Friday, January 18, 2013

Paint My Nails: 3D Flower~

Hi, sorry for have been MIA for a while. Last week I had an unfortunate event so I can't blogged about anything. Actually I've already have some posts on my drafts but I still haven't edited the photos. Now, that I've already have some leisure time, I will share a new post for you. Since earlier this month, I decided to make a new series for my blog. And for this week, I have a new post named "Paint My Nails", this post will consist my NOTD or nail polish swatch. I'm planning to do this post once every 2 weeks, I hope I can do it.
Today, on the first "Paint My Nails" series, I will share about my NOTD. Please note that I'm not a nail blogger so I can't do any difficult nail art. I even don't have long nails he5. But, I'll try my best to bring you a nice nail art pictures.

For today, my NOTD is combination between gold nail polish and 3D Flower sticker. Actually at first I want to use "Golden Flower" as my blog post title, but I change my mind because the golden color doesn't really show up in the pictures.

I use my sasatinnie nail polish as a base. I use 2 coats of it. The color is soft gold with a little glitters. After that I use 3D nail stickers.

and here are the results!

 Zoom in~ my thumbnail!

Thanks for reading~ and see you soon :D


  1. cutee ci,coba dipadukan dengan wrna kutek yg pinkk pasti unyuh, apalagi aku pengemar berat pink wkwkwk xD
    nice review ^^

    1. Noted :) nanti aku coba sama kutek pink :D

  2. cute.. rapi juga :D btw, aq udah mulai ngerjain template kmu xD

  3. AWW that's so pretty :)


  4. eh aku juga punya yg kyk gini. cantik ya ^^

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  5. wihh cantik banget ya.. tiap aku punya gini, sayang pakenya hahaha pikirku pake tiap kalo ada party aja... tapi giliran mau party, lupa simpen di mana... dan pas ketemu, udah kering... >_< *malu*

    1. hahaha aku juga sering kayak gitu len~ kadang2 malah pas mau pesta heboh sendiri cepet2 jadi ga sempet pake..

  6. Ooh, pretty polish colour!
    Those nail stickers are also so cute! >w<

  7. stickernya unyu... :) aq jg suka pke nail sticker itu krn praktis... hehe..
    ow ya, jngan lupa join my 1st giveaway yaa... thanks <3


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