Friday, January 4, 2013

FOTD/EOTD: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Yes, I'm still in the mood of new year~ Actually I have a sad experience this year. Yes, it is still early of 2013 and I already experience a heart broken. It is not a big problem for other people and maybe can be considered very small, but for me, it is quite big to make my heart ache. But, I will not talk about it on my blog la~ I will not bother you with my problem :D.

So, back on beauty topic... I will share new year FOTD today~ For the new year look, I decide yo go with Pink and purple color. Here are some pictures of me :D

Me and my chubby cheek >_< *sigh*

Sorry the lighting is different for 1st picture and 2nd picture

This is my favourite picture! hehehe I edited the color a little so it looks more soft.
Btw, I used Etoinette Heart blusher for this FOTD, can you see the color?
I'll write the full review soon~

OFF Topic:
I want to share with you about my little haul. This is the last beauty products that I bought in 2012. ZA Lipstick in Red Coral. I've mentioned it on my twitter, that ZA counter at Grand Palace Surabaya had a special year end discount for all the products. The price of the lipstick itself only IDR 58,8K from IDR 98K(Normal price) really cheap, right? hehehe. Btw, I used this lipstick on my FOTD pictures above. The color is really nice and wearable for everyday.
The second item is Maybelline Eye and Lips Remover. This is the first beauty product that I purchased in 2013. This is my favourite makeup remover. The packaging is quite sturdy and it does a great job to remove waterproof makeup.

For 2013, I decided to be more cheerful. Usually I only post about beauty review and sometimes about my life. But, this year, I promise to have more different posts so my readers are not bored when they visit my blog. If you have any request about what kind of post should I make, don't hesitate to leave comment :D

Thank you~


  1. lipstiknya cakeppp...haduhh ZA bikin ngiler..lama pengen skincare solo belum ada >,<

    1. aku juga pertama nyobain swatch di konternya langsung jatuh cinta sama lipstiknya hi5.. semoga cepat buka cabang di solo ya :)

  2. gorgeous look! aww, I hope everything will be okay and be positive as it helps lift up our mood! ^_~ tc always =)

    1. thank you janet~ I really appreciate it *hug*

  3. what happened ce? >.< be stronggg *hug you tightly*

    1. there's a little problem shel~ thanks say *hug*

  4. Love your Eye Make Up definitely >w< Like a butterfly..
    Anyway, that's good when you keep smiling although you feel sad deep inside :') Be strong!!

  5. Beautiful EOTD, Sha
    Salut buat Shasha, even when u are sad, u decide to smile and try to be happy.
    U even made a great FOTD. And u know how to cheer up ur readers with ur lovely post and pics.

  6. Aw you're a really cute girl shasha, don't let the heartache bother you too much. Hope your feeling better now!

    xoxo shayne


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