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Good Bye 2013~

Today is the last day in 2013. As I write this post, I heard many fireworks sounds outside my house and also the sounds of trumpets and motorcycle. I don't have any special event to end this year and to celebrate new year because BF is having a holiday with his family at Jakarta. So, I just spend my night at home with my mommy and my lovely doggie.
2013 is a complicated year for me. I learn many new things, meet new peoples, travel to new places and there are many good things and some bad things happened this year. But after all, I feel thankful because GOD still give me a chance to celebrate this year with people that I love and love me.
Now, I will continue my post with some christmas pictures. Yes! I'm still in the mood of christmas~ how come december end so quickly :( I wish it will stay longer hehehe. I celebrate many christmas dinner with my friends. I also did christmas swap until 3 times with different groups. 

Lastly~ I hope you still remember my latest FOTD about wa…

Christmas Wishlist~

Hello all~ I know it's already near the end of the year and christmas already passed few days ago. But, I hope it's still not to late to post about my christmas wishlist~ hehehe.. This time I make my christmas wishlist from Miss Lie website. Here are the top 3 on my wishlist~

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler The first one on my wishlist is the famous eyelash curler from Shu Uemura. I think I don't need much introduction about this product. This product already well-known for its quality eventhough the price is quite expensive for an eyelash curler. I really want to try to use this eyelash curler and then top it with my favourite mascara from Maybelline, I think my eyelashes will look awesome~

Skin79 Diamond Beblesh UV Pact One of my favourite BB cream is from Skin79. I never tried the pact before, that's why I'm quite curious about this one. The pact contains pearl powder and also has SPF 30. Complete formula in one pact! and not to forget about the pink packaging~ ahhh I …

Review: The Natural Story Oatmeal Body Soap Bar [Sponsored]

Hello ladies~ Melanjutkan postingan kemarin tentang produk handmade dari The Natural Story, kali ini aku akan mereview tentang body soapnya. The Natural Story memiliki beberapa varian body shop antara lain: Sabun Beras Jepang ~ Berfungsi mencerahkan dan membuat kulit kenyal, lembab, dan halusKorean Red Rice Body Soap ~Mengurangi jerawat dan menutrisi kulitOatmeal Body Soap ~ Mencegah kulit kusam, kering dan bersisikRose Body Soap ~ Berfungsi sebagai aromateraphy yang menenangkan

Varian yang aku review kali ini adalah Oatmeal Body Soap. Sabun Oatmeal ini memiliki beberapa manfaat bagi kulit kita yaitu: Melawan Kulit kering karena kandungan dalam oatmeal baik untuk memerangi kulit kusam dan keringMelembabkan kulitAman untuk kulit sensitifMenjaga kesehatan kulitMempunyai pembersih natural yaitu saponin yang manfaatnya membersihkan kotoran di dalam pori-poriMeredakan kemerahan akibat iritasi, gigitan serangga, dan alergiMembantu menghilangkan bekas luka akibat gigitan nyamuk, serangga dan…

Review: Etude House Look At My Eyes Cafe + EOTD + FOTD warm christmas~

Merry Christmas everyoneeee~~~
Selamat natal buat semua teman-teman yang merayakan. Hari ini aku mau share sedikit review dan make up look untuk menyambut natal. Review kali ini tentang eyeshadow dari Etude House. Yay~ setelah cukup lama vakum nulis review tentang produk korea, kali ini muncul lagi review tentang Etude House~

Salah satu sponsorku D.L.Y berbaik hati mengirimkan produk ini untuk aku coba. Produk yang dikirimkan adalah Etude House Look At My Eyes Cafe. Harus aku akui kalau Etude House selalu memberikan nama yang unik dan packaging/bentuk yang lucu untuk setiap produknya. Untuk eyeshadow ini, walaupun kemasannya biasa dan simple, daya tariknya ada pada produknya.

Eyeshadow ini memiliki emboss berbentuk hati. Cantik sekali, walaupun eyeshadowku berwarna coklat (BR404), tetap terlihat imut. Bayangkan jika eyeshownya berwarna pink atau merah... pasti lebih terlihat lucu lagi.

Satu hal yang cukup membuat aku kaget adalah eyeshadow ini cukup pigmented. Berdasarkan pengalaman …

Review: The Natural Story BeeBalm [Sponsored]

Halo semuanya~ Kali ini aku mau mereview tentang produk handmade dalam negri. Beberapa waktu lalu aku mendapat kesempatan untuk mencoba beberapa produk dari The Natural Story. Mungkin kalian masih awam dengan brand ini *aku juga pertama kali dengar tentang brand ini waktu dihubungi oleh representativenya hehehe*. The Natural Story menawarkan produk-produk handmade yang mana semuanya menggunakan bahan yang alami sehingga aman bagi kulit kita. Produk yang ditawarkan antara lain adalah Body Soap dan Beebalm.

