Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pieces Of Me: February 2013

Wake me up when February end~

Omg~ I'm really shocked when I checked my calendar. How come February already come to an end tomorrow? Where am I all this time? noooooo....
You maybe notice that I didn't post many review this month (unlike the previous months). I've already talked about it a little on my last post. That's because I'm very busy this month *classic reason, but hey..this is the truth* I've also mentioned it several times that around February until April are my busiest months in a year because of my profession as an accountant. 

Since last month, I decided to make a special post for my life. Instead of posted a post every day, I conclude all what happened to me in 1 month into 1 post. Last month I have quite many sad experiences and luckily it doesn't continue to this month. fiuh~~

 FOTD from Feb 9th

Earlier this month, me and my family was really excited to welcome my big sister home. My sister is working at Qatar and she only came home for vacation once in a year. Though she came home around CNY, unfortunately we can't spent time together because at that time she still at Jakarta for some business. She went home at 11th and brings me a lot of goodies~ ha5

After CNY, there is Valentine's day! the most romantic day in a year~ Unlike last year (and a year before), we (me and BF) didn't celebrated valentine's day on restaurant or private place. Because BF was very busy too, we only spent our Valentine's day at Tunjungan Plaza Mall~ wandering around and do some shopping lol.

On 15th, I was invited to joined Media Gathering by Etude House. Actually I've already knew about this news from last year, because the marketing staff already contacted me about this event. Luckily I can joined the event and I got a nice goody bag from that event~ *review coming soon*

My life after 15th was only wandering one mall to another mall. because my sis is here, she dragged me along to shopping almost everyday. I can't even count how many times I went to ciputra world's mall in 1 week. so tiring but I'm really happy because I can spent quality time with my sis :)

 FOTD From Feb 17th

I think I will stop here for now. Thanks for reading and I promise I will flood your timeline with a new review next month :) Thank you~

PS: All pictures are taken from my Instagram. If you want to follow me, my username is @laurensianatasha

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Haul and Freebies

Hi again~
I have to catch up with so many delayed post this month *sigh*. Here I will share some new products that I got around this month. 

The Face Shop Herb Day Green Tea Cleansing Emulsion
The Face Shop Green Tea Eye Make up remover
Canmake Gradient Wink~Biscuit
The Balm Concealer
AC eyeshadow
Loujene False Eyelashes
D'eyeko False Eyelashes

Giveaway gift from Mademoiselle-Lala
I also won shopping voucher at Multiply from Ce Carnellin. and here are what I bought:
Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Treatment
Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Make Up Fixer
The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Mask
Etude House Open Your Eyes Mask Sheet
The Skin Food Shea Butter Face Mask

Gift From D'eyeko~ Cakrawala False Eyelashes from Syahrini Collection

I didn't bought many this month. Mostly my haul are from last month's pre-order. So, yeah these are my new items.. Stay tune for the review and if you have any suggestion for which one should I review first, don't hesitate to leave comment :) 

Ah.. the last thing before I end this post.. I promise you for a new giveaway when I reached 500 followers, right? I still remember it (don't worry), I still collect the prizes for you so please wait a little longer. Follow my blog and twitter for the latest news. Thank you~ 

Review: K-palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner

Sorry for lack of updates on my blog. Busy is the main reason why I don't post a new review lately. I still don't have time to took pictures of my products so I can't publish any new review. Luckily I found this post :p. This review has been buried on my draft for a longg timee... I think I made this review around October 2012, but haven't published it until now.

Why? I'm kinda hesitate to publish this post because I can't really conclude my feeling for this eyeliner. At first I really like this eyeliner and even declare it as my HG pen eyeliner but recently I have changed my mind and I prefer to use my Milani pen eyeliner rather than this~ you know lah~ people's heart can change easily if they found something better, right? lol~ Anyway I will stop my useless words and continue to the review~ 

Meet my pink eyeliner~ K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner! I got this as a giveaway gift from Qoqo. I remembered I was really happy when I saw my name on Qoqo's blog,because I really want to try this eyeliner so badly! but the price is quite expensive for me :(

Packaging: It comes with a pen packaging with pink as the main color. The decoration is "K-palette" words in gold color. To open the eyeliner, I must pull off the cap.

The tip is thin and soft. It is really easy to draw a thin line with this eyeliner.

About the product:



Pink packaging! Ha5 I can't skip this part~ actually this packaging is limited edition, the usual packaging is black color.
The staying power is awesome! I use this when the last time I watched Bigbang's concert. I do my makeup around 10 o'clock in the morning and back home in the middle of the night. After queue for almost 5 hours, watch concert for almost 3 hours,etc~ this eyeliner still stick on my eyelids! (well, it is fade away, but only a little)  My friend *who use this eyeliner too* said the same thing about this eyeliner~
Easy to use and Smudgeproof
The tip is soft and glides on smoothly
Travel friendly.

