Tuesday, December 18, 2012

FOTD and Catch the number!

Hi girls~ how is your day? I hope all of you doing well~ 
Christmas is coming soon~ so at every malls or public places has been decorated with christmas tree and ornaments~ yay~ I love christmas!

This is me with christmas tree at BF's house :D

Today I will show you some FOTD! I created this look since a while ago, but I don't have any time to share it on my blog. If you follow my twitter or instagram, you maybe already saw this picture~

I try to play with purple color~ Sorry for the bad quality pictures :(

Anyway, my birthday giveaway has ended last week, so today I decide to start a new one. But, this time the rules are more simple. The title is "Catch the number". My blog has been viewed for 190.000++ and almost reach 200.000 pageviews. If you happen to drop by at my blog when the number show 200.000 (look at my right sidebar to know the number), you must capture it then send me an email. I will giving away a surprise package to 1 lucky winner. If the lucky follower miss the "200.000 moment" or if she/he don't reply my email, then the next 10 followers, who can capture 200.001-200.010 pageviews and send me an email can win the prizes (I will use random.org to decide the winner).

So here are the rules: (To make it more clear)
1. Must follow my blog via GFC and my twitter (@miss_belanja)
2. Capture my blog's layout! You must include the total pageviews (see example)

and send me an email (don't forget your GFC and twitter username) at laurensianatasha@gmail.com (subject: Catch the number)
PLEASE NOTE: Please send me an email, ONLY if you can capture number 200.000, 200.001-200.010 
3. Must lived in Indonesia.
4. There will be 1 winner for this mini giveaway.
5. Winner must response my email within 2x24 hours or I will pick a new winner.

I still don't post any picture of the prizes, because I want to make it a surprise :)
Good luck for all the participants~ If there are no participants I guess I will keep the prizes for myself :D
Have a nice day!

PS: Don't forget to check Christmas Swap report, HERE~ looks like almost all the participants already get their gift~ and all of the gifts are really awesome!


  1. wow aku suka make up purple kamu! memang bagus banget buat menyambut natal.. I will participate in your giveaway, wish me luck :D
    happy holidays anyway :D

    I'm holding a beauty giveaway, win Etude Girl, Face Shop, and Skinfood products! click here :D

    1. Thank you helena~ happy holiday too for you :)

  2. make-upnya bagus^^
    giveawaynya unikkkk... semoga aku pemenagnya hehehehe^^

    1. thank you zy~ hi5 masih awam banget kalau soal eyeshadow~
      good luck ya ^^

  3. kamu cute bgt sih, sha. pengen ku cubit pipinya. heheh :p

    1. ah adell jangan dicubit >_<
      pipiku chubby banget :(

  4. udah mau Natal bawaannya seneng mulu ya :p
    tapi aku ada UAS h+1 Natal jadi berasa gimana gitu haha
    giveawaynya out of the box! semoga aku bisa memang hehehe

    1. iya~ kalau mau dekat2 natal selalu happy :D
      semoga sukses buat UASnya ya~

  5. So cute! Love your eyes~


  6. Ci Shasha suka warna ungu yah ^^
    Perasaan dari kemaren warna ungu mulu :) .

    Ikut aa giveawaynya .

    wish me luck



    1. hi5 biasa aja sih sebenernya cuman ini baru dapet eyeshadow ungu jadi pingin nyobain~ :D

  7. Happy belated birthday!! Congrats on the page views!! That is amazing! :)

  8. yaaay.. asiiik..
    ikut yaa.. will share your blog in socmed ;)

    pretty FOTD sha :D



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