Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

Last month, The Body Shop Indonesia has launched a new product on their tea tree line~ It is called Tea Tree Pore Minimiser! I've been eyeing this product for a while and finally I have a chance to try this~ check my short video review below :D *ketagihan buat video, walaupun hasilnya masih jelek :p*

Price/Amount: IDR 169K / 30 ml

Packaging: It comes with a small green plastic tube.

The good things:
Minimize the appearance of my big pores (A little)
Help to reduce my excess oil, makes my face looks matte after I apply it.
Makes my face smooth and soft~
Contains Tea Tree! 

The bad things:
I don't really like the smells. It is not like the other TBS products, the tea tree scent isn't quite strong
(sorry I forgot to mention this in the video)
It is quite pricey for 30 ml product

Have you tried this product?

Read more about my daily skincare routine feat TBS Tea Tree Series: HERE


  1. Hmmm agak pricey ya? Aku niatnya ke TBS mau liat2 produk tea tree lainnya malah belok ke produk X'Mas Edition. #errrr


    1. iya kalau harganya agak pricey >_<
      Aku juga pas mampir ke store keracunan produk xmasnya >_< pingin beli semua~

  2. Thanks for sharing! I haven't seen this in TBS counter, I guess this was yet launch in our country~ but this looks pretty nice, I always have issues on enlarged pores. Great review =)

  3. I love the tea tree line, been using the tea tree concealer too ;D

  4. Does it do well in controlling oil?? T.T my face is so oily that sometimes i can use it to fried a.chicken... oh, did you use the concealer too?

    1. It is works quite good for me~ and yes I use the concealer too :)

  5. I love the review. Thanks by the way.
    Anyway, how is the result for the long term? Do you use tea tree lotion too? Which one do you use before when you do the make up?


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