dalam bahasa inggris, tapi suka ga pede karena bahasa inggris aku kurang bgs >.< alhasil, pake bahasa indonesia tercinta aja dehh hehehe

  14. Happy birthdayy Happy birthday Happy birthdayyyyyy. Keep blogging! ^>^ Hohoho


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