Kali ini aku akan membahas mengenai Beebalm. Beebalm ini dibuat dari bahan-bahan alami seperti: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax, Natural Essence Oil, dan Vitamin E. Beebalm ini dapat digunakan di seluruh tubuh dan memiliki banyak fungsi antara lain: Melembabkan kulit yang kering dan kasarMelembabkan bibir pecah-pecahMelindungi bibir dari bahan-bahan kimia yang terdapat pada lipstikMencerahkan bibir yang menghitamMenghaluskan siku, tumit, dan lututMelembabkan tungkai yang pecah-pecahM…

Beauty Treats Indonesia ~ December Box

Hi again girls, finally my final box from Beauty Treats Indonesia (BTI) is here. Like always it comes with a wet outer box. Ever since the rainy season, my box never come with a perfect condition. Luckily the inner box is okay. 

This month, they didn't give any old magazine. Instead of that they give me 2 same booklets from crabtree and evelyn. Don't know why they put 2 same things. Well, maybe they still have many copies so they decide to give 2 for everyone.
Inside the box. Still looks sad and empty.

2 Vial perfumes2 Sample Sachets1 Sample in Jar1 Hair vitamin1 False Eyelashes
Noticed the leaked product inside my box?

this is the culprit~ I hope they can secure things tightly before put it inside the box. *sigh*
Anyway, this is my last box from BTI, and unfortunately I will not renew my subscription for next month. I've already disappointed with the contents, so I decide to take a break. Maybe later when they already make some improvement with their box. I will try to s…

Xmas Giveaway from Lalaluna + Happy Mother's day~

Happy sundayyyy~~ I want to share a giveaway for you. This giveaway comes from my fellow Surabaya Blogger, ce Josephine. She offers 2 mysterious goodie bags for the winners~

Also if you're a book lover (like her and me hehehe), ce sephine also giving away some books for 1 lucky reader.

Come join now before it's too late~ Open for Indonesian readers and this giveaway will be closed on 26th December. If you want to join, you can click here.
Off Topic~
Today is the mother's day in Indonesia and today I want to say happy mother's day for my mom. Thank you for being the best mom in the world. I am who I am because of you. The only one that always support me no matter what happened and that always love me more than anything~ Thank you very much mommy~
I hope you all have a great weekend~ talk to you soon ^^

Silver Bday!

I'm officially 25 now~ omooo now I feel really old huhuh~ I celebrated my bday on last saturday, and turns out many people celebrate the same bday with me. I saw a lot of post on Instagram that said they had same bday with me. The famous Miyake and Jen from fromheadtotoe are one of them. hehehehe.
I got a lot of birthday wishes from my friends~ thank you~ and also another surprise from ce Mindy, She sent me bunch of clothes and some beauty products *Thanks again cece <3*. I spent my birthday with BF. We went shopping a little and then had dinner at Vitto Benetto~ the place is cozy but the taste of the food isn't really suits my taste. I think La Rucola is better. But the price is cheaper than La Rucola~ Btw, I don't have any birthday cake for this year. hahahaha. Instead of that, I had this yummy nutty nutella crepes as my bday cake~ super yummy~

Got a bday message from my sis on Instagram, and I got teary when I read her caption. She left home (because she need to wor…


Hello ladies~~ actually I don't have any plan to write a new blog post especially something related to beauty. Why? because I feel bored and somehow lost my mood to blog beauty things hahahaha. But, today I decide to blog about random things that happened lately because today's date is a nice date (11.12.13), of course I need to write a blog post.
In case you didn't knew, few weeks ago there was a huge event called black friday (and also cyber monday after that). Black friday is very well known among shopper because most of the online shop have a very great deal for their products. This year black friday is very very very tempting eventhough the currency is quite high for those who lived in Indonesia. But, still I though the deals are quite okay. I managed to snap some items this year from cosmetics, bag, clothes. See, I've been on shopping ban since 2/3 months ago and everything are ruined because of 1 day called black friday wkwkwkwk. I guess I can't say no to d…

Review: Maybelline HyperGlossy Liquid Eyeliner

Hello ladies~ feels like long time since I write a new review. Although you read many new reviews on my blog lately, it's not excactly new. Because, sometimes I already made them quite long and put them on draft before I publish it. At this moment, when I write this review, this will become my new review after my 1 month hiatus hehehe. Well, sorry if I make you confuse, just ignore this intro. I always bad with opening and closing. Need to refresh my mind, I guess~

Anyway, I purchased some new Maybelline items last month. It feels like already years since the last time I bought Maybelline product. Since I moved my heart into Korean products, I kinda neglect my first love hahahaha. Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore brand and I love the products so much! 
Today I will talk about their Hypershine Eyeliner. Maybelline liquid eyeliner is one of my HG eyeliner cause the staying power is super awesome. Now, they have a new range for the liquid eyeliner with many cute color.

I …

Review: The Balm Time Balm Concealer

Hello ladies~ I hope you still remember my post about Physician Formula Concealer. I'm planning to publish this post after I wrote about my PF concealer review but many things happened and mostly because I'm very lazy to took pictures, so this post just greet you now. *sorry*

Today I will post about my another concealer. Like I've said before, I don't use my PF concealer to cover my dark circles because the texture is way to thick for me. So, for my under eyes, I use another concealer from The Balm called Time Balm Concealer. Why I choose this? because this concealer is different with the others.

Let me tell you some short story about this concealer. Usually you will clean your make up before you go to sleep, right? well, you don't need to do that when you use this concealer. This product's tag line is can be use everytime! Day time, night time, and even bed time! Yes, you read it right~ you can use this concealer as an eye cream during bed time!

Well, I'm…