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Pieces Of Me: February 2013

Wake me up when February end~
Omg~ I'm really shocked when I checked my calendar. How come February already come to an end tomorrow? Where am I all this time? noooooo.... You maybe notice that I didn't post many review this month (unlike the previous months). I've already talked about it a little on my last post. That's because I'm very busy this month *classic reason, but hey..this is the truth* I've also mentioned it several times that around February until April are my busiest months in a year because of my profession as an accountant. 
Since last month, I decided to make a special post for my life. Instead of posted a post every day, I conclude all what happened to me in 1 month into 1 post. Last month I have quite many sad experiences and luckily it doesn't continue to this month. fiuh~~

 FOTD from Feb 9th
Earlier this month, me and my family was really excited to welcome my big sister home. My sister is working at Qatar and she only came home for vac…

February Haul and Freebies

Hi again~ I have to catch up with so many delayed post this month *sigh*. Here I will share some new products that I got around this month. 
The Face Shop Herb Day Green Tea Cleansing Emulsion The Face Shop Green Tea Eye Make up remover Canmake Gradient Wink~Biscuit
The Balm Concealer AC eyeshadow Loujene False Eyelashes D'eyeko False Eyelashes
Giveaway gift from Mademoiselle-Lala
I also won shopping voucher at Multiply from Ce Carnellin. and here are what I bought:
Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Treatment Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Make Up Fixer The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Mask Etude House Open Your Eyes Mask Sheet The Skin Food Shea Butter Face Mask
Gift From D'eyeko~ Cakrawala False Eyelashes from Syahrini Collection
I didn't bought many this month. Mostly my haul are from last month's pre-order. So, yeah these are my new items.. Stay tune for the review and if you have any suggestion for which one should I review first, don't hesitate to leave comment :) 

Review: K-palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner

Sorry for lack of updates on my blog. Busy is the main reason why I don't post a new review lately. I still don't have time to took pictures of my products so I can't publish any new review. Luckily I found this post :p. This review has been buried on my draft for a longg timee... I think I made this review around October 2012, but haven't published it until now.

Why? I'm kinda hesitate to publish this post because I can't really conclude my feeling for this eyeliner. At first I really like this eyeliner and even declare it as my HG pen eyeliner but recently I have changed my mind and I prefer to use my Milani pen eyeliner rather than this~ you know lah~ people's heart can change easily if they found something better, right? lol~ Anyway I will stop my useless words and continue to the review~ 

Meet my pink eyeliner~ K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner! I got this as a giveaway gift from Qoqo. I remembered I was really happy when I saw my name on Qoqo'…

Mask Time: Dermal Strawberry Collagen Essence Mask

Hi again! Today I will share another strawberry mask. This time it isn't handmade mask. I'm a little lazy lately so I go back to my first love~mask sheet. Today I'll review about Dermal Mask. Dermal is another Korean brand, I don't really know about this brand. But, the face mask from this brand is quite popular these days. Dermal mask has 31 varians of face mask. One of them is Strawberry Collagen Face Mask. So, let's start the mask time!
About the product: It contains Strawberry extract which is in several kinds of organic acids and it controls excessive creation of oil in skin. Also it softens corneous part of your skin thus it keeps the skin all the more soft and bright. With its strawberry extracts and various mineral ingredients, it makes your skin relax, clear, and moistened. It includes Strawberry extract and Hydrolyzed Collagen which keeps your tired skin always healthy and elastic.
Price/Amount: I got this mask for only IDR 100, lol (very cheap, right?) I…

Event: Etude Time 3 "Express Your Love With Etude House"

Finally Etude Time 3 goes to Surabaya~ Yay! Last year, when many bloggers from Jakarta talked about Etude Time 2, I can only drool at their post. I really want to join the event! and looks like God hears my pray~ lol. Etude House Celebrate their Etude Time 3 at Surabaya. This time the theme is "Express Your Love with Etude House". There are many fun activities in this event such as Make up artist competition, Cover dance competition, Jingle competition, Beauty Workshop, Make up demo from Korean make up artist, Fashion Show, Live DJ, and many fun games.
On February 15th, I was invited to join the media gathering with Etude House. The gathering took place at Grand City Mall Surabaya. I was came earlier so I can saw the dance performances. It was really fun! I managed to saw performances from 3 different groups and the are really talented! and guess what is the famous song at that day? SNSD's I got a Boy! Almost all the contestants use this song to dance. Me personally not…

Review: *New* Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint [Sponsored]

Happy (belated) Valentine's day girls~
Sorry for the late greeting, I've been busy with my works lately (from February until April are my super busy months in a year) and also my big sister is come home for a vacation, so it is quite hectic too at my home. Anyway, today I will talk about my little pink lip tint from Etude House. I've tried some lip tint from different Korean brand, such as the famous Tony Moly lip tint (which I don't really like, because it dries super fast and somehow it's a little hard to blend) and another lip tint from The Skin Food. This is the first time I try lip tint from Etude House. So, when Bell's Etude House offered me this little lip tint, I was really happy and can't wait to try it.

About the product: Etude HouseNew Fresh Cherry Tint : Milky smooth texture in cherry tinted colors to accentuate lips with a naturally blushed and moist look. Amount: 9 g Available Shades: RD301, PK001, OR201, PK002

My Shade: PK002 Hot pink