The color isn't really bold after some time
The price is quite expensive
It is not really waterproof *sigh*

Actually I'm a little disappointed with this eyeliner. The first time I tried this eyeliner, the color is quite bold and intense. But after 1 month, it is slowly fade. I only use this eyeliner twice a week, so in 1 month maybe I only use it less than 10 times and the color is fade away?? *I really don't understand this*. I do agree about the "24h Real Lasting" because it is really stayed all day long! but again, it is not waterproof. It is okay when you get wet a little but do not rub it or the color will be gone.

PS: Is it only me or anyone else experience the same with me? because I read many reviews about this eyeliner being really waterproof and has intense color.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mask Time: Dermal Strawberry Collagen Essence Mask

Hi again! Today I will share another strawberry mask. This time it isn't handmade mask. I'm a little lazy lately so I go back to my first love~mask sheet. Today I'll review about Dermal Mask. Dermal is another Korean brand, I don't really know about this brand. But, the face mask from this brand is quite popular these days. Dermal mask has 31 varians of face mask. One of them is Strawberry Collagen Face Mask. So, let's start the mask time!

About the product:
It contains Strawberry extract which is in several kinds of organic acids and it controls excessive creation of oil in skin. Also it softens corneous part of your skin thus it keeps the skin all the more soft and bright. With its strawberry extracts and various mineral ingredients, it makes your skin relax, clear, and moistened. It includes Strawberry extract and Hydrolyzed Collagen which keeps your tired skin always healthy and elastic.

Price/Amount: I got this mask for only IDR 100, lol (very cheap, right?) I bought it directly from Korea, that's why the price is very cheap. If you bought it on local online shop, it will cost around IDR 13K-20K (price may vary) / The amount is 23 g

All dermal mask packaging are similar to each other. The difference is only the supporting color and the decoration (example green tea = green color with leave images, grape = purple color with grape images, etc). For strawberry mask the main color is white and the supporting color is red. It also has strawberry images and a girl image on its packaging. On the back of the packaging, there are product descriptions, instruction how to use, ingredients and the benefits of the mask. It is written in Korea and English, so it is easy to understand the benefit of this mask for non-korean like me.

The Mask Sheet:
The mask was made from cotton. It contains a lot of essence and it is a little sticky. Though I heard so much good review about this mask, I'm quite disappointed because the size of the mask doesn't fit properly on my face. It is a little to big for my face an it doesn't stick properly for my chin area. When the first time I opened the packaging, the strawberry scent fills my room immedietly. The scent is very refreshing and yummy~ it last quite long too.

My opinion:
Let's see the benefits from this mask:
Control Excessive Oil: Not really. Eventhough strawberry is well-known for its power to control oil, I don't found any awesome result from this mask. 

Makes skin more soft and bright: Yes. The most commonly result after face-masking is an instant bright effect, and this mask also gives that result.

Makes skin relax, clear, moistened, healthy and elastic: Yes, My skin become soft and supple after I use this mask sheet. However, I don't really see any "clear" effect because I only use this mask for 2 times.

Overall: This is an "Okay" face mask for me. Though the size isn't fit me perfectly, I love the instant result from this mask. WIth a cheap price and many varians, I think this face mask is worth to try. I still have another varians from this brand. Maybe I will review it later~ stay tune.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Event: Etude Time 3 "Express Your Love With Etude House"

Finally Etude Time 3 goes to Surabaya~ Yay! Last year, when many bloggers from Jakarta talked about Etude Time 2, I can only drool at their post. I really want to join the event! and looks like God hears my pray~ lol. Etude House Celebrate their Etude Time 3 at Surabaya. This time the theme is "Express Your Love with Etude House". There are many fun activities in this event such as Make up artist competition, Cover dance competition, Jingle competition, Beauty Workshop, Make up demo from Korean make up artist, Fashion Show, Live DJ, and many fun games.

On February 15th, I was invited to join the media gathering with Etude House. The gathering took place at Grand City Mall Surabaya. I was came earlier so I can saw the dance performances. It was really fun! I managed to saw performances from 3 different groups and the are really talented! and guess what is the famous song at that day? SNSD's I got a Boy! Almost all the contestants use this song to dance. Me personally not a huge fan of SNSD, but I like the song, especially the chorus part.

After I enjoyed the dance performances, I went to registration table and then joined lalaa, who already came with her mom (and also Kiki, sorry for not recognize you before >_< I was hesitated to greet her at first because it was the first time I saw her in real life). After that,Yennyca and Pricill also joined the gathering with us.

The gathering was opened with a short speech from Ms Yohanna Prieda as a Media Relation from Etude House. She welcomed us and briefly talked about the purpose of this gathering. After that Mr.Chris Choi (Business Development Representative Etude House Korea) explained the detail about Etude House's new product, Sweet Recipe.

