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Pieces Of Me: January 2013

This post isn't beauty related. You may skip this post and come back later if you want to read about beauty review. thank you :)

January will be over in very close time, and I just realized I rarely talked about my daily life lately. I made this blog to store my memories that's why today I will talk about my life. This will be a long story, sorry if you bored.

Early January.. I had to cancel my family trip (which had already planned from last year) because some "family-matters-reason". I'm very dissapointed at that time and I also very angry with my parents because all I want to do is to make them happy but in the end everything are destroyed because a simple reason.

On January 12th, my grandmother was passed away. She is the only grandmother that I had and now she's gone too (May She rest in peace). This moment make me realize that, God has a plan. You know, I supposed to go to holiday trip with my family on January 13th. If the initial reason (see poin 1) d…

January Haul!

What I got this month:
Maybelline Eye and Lips Waterproof Makeup Remover ZA Cosmetics Lipstick (Red Coral) Peripera Wonder of Lips (Wonder Pink) Etude House Marble Marble The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Eyeshadow (Pink and Purple) The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Pastel Cushion Blusher (Plum) Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner (white, purple, and green) Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (black) The Body Shop Seaweed Toner The Body Shop Rainforest Conditioner (Travel Size) Mise En Scene Damage Care Shampoo Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack (Jejubija & Tea tree and Rice & Pearl) and some samples~
Giveaway gift from Helena
The Skin Food Argan Oil Silk Hair Mask The Skin Food Accorn Jelly Mask (miniature)
Review coming soon~ <3

Gogirl! Magazine January Issue

Halo teman-teman, Kali ini aku akan menulis tentang sesuatu yang berbeda dari biasanya. Jika biasanya aku membahas tentang produk kecantikan, maka kali ini aku akan membahas tentang sebuah majalah. Majalah ini bukan majalah biasa, melainkan salah satu beauty magazine yang wajib aku miliki setiap bulannya. Kali ini reviewku adalah mengenai Go girl! magazine edisi Januari 2013.

Sudah hampir 1 tahun aku membaca majalah gogirl! dan selama ini aku belum pernah kecewa dengan isi majalah ini. Majalah go girl! selalu mengangkat issue-issue yang sedang booming di kalangan anak muda, oleh karena itu, menurutku majalah ini sangat cocok sekali bagi remaja-remaja yang aktif. Kembali pada review majalahnya~
Pada bulan Januari ini, gogirl! memasang Kelsey Chow sebagai wajah utama di sampul depan majalahnya. Who is she? here is a little spoiler for you~

But..... the main reason why I love this edition isn't because that lovely girl~ Setiap bulannya gogirl! magazine selalu mengangkat issue-issue …

EOTD/FOTD: Another Purple Look~

Hello~ I'm back again with simple EOTD. This time I play with purple color *again* I don't know why, but recently I love to wear purple color. To be honest, purple isn't my favourite color *It is white and pink, in case you want to know* but, I can't stop my hand to play with purple color he5. Anyway let's skip to the pictures~

and some FOTD~

Also OOTD~ I love my ribbon top <3
I hope you all have a great day!

Review: Etude House Silk Scarf Repair Hair Essence

Do you have thick and heavy hair?  Do you often experience a bad hair day?  Do you have dry and unhealthy hair? If you don't, then be gratefull~ I envy you so much then~lol
Actually all of the questions above are my main problems :( I have thick, dry, and unhealthy hair. I use hair mask once a week to help soften my lion hair. I want to use hair mask everyday (can't I? don't know the effect if I use it everyday) but I don't have time to do such a "complete-hair-washing-routine" everyday. The last time I visited Etude House counter at Jayanata, I spot this little essence at the display. Because I got a voucher to shop Etude House products, I decided to grab this essence and try it on my hair~

About: Silk Scarf Repair Hair Essence is a concentrated essence specially formulated with oil complex and floral scent to coat split ends and deliver shine and long lasting moisturization, leaving hair instantly looking healthier, silkier and smoother.



