Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Etude House Beauty Workshop At Jayanata, Surabaya

Hi girls~ last saturday I attended Etude House beauty workshop at Jayanata, Surabaya. I attended that workshop with the other bloggers from Surabaya. The workshop was splitted into 3 sessions and I choose the second session. It started a bit late from the schedule because the participants are late because of traffic jam *i guess*

Here are some pictures from the workshop~
There are many table ( I don't count, but I guess it is around 10 or 11 tables), and each table is filled with 5-6 participants. On the table, there are various makeup from BB Cream, compact powder, lipstick,etc. Also there are mirror, hair band, and cape for each participant (no, we can't bring these items home, though I want to steal the mirror because it is really cute :p).

Summary lesson from the class~ step by step how to apply makeup:

Clean your face with facial wash then continue with toner~
After that apply moisturizer~
Apply BB cream and loose powder or compact powder.
After that we continue with eye makeup. The first thing to do is shaped the eyebrows~
Then apply base eyeshadow. Use light eyeshadow color all over the lid, then use medium color after that.  The last one is apply the dark color at the crease to make a gradation color.
Apply eyeliner and mascara~ don't forget to curl the lashes first.
Apply bronzer, highlighter and blush on~
The last one is apply lipstick and lipgloss~

and tadaa~ this is my before-after photos~ not really different I guess hahaha..

The goodie bag~

And a little haul from Etude House~ Each of participants got IDR100k voucher to spent at Etude House Counter.Spoiler: The Silk Scarf Essence is really good! love it to the max :D

Overall the workshop is quite okay~ we can play with etude house products (eventhough the products are limited and we have to share each other). I just hope in the future, they can provide us with more products for each table~

And here come the picturessss with the other bloggers~ sorry for spamming :D

 Left-Right: Ce Josephine, Lala, Me, Yennyca, Xiao Vee, Hana, Sabrina, Caroline, Lina, Yozellyn

I forget to take picture with Xiao Vee *sigh* and credit to Yozellyn for picture me and her, because I forget to take one with my camera *sorry again* 

 Camwhoring at Toilet lol~ the best place with wide mirror :p
taken from Yozellyn too~

Actually, Yessy was at the event too, but she left early because she has another appointment. So, I didn't take any picture with her :( I hope I can meet her again~ and I'll make sure to take many pictures with her :D

That's all my report! I hope you enjoy reading my post~ Have a nice day!


  1. omoooo ce wajahku yg aneh >.< pas lg pake eyebrow kit.. huahahahaha

  2. it looks fun :D

    visit my blog ^^

  3. mau ikutan juga
    seru bisa makeup2 pke etude :D

    1. he5 kalau ada acara2 serupa di kotamu bisa ikutan say :D

  4. kyny acaranya menarik.. mau ketemu sm kalian jugaaaa xD

    1. samaaa...sayang pas aku ke jakarta kemarin ga bisa ketemu :(

  5. Whoaaa udah di post...
    Xixixii ceritanya natural makeup....
    Fun...like it like it...
    See u hari ini sha... :)

  6. Wah review The Silk Scarf Essence nya dong, penasaran bagusnya kaya gimana :D. Oh ya sekalian tanya, sample bb creamnya dijual di counter ga ya? Thankyou ^^

    1. nanti aku review ya :)
      untuk sample setauku tidak dijual~ kalau kamu berbelanja di counter etude biasanya dapat free sample.

  7. mukaku bulet leeetttt >_____________________< it's time for dieeetttt!!! arggghhh! nice post bebebbbb


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