Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review: K-palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner

Sorry for lack of updates on my blog. Busy is the main reason why I don't post a new review lately. I still don't have time to took pictures of my products so I can't publish any new review. Luckily I found this post :p. This review has been buried on my draft for a longg timee... I think I made this review around October 2012, but haven't published it until now.

Why? I'm kinda hesitate to publish this post because I can't really conclude my feeling for this eyeliner. At first I really like this eyeliner and even declare it as my HG pen eyeliner but recently I have changed my mind and I prefer to use my Milani pen eyeliner rather than this~ you know lah~ people's heart can change easily if they found something better, right? lol~ Anyway I will stop my useless words and continue to the review~ 

Meet my pink eyeliner~ K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner! I got this as a giveaway gift from Qoqo. I remembered I was really happy when I saw my name on Qoqo's blog,because I really want to try this eyeliner so badly! but the price is quite expensive for me :(

Packaging: It comes with a pen packaging with pink as the main color. The decoration is "K-palette" words in gold color. To open the eyeliner, I must pull off the cap.

The tip is thin and soft. It is really easy to draw a thin line with this eyeliner.

About the product:



Pink packaging! Ha5 I can't skip this part~ actually this packaging is limited edition, the usual packaging is black color.
The staying power is awesome! I use this when the last time I watched Bigbang's concert. I do my makeup around 10 o'clock in the morning and back home in the middle of the night. After queue for almost 5 hours, watch concert for almost 3 hours,etc~ this eyeliner still stick on my eyelids! (well, it is fade away, but only a little)  My friend *who use this eyeliner too* said the same thing about this eyeliner~
Easy to use and Smudgeproof
The tip is soft and glides on smoothly
Travel friendly.

The color isn't really bold after some time
The price is quite expensive
It is not really waterproof *sigh*

Actually I'm a little disappointed with this eyeliner. The first time I tried this eyeliner, the color is quite bold and intense. But after 1 month, it is slowly fade. I only use this eyeliner twice a week, so in 1 month maybe I only use it less than 10 times and the color is fade away?? *I really don't understand this*. I do agree about the "24h Real Lasting" because it is really stayed all day long! but again, it is not waterproof. It is okay when you get wet a little but do not rub it or the color will be gone.

PS: Is it only me or anyone else experience the same with me? because I read many reviews about this eyeliner being really waterproof and has intense color.


  1. hi shasha..lam knal..
    Kpallete ini kan yang mirip dolly wink bukan yah?aku belum pernah nyoba, aku makenya dolly wink, tapi review kamu mirip banget sama dolly wink punya aku..nice share, tdnya aku mau beli ini buat gantiin doly wink aku, tp berkat info kamu, aku jd mikir lg deh, soalnya aku mo nyari eyeliner yg stay powernya bagus, apalagi eyelid aku oily banget..klo sama aja kek dolly yah ga jd deh..hehe..thx yah

  2. halo fei~
    setauku memang ini sama dolly wink mirip2.. kalau untuk staying power sih oke menurutku cuman kurang waterproof aja~ aku malah pingin nyobain punya dolly wink sekarang he5~
    makasih uda mampir ^^

  3. hmm..soalnya dolly wink aja staying powernya lemah banget di eyelid aku..baru 1 jam udh memudar alias luntur terutama yang sudut dalam mata, cuman aku sukanya dia ga sampe bikin mata panda..dan packagingnya itu loh cute banget..<3
    klo eyelid kamu ga oily sih dolly wink emang bagus..dicoba aja.. :D
    welcome dear :)


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