Inspired by "a fairy tale", Etude house launched their newest collection which has catchy color and cute packaging. Mostly the colors are from fruits like orange, mango, strawberry, lychee, plum and combined with the fragrant of candy and voila~ The Sweet Recipe is born.

Sweet Recipe is a make up series which consist from Base, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow and highlighter. All sweet recipe collection will be available in store by the end of April.

Also presented at that time is Ms. Melia Erlina (General Manager Etude House Indonesia). She talked about the growth of Etude House's consumer and why choose Surabaya as their next destination of Etude Time.

The next segmen is make up demo by Ms. Goo Eunjung (Yes, she is korean!). She can't talk in English so she came with a translator beside her. All I can understand is her Insa (greeting), she said "I'm makeup artist from korea, Goo Eunjung. Nice to meet you" ~ lol just a basic korean, but I'm glad I understand her eventhough only a little.

The first step in korean makeup is cleanse your skin then apply skin care. After that, she started with a base. She used the new Etude House Secret Recipe Baby Choux Base and the result is amazing~ though it's only a base, but when she applied it on her model, (she only used it on half face of the model, so we can saw the before-after) the model's skin looks brighter and glowing. I was like "WOW" at that time lol~ After that she continue with BB cream, powder and Secret Recipe Cupcake all over color. This is a multifunction cream. You can use it for lips, cheek and eyes. Then she continue with eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eye brow kit, etc. Here is the result~ Natural makeup by Ms. Goo
(Left side: After Make Up, Right Side: Before Make Up)

Mr Chris Choi, Ms Melia, Model, Ms Goo Eunjung, Ms Astrid posed with Sweet Recipe products

After the make up demo, the gathering is over. The staffs provide us with a box of food and drink and also asked us to enjoy the event. We (me and the other bloggers) are busy taking pictures of the products and guess what.. I met Shosanah Sherly~ she is a beauty blogger too and one of Etude's trainee. She is super beautifull. I look so chubby and ugly beside her >_<

 Group Picture: (L-R) Kiki, Pricill, Me, Lalaa, Yennyca

Etude Time 3!!

FOTD :) Selca with my blogger id~

Inside the goodie bag~ *sorry I forget to capture the bag*
The pink box consist:
Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream
Etude House Dear My Lips Essence
Etude House Dear My Blooming Eyes
Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base
Etude House Sweet Recipe All Over Color

Okay, that's all my report about this event. I hope you enjoy my blog post.
Wanna Be Sweet? Play Etude!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Review: *New* Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint [Sponsored]

Happy (belated) Valentine's day girls~

Sorry for the late greeting, I've been busy with my works lately (from February until April are my super busy months in a year) and also my big sister is come home for a vacation, so it is quite hectic too at my home. Anyway, today I will talk about my little pink lip tint from Etude House. I've tried some lip tint from different Korean brand, such as the famous Tony Moly lip tint (which I don't really like, because it dries super fast and somehow it's a little hard to blend) and another lip tint from The Skin Food. This is the first time I try lip tint from Etude House. So, when Bell's Etude House offered me this little lip tint, I was really happy and can't wait to try it.

About the product:
Etude HouseNew Fresh Cherry Tint : Milky smooth texture in cherry tinted colors to accentuate lips with a naturally blushed and moist look.
Amount: 9 g
Available Shades: RD301, PK001, OR201, PK002

My Shade: PK002 Hot pink

Let's see the wrapper first~ The box is in small size with soft pink color and dominated with cherry images as decorations. The box is really cute and girly. Inside the box~ the packaging is a small plastic bottle with shocking pink color and white color for the cap. I'm quite surprised with the bottle's color because I thought the lip tint's color will be similar with the bottle's color. This tint also comes with an applicator.

The color is bold milky pink for me. I hope you get what I means lol. The color is like milky pink (mixture between pink and white) but it is quite bright/bold. Well, I'm bad at describe something, see the photo to know the color~ At first the color is quite bold but after blends it on my lips, the color turns out really nice. The texture is quite watery and similar to soft jelly. It dries faster too so you better works fast when you apply this lip tint. This lip tint also has a very fragrant scent. I don't know if it smells like cherry but it's a nice scent.

Cute Bottle and also comes with an applicator.
Nice color and scent
Staying power is around 3 hours
It doesn't dry my lips
Doesn't taste very bitter after several hours
Has various color selection

Nothing :)

Price and Where to buy?
Bell's Etude House sells this Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint for IDR 75K. If you mention "Miss Belanja" you can get additional 5% discount for ready stock items.

Overall~ I really love the color and the highlight is, no bitter taste from this lip tint like my previous lip tint. Now that I've found my favourite lip tint (at this moment) I want to try the other lips product from Etude House. What do you think about this product?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience. I'm not being paid for doing this review.  
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