Monday, December 3, 2012

Review: Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer Mist [Sponsored]

Hi all~
I'm sure many of you already aware with the famous BB enhancer from Etude House. It is called Nymph Aura Volumer. BB enhancer helps to gives our skin moist and healthy radiant look. Mostly people know the nymph aura as a mixture for BB Cream, but today what I talked is about their mist. Yes, etude house also launched a mist product for this BB enhancer. You don't need to mix it with BB cream, but only need to spray a little all over your face~ Let's skip to the review:

About The Product:
Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer Mist~
Makes skin bright, moist and shinny.
Makes skin moist and elastic.
Spray with glossy effect
Elongates makeup preservation

Hold 20 cm from face, close eyes and spray a light mist.
Use in addition to daily moisturizer under or over makeup.

My opinion:
This product can be use under or over makeup. I don't know why, but when I use it over makeup, somehow my face looks more shinny compared with when I use it under makeup. I spray the mist for 1-2 times all over my face after I use suncream and before I apply BB Cream. The mist itself isn't sticky and absorb quickly. It is also has a nice scent. After I sprayed it, I can see and feel my skin become moist and somehow look glowy! (not greasy). The first time I tried this mist, I was so happy with the result! After that I applied BB Cream~ this mist maintains my glowy face for almost 5 hours~yay!

I have an oily skin, so usually I choose matte product for my cosmetic. But sometimes, I want to look glowy (but not to over) too because somehow it looks more healthy rather than matte look. This mist HELPS me a lot to achieve that! Omg~I'm so happy~ I love to watch Korean drama, where the artist looks super beautiful with flawless and glowy face. Envy them a lot! But, after I try this mist, I finally know how tp achieve that kind of skin~ lalalala

Please Note:
I don't reccomend this product to people with oily skin (though I have oily skin too), but if you still want to try this product (like me), here are some tips for you:
❤ Just remembered not to spray too many products
❤ Avoid nose area if you don't want to look so glowy and greasy after several hours
❤ Combine this mist with a BB Cream with matte-finish also with loose powder
❤ Use this product on night. I rarely use this on day because it will makes my face more shinny

As for people with dry skin~ trust me, you should try this wonderful product! It is very moisturize and can provides you glow and healthy look in instant!

The good things:
❤ Easy to use
❤ Helps to achieve a healthy look
❤ Not sticky and has a nice scent
❤ Moisturize well

The bad things:
❤ Not suitable for people with oily skin
❤ Quite pricey for a mist, but I love the result~

Price and Where to buy?
I got this from Bell's Etude House, the price is IDR 161k, if you mention "Miss Belanja" you can get 5% disc for ready stock items. 

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience. I'm not being paid for doing this review. 


  1. Looks great~ I have a hard time finding a good finishing spray that leaves a glow >,< Too many just leave it matte~ Def. trying this out~

    Great review<3


  2. lucuuuuu banget muka kamuuu hhihiihih.. iya emg bagus sih nymph, tapi pricey. lol

  3. i bought it but still havent received~ >< waiting for it hehe
    good to hear that you liked it~

  4. thanks for sharing! seems like a nice product ^_~

  5. Menggiurkan :D. Nice review. Thank's for sharing ^^

  6. wahh pgn nyobaaa >.<
    thx for the review

  7. Ohhh i thought at first this was a perfume but it is a finishing spray. Cool! You look radiant in that picture so this product really shows your beautiful skin and long lasting. Awesome.

  8. aku pengen lah sebenernya beli si nymph aura ini, tapi apa daya, katanya bikin wajah oily ya? kalo gitu mah mending gajadi XD hihihi wajahku gapake nymph aja udh glowing 1 jam pertana (minyakan XD)


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