Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sasatinnie Nail Polish Set~

Hello~ Today I will share my cute nail polish from Sasatinnie! I got these nail polishes as a giveaway gift from Qoqo. These nail polishes maybe the cutest nail polish I've ever seen. The packaging is tiny heart shape with small brush~

About The product:
Sasatinnie nail polish helps you create a variety of different looks, winning all the attention of others and help reveal you unique style which can surely brighten up your mood everyday! Sasatinnie I LOVE SII-NAIL nail polish has a vivid variety of spring selection color in which the highlighting pearl color is especially fascinating. The delicate polish has a scent of floral freshness, and it is good in dry speed wit a strong lasting power. The heart-shaped nail polish bottles are adorable and elegant too.

Amount: 5,5 ml x 6pcs


 This is my favourite <3 Pink <3

 I only swatch 5 from 6 bottles~
I will update the post when I try the last bottle, later.
I can't found any information about the shades, so I don't put any name on it.

 I think the texture is quite good, For the red and pink color~ I only use 1 layer to get a bold color. While for the other, I use 2-3 layers because the color is sheer. The staying power is around 4-5 days
(If I don't use top coat).
If you want to know more about this brand, you can go to 

Have a nice day~


  1. Packagingnya cute :)
    Loved warna pinknyaaaa .

  2. sumpah lucu banget botolnya shaaa *-*

  3. the set is so gorgeous!! thanks for sharing =)

  4. Lovely polishes<3 & the bottles are too cute!


  5. love the bottles!! >.<
    yg pink glitter lucunya.. yg ijo kynya kurang tebel, pdhal cakep banget kynya..

    1. itu padahal udah 3 lapis lho :(
      next time I will try 4 layers :p

  6. what a cute packaging ! warnanya juga lucu2 aaaaa jadi mau cobaaa ^_^

  7. wah botolnya cute banget ce *o* btw aku suka tampilan blognya yg sekarang, lebih simple tapi semakin girly wkwk XD

  8. My aunt once brought some of those for me, but I never knew the brand. (the bottles are indeed quite unique) But now I know thanks to you ^^


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