Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hot Free Stuff: Folka Magazine!

One of my favourite hobby is reading. I read everything from comics until newspaper. Today, I want to share a good news for you. There is a new magazine that launched in Indonesia. The name is Folka. What is Folka? Folka is an online magazine that wrote about fashion and beauty stuff. It also contains news about your favourite celebs, music, and many more~

How to get this magazine? It is very easy! all you need to do is download HERE. and it is FREE! Just one click and you can get this wonderful magazine. No need to go to local bookstore and no need to spent money to get an update news about girl's stuff!

I've already download this magazine this morning and I'm quickly fell in love with this magazine. As a new magazine, I think the contents are very informative and useful. The main cover for the first edition is Ema Watson~ the famous Miss Granger! but I think she doesn't want to be Miss Granger anymore.. why? you must read the issue by yourself :D 

Some spoilers from inside the magazine:

Interesting and tempting enough? Go grab your own magazine HERE.
And don't forget to support Folka Magazine at Twitter and Facebook.
Happy reading girls~


  1. Nice! aku suka baca apalagi yang gratis <3

  2. kyaaaa~~ nice info, sha! <3
    *terpanggil barang gratis* *ngekek* lol XD

  3. LoL

    very2 nice info .. *habis ini kabur download folka :p*

  4. aaa.. nice infooo.. Selalu suka baca majalah yang ada bagian beautynyaaa..
    walaupun barang yang dibahas itu lagi itu lagi, tapi tetep sukaaa.. ihihihii


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