Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mask Time: Dermal Strawberry Collagen Essence Mask

Hi again! Today I will share another strawberry mask. This time it isn't handmade mask. I'm a little lazy lately so I go back to my first love~mask sheet. Today I'll review about Dermal Mask. Dermal is another Korean brand, I don't really know about this brand. But, the face mask from this brand is quite popular these days. Dermal mask has 31 varians of face mask. One of them is Strawberry Collagen Face Mask. So, let's start the mask time!

About the product:
It contains Strawberry extract which is in several kinds of organic acids and it controls excessive creation of oil in skin. Also it softens corneous part of your skin thus it keeps the skin all the more soft and bright. With its strawberry extracts and various mineral ingredients, it makes your skin relax, clear, and moistened. It includes Strawberry extract and Hydrolyzed Collagen which keeps your tired skin always healthy and elastic.

Price/Amount: I got this mask for only IDR 100, lol (very cheap, right?) I bought it directly from Korea, that's why the price is very cheap. If you bought it on local online shop, it will cost around IDR 13K-20K (price may vary) / The amount is 23 g

All dermal mask packaging are similar to each other. The difference is only the supporting color and the decoration (example green tea = green color with leave images, grape = purple color with grape images, etc). For strawberry mask the main color is white and the supporting color is red. It also has strawberry images and a girl image on its packaging. On the back of the packaging, there are product descriptions, instruction how to use, ingredients and the benefits of the mask. It is written in Korea and English, so it is easy to understand the benefit of this mask for non-korean like me.

The Mask Sheet:
The mask was made from cotton. It contains a lot of essence and it is a little sticky. Though I heard so much good review about this mask, I'm quite disappointed because the size of the mask doesn't fit properly on my face. It is a little to big for my face an it doesn't stick properly for my chin area. When the first time I opened the packaging, the strawberry scent fills my room immedietly. The scent is very refreshing and yummy~ it last quite long too.

My opinion:
Let's see the benefits from this mask:
Control Excessive Oil: Not really. Eventhough strawberry is well-known for its power to control oil, I don't found any awesome result from this mask. 

Makes skin more soft and bright: Yes. The most commonly result after face-masking is an instant bright effect, and this mask also gives that result.

Makes skin relax, clear, moistened, healthy and elastic: Yes, My skin become soft and supple after I use this mask sheet. However, I don't really see any "clear" effect because I only use this mask for 2 times.

Overall: This is an "Okay" face mask for me. Though the size isn't fit me perfectly, I love the instant result from this mask. WIth a cheap price and many varians, I think this face mask is worth to try. I still have another varians from this brand. Maybe I will review it later~ stay tune.


  1. I have two DERMAL masks and have already used one :) However, I really did not notice any significant result...


    1. Agree, It's only give an instant/temporary effect for me..

  2. I want to try this ! ^-^

  3. Hello dear, i want to try it now :)

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    1. hi, thanks for the invitation will check your blog really soon :)

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah!~ you should try this mask if you have a chance helen :)

  5. Lovely review!!

  6. Should try this real soon, it looks great :)

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