Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pieces Of Me: January 2013

This post isn't beauty related. You may skip this post and come back later if you want to read about beauty review. thank you :)

January will be over in very close time, and I just realized I rarely talked about my daily life lately. I made this blog to store my memories that's why today I will talk about my life. This will be a long story, sorry if you bored.

Early January.. I had to cancel my family trip (which had already planned from last year) because some "family-matters-reason". I'm very dissapointed at that time and I also very angry with my parents because all I want to do is to make them happy but in the end everything are destroyed because a simple reason.

On January 12th, my grandmother was passed away. She is the only grandmother that I had and now she's gone too (May She rest in peace). This moment make me realize that, God has a plan. You know, I supposed to go to holiday trip with my family on January 13th. If the initial reason (see poin 1) doesn't occured , I still can't go to the trip. So, basicly me and my family aren't destined to go this month.
Ps~ thanks to Sabrina who come to my grandmother funeral.

On January 17th, the most freaking moment in my life which makes my life span reduced for 20years! I was accused for a lost cheque worth for IDR 100.000.000 (count the zero number~) it is worth $10.000 (I guess~ I'm bad with currency). Technically, it is me who forgot where I put that stupid cheque... But, I've already check every parts on my table/cabinet/etc but I can't found it. So, I asked my fellow friend (who had the cheque before me) if she forget that she didn't gave me the cheque. But she insisted that she already gave me that cheque and hide behind my precious signature. I just realized how precious is my signature during that accident. I know it was my mistake because I signed the paper without double checked it with the cheque. I completely forgot about that. But, what I asked for help is, to search the cheque whether she still had it or not. And my friend (who I thought is nice, great, my mentor, the first person i met in this office) doesn't even move her finger to help me and insist that me is the only person who need to be blamed.

Okay~ day 1 end.
Next day, another friend asked me to start searching again. and here we go another searching on my table (which I think really worthless! I know my stuff, I know my memory, and I believe the cheque is on the next table! my friend's table). It was ended with no result (like I've predicted before). By the end of the day, I asked for an envelope from my friend (yes, the one that had the cheque before me). She had 2 different envelope, small and big, on her CPU, on her table, next to her face. and guess what's inside the envelope? The lost cheque. How I wish I can capture her expression at that time! She looks scared and you know what happened next? she insisted that I gave her that envelope (with the cheque in it).

Seriously, at that moment I want to yell at her, curse her, hit her or anything bad I can do. She is the one who forgot about that cheque and in the end she still doesn't confess and still accused me. I try to calm myself. the other people in that room who evidenced that situation, realize the same thing with me.

How come she (my friend, who insisted that I'm the wrong person, that she already gave me the cheque, that bring my signature everywhere like its the most precious thing she had in this world, that said she remembered clearly she already gave me that cheque) has the cheque on her table and very very close to her face! Even my boss was very surprissed with this situation. My boss tought that the cheque was found on my table. I said no, it is not on my table. It is on my friend's table.

I've learn from this accident, that money REALLY can change people A LOT. I know it is a large amount for her that's why she scared and put the blame on me. But...I do scared too. and she is much older than me like twice of my age. At least she need to help me with the searching or think about another solution. But all she do was accused me.
Why can the cheque can't be found on day 1, when the "hiding place" is really in front of her face? Simple answer, because she didn't search it. She insisted that the cheque was on my table and not hers. That's why she didn't need to move her fingers to do searching on her table.

I can't believe that situation. I'm VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED, ANGRY, and feels disgusted with her actions. She didn't talked to me after that. a simple sorry will do for me (at least to cure a little of my big heartache) but she didn't do it.

Helooo.. what's hard to say this sentences to me?
"Shasha, I'm really sorry. Looks like it's me who forgot where I put the cheque"

done. not even need 5 minutes to say those sentences. and no, she didn't said that.
Lesson Learned~ don't trust people if that including money.

January 23rd.. I woke up with a strange feeling, like I forgot something. and I was right... I forgot my best friend's birthday for 3 days! hikz. His birthday was on January 20th and I congratulated him on January 23rd. What kind of friend I am?  I feel bad for him, I never forget his bday since 8 years ago, but this year I completely forget :( maybe because I had a problem before the 20th.

January 25th, BF's birthday~ Happy birthday my baby~ I love you so much <3  I can't meet with BF at that time, because he was very busy with his schedule. But I meet him the day before and the day after 25th. We celebrated his bday by having a dinner and watch cinema. 

January 29th~ the end of the month. The payday! I got an increase in salary~ yay!

I can't believe so many things happened in this month. Though it is not a very good month for me, I still thanks god that I can passed this month. I hope the next month will be a better month for me.

Thanks for reading this super long post (though, I don't think there are any readers for this post he5). Sorry If I talk too much :p I'll back again with another beauty related post~ soon.


  1. Wah.... (*>.<*) serem juga cek ilank.. ternyata teman sndiri yg ambl.. kalu ak jd cece.. tak kirim dy ke kutub selatan...

    1. bukan dia yang ambil sih..cuman dia lupa ngasih ke aku tapi dia bersikeras bilang udah ngasih ha5~ kasian dong kalau dibuang ke kutub selatan..dingin :D

    2. mungkin udah tua.. makanya jd lupa... wkwkwkwk

  2. iya serem banget. uang yg ilang banyak gt >_<
    semoga next month banyak hal baik2 yg terjadi :)

    visit my blog ^^

  3. My pleasure ce shasha. *hug*

    OMG... Seratus juta.. :/ :'( untunglah ce akhirnya bisa ketemu meski ngga enak juga akhirnya T.T

    Congratulation cece salarynya naik :p

  4. wew, dunia kerja emang gt Sha :( ga ada yang mau disalahin walaupun itu sebenernya kesalahan dia (sok tua wkwkwkk) asal nama penerima giro atau cek sudah diisi ga usah terlalu takut Sha, blokir ajah :)

    join my international giveaway

    1. masalahnya yang bagian nulisin namanya aku ce..jadi pas di dia belum ada nama penerimanya~ nah kan serem..hahaha

  5. keep calm and relax, sha... meskipun gue juga ga bisa relax sih klo dituduh ngilangin cek 100juta.. hahaha.. anyway, glad it's all ended happily (beside the 'sorry' part)... puk-puk shasha.. semangat!

  6. Aww I enjoyed reading this. Sorry to hear about your grandma! And all that stuff you went through. Hipe everything is okay now!

    Love Daniela (new fan) -

    P.s. I'm doing a jewellery giveaway on my blog, which ends today if you'd like to take part...

  7. A lot of things happened.. But february will be better! You'll see! : ) Keep smiling! : )


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