Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review: Etude House Silk Scarf Repair Hair Essence

Do you have thick and heavy hair? 
Do you often experience a bad hair day? 
Do you have dry and unhealthy hair?
If you don't, then be gratefull~ I envy you so much then~lol

Actually all of the questions above are my main problems :( I have thick, dry, and unhealthy hair. I use hair mask once a week to help soften my lion hair. I want to use hair mask everyday (can't I? don't know the effect if I use it everyday) but I don't have time to do such a "complete-hair-washing-routine" everyday. The last time I visited Etude House counter at Jayanata, I spot this little essence at the display. Because I got a voucher to shop Etude House products, I decided to grab this essence and try it on my hair~

Silk Scarf Repair Hair Essence is a concentrated essence specially formulated with oil complex and floral scent to coat split ends and deliver shine and long lasting moisturization, leaving hair instantly looking healthier, silkier and smoother.


Price/Amount: IDR 68.8K / 60 ml

Packaging: It comes with a plastic bottle with a pump. The color is transparent red with polkadot and ribbon decorations. The bottle height is around 15cm (quite small so it is easy to carry on).

Texture: This essence's texture is a thick transparent gel. The scent is really fragrant! The nicest hair essence I've ever tried. It smells like flower (though I don't know what kind of flower). The essence is a little sticky when I pour it a little on my hand. After massages it on my hair, it makes my hair super soft and smells good.

TIPS: Apply a little amount from the middle of the hair to the ends of your hair. Do not apply at the scalp area because it will makes your hair greasy. You can use it on wet hair or dry hair. Usually I use it on wet hair then blow dry it or let it dry naturally. When I want to use hair straightening iron, I also apply this essence to protect my hair from the heat.

Cute bottle and affordable price
The scent is nice flowery scent
It helps to makes my hair feels soft and easy to styling

I need a larger amount~ though I love the cute tiny packaging, It will be better to have this essence in larger bottle.
Can't be applied on scalp area or it will makes your hair greasy


  1. ohhh, the packaging is really cute! but I definitely agree that bigger bottle would be better for us with a much longer hair =)

  2. baunya enak nih :)

    visit my blog

  3. Waa kepingiiin hehe aku juga lagi butuh hair treatment XD
    itu ngempesin rambut singa gak yah?

    1. lumayan membantu membuat rambut jadi lebih halus dan terasa tipis tapi tidak signifikan sekali ya~ :D

  4. Nice product jadi pengen coba, I have lion hair too XD

  5. We have the same dilemma! My hair seems unhealthy too UGH! I am now trying to discover products that can rescue my hair from this problem that I seem to have in forever :/


  6. i was browsing thru twitter and i found you! lol. i just subscribed to you via GFC :)

    xoxo Sarah
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  7. I would like this!
    I write in my wishlist

    come to me

  8. this looks so good! i'm always after new hair products :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  9. aku jg pake hair mist nyaa <3
    and i'm agree that it smell so nice aaa lol :D

  10. ohh i love the smell of this serum!
    great review :)


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