Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tag game: 10 expressions!

I always happy when it comes to December. Because, many events will happen on this month! It started with my mom's bday, then my dad's bday, followed with my parent's wedding anniversary, after that is my bday~ and Christmast to close it! Such a happy month, right?

And to celebrate the beginning of the december, today I will share some selca for you~ I read about this interesting Tag from Jing-jing's blog, couple day before. And I think this tag is interesting~ so I decide to post this game~

The rules are simple: Copy the tag game - picture and tag someone to do 10 different facial expressions. You can choose those by your own or use same as you got. Share your expressions by pictures.

These are my selca :D

Lol~ sorry for spamming you with my pictures. I really can't make many expressions ha5..and sorry for the bad quality pictures, because I took it with front camera from my phone.

Anyway, I tag everyone for doing this fun game! You should try this game~ <3

Happy sunday~ and have a nice weekend!


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