Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Birthday~

I can't believe time flies so fast this year~ Yesterday was my birthday and yes, I'm officially a year older *sigh* I wish I can be 17 forever~ So, where should I started this post? Hmm.. my birthday started with tons of BBM, SMS, Facebook mentions, and Twitter mentions in the middle of the night~ (Yes, some of my friends and also BF congratulated me at 00.00 wib). Then in the morning when I wake up, I got some kiss and hug from my parents. Also, I got a super lovely message from my sister *she is far away from home right now, that's why she left me a message at Facebook*~ which made me teary ❤

When I was arrived at the Office, I got another hug and congratulate from my office mates and boss~ and here come the surprise~ They bought me a giant birthday cake!

I was really surprise about the size~ I never got a huge birthday cake like this since I was 8 years old. *Thank you friends*. The cake is full of chocolate until I can't taste any cake~lol~ It is like eating a chocolate. It has 3 different combination of chocolate and homemade from The Harvest.

Me and my cake~ I can't capture the whole cake because it is too big :p

After that, I had a dinner with BF at Palimanan Restaurant, Surabaya. This is the first place he asked me to be his GF, so this place is full of memory for me. Usually we will celebrate our anniversary here every November. But, last month BF was away from the country, so we didn't celebrate our anniversary here. Because of that, yesterday I asked BF to celebrate my birthday with had a dinner at this restaurant~

Lol at the number on the table~ it is number 24! and I'm celebrate my 24 birthday yesterday~ such a coincidence :p *No, I didn't pick that number at first, I just picked random table when I was arrived*


My birthday present from BF :)
Bag from Charles and Keith ❤

Thank you for all my friends/followers who congratulated me through Facebook or Twitter~ 
Thank you so much for all your wishes~ I hope you can always support me and my blog!
Have a nice day ❤


  1. happy birthday Shasha^^ Gbu always!

  2. happy birthday dear! hope all your wishes come true
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  3. wow.. that was a very happy day for you..
    *ikut happy juga*

    all the best ya :)

  4. Happy birthday sist...
    hope your wishes come true... :)

    bdw: thanks for your kindness, to help my page :))

  5. happy birthday dear :)


  6. Wish u a very happy b'day Sha..
    Hope u blessed with good health, happy love and life forever.
    Wish ur beautiful dream come true
    Wish for ur success in every good thing u put ur effort to...

  7. hwaaaaa....seneng banget Sha..ditemenin BF dinner berduaan..huhuw langgeng buat kalian ya...
    24thn... hrsnya aq panggil km cece :p

    GBU :*

  8. Cepet married cee :p Langeng teyuuusss.. Gbu ceee *hug*

  9. happy bday!! tasnya bagus banget <3

    visit my blog ^^

  10. Happy birthday dear!! :D

  11. Happy birthday sha <3
    wish your beautiful dream come true
    GBU always

  12. OMG Happy Birthday!! :) Stay awesome <3


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