Review: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

I'm sure you're already familiar with this name. This product was a popular product in beauty market last year. Many beauty bloggers already made review about this product. Eventhough I'm quite late to join the crowd, please read my review about this product :)
About the product:
- Hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula boosts lip moisture by 156%
- Pampering gel formula provides super charged hydration and glides on lips buttery smooth
- Sheer to medium colour with buttery shine
- Available in 20 luscious shades
Packaging: The main color for the cap is pink (because my shade is strawberry shortcake. the packaging color is based on the shade color) and black color for the bottom packaging. To open the cap, I need to pull it upward and it is quite difficult at first. Because, the connector between the top packaging and the bottom packaging is quite low.If I need to use ratio to describe the packaging, it is like 4:1 (top : bottom), not really propotional :p


Review: Lioele Dollish Triple Eyeshadow

Lately I'm a little obsessed with eyeshadow he5. You know, I'm bad at apply eyesahdow. But, recently I download many video tutorial from youtube about how to apply eyeshadow he5. Eventhough I'm still amateur, I try my best to create a new FOTD every week. Today I will share a little review about one of my  eyeshadow. This product is Lioele Dollish Triple Eyeshadow. I bought this since 2 or 3 months ago but never touch it until recently~ ha5 *my bad~ only bought many things and let it neglect in my makeup stash*

About the product: This is the perfect palette for an entire makeup look that is both beautiful yet compact. Each combination of colors were specially designed to compliment one another to draw attention to your eyes. Use all colors together or individually, its up to you! It also comes with a small mirror under the top lid to ensure your application. Terracotta process based colorful eye shadow provides less blowing powders with good skin adhesion and boasts…

Beauty Tips: All About Blush On [Magazine Scan]

Hi, today  I want to share another beauty tips from local magazine. This time is about Blush On. Blush on is one of my favourite products. I can't get enough of it especially those who come with a cute packaging and pink color he5~ The article is about how to apply blusher on different face shape. Also what color should you choose if you have dark skin or light skin color.

Click the images for larger size
Taken from: Nyata Magazine
Thanks for reading :)

Disclaimer: All pictures are taken from Nyata Magazine. The pictures are personally scanned by me. I put my watermark because I don't want people take my images without permission. Thanks :)

Paint My Nails: 3D Flower~

Hi, sorry for have been MIA for a while. Last week I had an unfortunate event so I can't blogged about anything. Actually I've already have some posts on my drafts but I still haven't edited the photos. Now, that I've already have some leisure time, I will share a new post for you. Since earlier this month, I decided to make a new series for my blog. And for this week, I have a new post named "Paint My Nails", this post will consist my NOTD or nail polish swatch. I'm planning to do this post once every 2 weeks, I hope I can do it. Today, on the first "Paint My Nails" series, I will share about my NOTD. Please note that I'm not a nail blogger so I can't do any difficult nail art. I even don't have long nails he5. But, I'll try my best to bring you a nice nail art pictures.

For today, my NOTD is combination between gold nail polish and 3D Flower sticker. Actually at first I want to use "Golden Flower" as my blog post tit…

Review: The Skin Food Tomato Cool Jelly Tint

Hi girls~ If you happen to lived in Indonesia and being active at Facebook, you maybe know about one of beauty group called "Komunitas Make up and Beauty Indonesia". Last month, Stella Lee (the administrator of the group) made an event called charity sales. Basicly, everything that you bought from the sales will go to the charity. Everyone can participated as seller or buyer. I was participated as a buyer~ ( I love shopping especially when the price is cheap :p). One of the product that I bought is The Skin Food Tomato Cool Jelly Tint.

About the product: Tomato cool jelly tint is a water based gel type tint containing tomato extract and rose water, that is full of moisture and nutrition. It offers glossy pastel colors that give you full, natural looking lips with a moist, healthy shine.
 Available colors:  Cherry Tomato, Berry Tomato, and Orange Tomato
My color: Cherry Tomato
Price/amount:  I got this for IDR 20K (it is new product! thanks to charity sales~) / 10 ml
The Packagin…