Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review: Etude House Etoinette Heart Blusher Pink Petal Kiss [Sponsored]

Last month I got a surprise from one of my sponsor, Bell's Etude House. Yessy (the owner) kindly sent a birthday gift for me. And guess what? The guft is....ETUDE HOUSE ETOINETTE HEART BLUSHER *sorry for the caps* I'm really excited!! You know, yessy sent me a message in the middle of the night about this gift, but I just read it in the morning. I'm still sleepy and half awake when I checked my phone and suddenly my eyes are 100% wide open because I saw the message from yessy~ 
Okay, enough of my happy kyaa-ing words~ let's move on to the review. This is what you've waiting for, right? Finally, I proudly present the Etude House Etoinette Heart Blusher.

About the product:
This is a baked heart-shape blusher with soft glimmering pink that supplies skin with a lovely radiant glow


 The beautiful Etude logo

The "legs" and the heart ornament~

Inside the pot~

The Ribbon Puff~

 Still empty~

The packaging somehow similar with something that owned by a princess! This series are well-known for ut's beautifull and pretty packaging. The packaging is a small plastic pot with a soft pink color. The pot is seriously very beautiful and elegant *though it's only made from plastic*. The pot's cover has a little handle on the middle of the cover. It also has a logo on the middle of the pot. The logo is very beautiful! a simple "Etude" words with gold color. The legs of the pot is heart shaped and it also has heart ornament on the bottom of the packaging. To open the pot, I need to twist it several times *It is quite secure*. The inside of the pot contains a cute ribbon puff. The pot is still empty at first, because the heart blusher was packed separately. Overall, this is the prettiest packaging of korean cosmetic I've ever have!

Heart Blusher:
My shade: PK001 Pink Petal Kiss
Overall there are 3 main color: beige (or super soft pink), pink, and medium pink

What makes this blush different with the other blush is the shape of the blush. This blush contains 10 little heart shape blush (which I think not enough!). The colors are mixture between pink, soft pink, and beige color. The heart blusher was placed in 1 plastic packaging. Each heart has it's own place. Unfortunately, when the first time I received the blush, 1 of the heart already destroyed due to the bad shipping. *Not from Bell's etude house but from the courier. Because it's already wrapped with plastic bubble to make it secure*
The heart blusher is like a different side of coin. On 1 side, I like the idea of a little heart shape blush because, it is really cute and appealing. But, on the other side, the risk of the damage is quite high too because, those little hearts are quite fragile.
So the next step is to placed the heart blushers into the pot. and tadaa.... here are some pictures of the complete blush.

With Flash (pink, beige, medium pink)

 Without flash (pink, beige, medium pink)

The color is quite pigmented. Especially if you see me wearing it in real life. My camera can't really captured the color :( I took many pictures and still can't found any perfect pictures that can show how cute is the color. I hope you can still notice the beautifull pink color on my face. This blush contains shimmer, but not to much and not really noticeable once it applied. If you want to see more FOTD, click here~

This blush comes with a cute and sturdy packaging. But I don't think I will bring this if I'm going travelling, because it is not really convenient to bring.
The color is quite pigmented
It also comes with a cute ribbon puff. But I rarely use it. I prefer to use brush to apply my blush.
Can be used as a decoration in my room *lol*

Pricey! this is the fact I must admit. You want something cute and beautiful? then you need to pay the price :)
Limited edition product. I heard this series will be discontinued soon
I need more heart blusher please~ 

Thank you so much for Bell's Etude House~ I really like the birthday gift! and girls~ if you love cute, you shouldn't missed this product! Go to Bell's Etude House to purchased the full range of Etude House Etoinette Series. If you mention "Miss Belanja" you can get 5% discount for ready stock items (all items!)

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience. I'm not being paid for doing this review. 


  1. Aw.... So pretty!
    And the packaging is so cute ^.^

  2. What a cute gift! And it looks really, really pretty on you

  3. cantik banget packaging nya. katanya udah susah dicari ya soalnya limited edition :'(

  4. That is like the most adorable make-up product.... ever.


  5. wow..what a cute packaging..wish it's easy to get in US :(
    nice review!


  6. The packaging of the blusher case is so beautiful!


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