Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Haul and Freebies

Hi again~
I have to catch up with so many delayed post this month *sigh*. Here I will share some new products that I got around this month. 

The Face Shop Herb Day Green Tea Cleansing Emulsion
The Face Shop Green Tea Eye Make up remover
Canmake Gradient Wink~Biscuit
The Balm Concealer
AC eyeshadow
Loujene False Eyelashes
D'eyeko False Eyelashes

Giveaway gift from Mademoiselle-Lala
I also won shopping voucher at Multiply from Ce Carnellin. and here are what I bought:
Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Treatment
Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Make Up Fixer
The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Mask
Etude House Open Your Eyes Mask Sheet
The Skin Food Shea Butter Face Mask

Gift From D'eyeko~ Cakrawala False Eyelashes from Syahrini Collection

I didn't bought many this month. Mostly my haul are from last month's pre-order. So, yeah these are my new items.. Stay tune for the review and if you have any suggestion for which one should I review first, don't hesitate to leave comment :) 

Ah.. the last thing before I end this post.. I promise you for a new giveaway when I reached 500 followers, right? I still remember it (don't worry), I still collect the prizes for you so please wait a little longer. Follow my blog and twitter for the latest news. Thank you~ 


  1. Falshie syahrini xD bulu mata cetar membahana.. wkwk
    Cc lucky pol yah tiap kali slalu dpt freebies ^^ congrats!

    1. hahaha kebetulan aja shel~ pas lagi beruntung :p

  2. I love your hauls! They're always massive and interesting :)


  3. Whoaa 500++ Followers...
    Yayy!! Can't wait for the giveaway!!

    1. hehehe thank you sekar~ I'm waiting your giveaway too :p I want the bracelet so bad :p

  4. hi!! I am also running a simple giveaway and I am inviting you to join. If ever you are willing to join, you may click and visit my blogsite here

    My First Giveaway Open International

  5. waaa, banyak freebies :) lucky girl ^_~


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