Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Event: Etude Time 3 "Express Your Love With Etude House"

Finally Etude Time 3 goes to Surabaya~ Yay! Last year, when many bloggers from Jakarta talked about Etude Time 2, I can only drool at their post. I really want to join the event! and looks like God hears my pray~ lol. Etude House Celebrate their Etude Time 3 at Surabaya. This time the theme is "Express Your Love with Etude House". There are many fun activities in this event such as Make up artist competition, Cover dance competition, Jingle competition, Beauty Workshop, Make up demo from Korean make up artist, Fashion Show, Live DJ, and many fun games.

On February 15th, I was invited to join the media gathering with Etude House. The gathering took place at Grand City Mall Surabaya. I was came earlier so I can saw the dance performances. It was really fun! I managed to saw performances from 3 different groups and the are really talented! and guess what is the famous song at that day? SNSD's I got a Boy! Almost all the contestants use this song to dance. Me personally not a huge fan of SNSD, but I like the song, especially the chorus part.

After I enjoyed the dance performances, I went to registration table and then joined lalaa, who already came with her mom (and also Kiki, sorry for not recognize you before >_< I was hesitated to greet her at first because it was the first time I saw her in real life). After that,Yennyca and Pricill also joined the gathering with us.

The gathering was opened with a short speech from Ms Yohanna Prieda as a Media Relation from Etude House. She welcomed us and briefly talked about the purpose of this gathering. After that Mr.Chris Choi (Business Development Representative Etude House Korea) explained the detail about Etude House's new product, Sweet Recipe.

Inspired by "a fairy tale", Etude house launched their newest collection which has catchy color and cute packaging. Mostly the colors are from fruits like orange, mango, strawberry, lychee, plum and combined with the fragrant of candy and voila~ The Sweet Recipe is born.

Sweet Recipe is a make up series which consist from Base, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow and highlighter. All sweet recipe collection will be available in store by the end of April.

Also presented at that time is Ms. Melia Erlina (General Manager Etude House Indonesia). She talked about the growth of Etude House's consumer and why choose Surabaya as their next destination of Etude Time.

The next segmen is make up demo by Ms. Goo Eunjung (Yes, she is korean!). She can't talk in English so she came with a translator beside her. All I can understand is her Insa (greeting), she said "I'm makeup artist from korea, Goo Eunjung. Nice to meet you" ~ lol just a basic korean, but I'm glad I understand her eventhough only a little.

The first step in korean makeup is cleanse your skin then apply skin care. After that, she started with a base. She used the new Etude House Secret Recipe Baby Choux Base and the result is amazing~ though it's only a base, but when she applied it on her model, (she only used it on half face of the model, so we can saw the before-after) the model's skin looks brighter and glowing. I was like "WOW" at that time lol~ After that she continue with BB cream, powder and Secret Recipe Cupcake all over color. This is a multifunction cream. You can use it for lips, cheek and eyes. Then she continue with eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, eye brow kit, etc. Here is the result~ Natural makeup by Ms. Goo
(Left side: After Make Up, Right Side: Before Make Up)

Mr Chris Choi, Ms Melia, Model, Ms Goo Eunjung, Ms Astrid posed with Sweet Recipe products

After the make up demo, the gathering is over. The staffs provide us with a box of food and drink and also asked us to enjoy the event. We (me and the other bloggers) are busy taking pictures of the products and guess what.. I met Shosanah Sherly~ she is a beauty blogger too and one of Etude's trainee. She is super beautifull. I look so chubby and ugly beside her >_<

 Group Picture: (L-R) Kiki, Pricill, Me, Lalaa, Yennyca

Etude Time 3!!

FOTD :) Selca with my blogger id~

Inside the goodie bag~ *sorry I forget to capture the bag*
The pink box consist:
Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream
Etude House Dear My Lips Essence
Etude House Dear My Blooming Eyes
Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base
Etude House Sweet Recipe All Over Color

Okay, that's all my report about this event. I hope you enjoy my blog post.
Wanna Be Sweet? Play Etude!


  1. hiii, thx for leaving a sweet comment in my blog :D. That looked like so much fun, drooling over you goodie bag :D!

  2. Lovely event, wish I was there *o*


    1. I hope you can have a similar event in your country <3

  3. I'm always in awe when reading about such events - I wish there would be something alike here as well =)

    1. I know your feeling~ because my hometown rarely had big event like this (this is the first event)

  4. thx u natasha uda dateng + review next time event ikutan lg yah ^-^

  5. giliran jakarta yang droolllinggggg ;) hehehehe
    seru ya event etude

  6. waw, kapan ya yang beginian nyampe Palangkaraya :')

  7. gyaaaaaa T______T seandainya aku ikut hr itu.. hiks.. pgn ktmu ma serly jg...
    dan goodie bagnya bikin mupeng sangat.. *meringkuk di pojokan*


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