Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winners of Catch The Number Giveaway: 200.000 Pageviews!

Okay, now I'm back with a new announcement. Around a week ago, I've started a new giveaway for my local followers. If you don't know about this you can read here (I notice that some people doesn't know about this giveaway until this day). So, basicly you need to capture my blog's layout when it hits 200.000 pageviews and then emailed me with the picture. Earlier this morning, my blog finally hits 200.000 pageviews and there are some people that can capture the number. Yes! you read it correctly "there are", I've already explained about this case here ~ please read the post to know the whole story.

So, fast forward the story~ there are 3 participants for this giveaway. 
1. Cella Roberta~ She is the first person that emailed me with a correct picture

 2. Adeline Putri~ 

3.Sabrina Tedjokusuma~

I'm really touched when I checked my mail this morning, because all of the participants are stayed up late to catch the number on my blog. and all the participants also soooo excited and because of that, they need to sent me two email (because the first email only contents picture and happy expression like "kyaaa", "yayyy",etc without their GFC and twitter username) hi5. Thank you so much! I really really appreciate all your love and attention and whatever you called it la~  Thank you! *peluk satu-satu*
At first I only expect 1 winner for this giveaway but now I have 3 participants and all of them are qualified to win the prizes. It will be bad if I only choose 1 winner so I decided to let them to be the winners. Yes~ the winners of  "Catch the number" giveaway are:

1.Cella Roberta
2.Adeline Putri
3.Sabrina Tedjokusuma


Here are the prizes for you~ *sorry it doesn't contains much, because I have to split the prizes for 3 winners and I'm kinda ran out of money after my last big giveaway* 

 All the items are brand new!
I've already reviewed some of the prizes~ 
For sariayu products you can click here (The body lotion is one of my favourite~)
The Skin Food Black Egg pore primer click here
Solusimu Toilet Seat Cover click here
I hope you still enjoy the goodies eventhough it is only a little~ please keep support my blog and don't forget to join my future giveaway :D

Thank you so much for all of my readers (not only the winners). I hope you all have a nice holiday XD
PS: I also got some support at twitter~ some of my readers also tweeted about this giveaway, even though you don't need to do that~ thank you so much! *hug* 


  1. Ceceeeeee.... You are soooo kind and lovely <3 :* *peluk erat* Huhuhu T_T I am looovveeeeee with the prize ;_; selain solusimu cover sheets dan sample bbcream, aku belum pernah coba yang lain daaaannn sangat amat pingin ;___; *peluk lagi* Terharu deh ceee... *masih peluk*
    Thank youuu~ :*

    1. AND COLOGNE?! I really love parfume. apapunlah bentuknya <3 uhuhuhu T_T terharu ;_;

    2. BB Creamnya udah pernah nyobain ya sab? kalo gitu ntar coba aku cari2in yang lain hehehe thank you so much say :)

  2. aaaaaaaa thankyouuuu :DDDD
    baik banget jd ngasih 3 >< makasih makasih~
    lg pgn masket dpt masker.. hehehe :)

    again, thanks a lot yaa
    email nya udah dibales ^^

  3. asiikk.. dapet AC clinic nyaa. Uda dr kemaren maju mundur pgn beli trial kitnya. makasih Shaa. :*


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