Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pieces Of Me: February 2013

Wake me up when February end~

Omg~ I'm really shocked when I checked my calendar. How come February already come to an end tomorrow? Where am I all this time? noooooo....
You maybe notice that I didn't post many review this month (unlike the previous months). I've already talked about it a little on my last post. That's because I'm very busy this month *classic reason, but hey..this is the truth* I've also mentioned it several times that around February until April are my busiest months in a year because of my profession as an accountant. 

Since last month, I decided to make a special post for my life. Instead of posted a post every day, I conclude all what happened to me in 1 month into 1 post. Last month I have quite many sad experiences and luckily it doesn't continue to this month. fiuh~~

 FOTD from Feb 9th

Earlier this month, me and my family was really excited to welcome my big sister home. My sister is working at Qatar and she only came home for vacation once in a year. Though she came home around CNY, unfortunately we can't spent time together because at that time she still at Jakarta for some business. She went home at 11th and brings me a lot of goodies~ ha5

After CNY, there is Valentine's day! the most romantic day in a year~ Unlike last year (and a year before), we (me and BF) didn't celebrated valentine's day on restaurant or private place. Because BF was very busy too, we only spent our Valentine's day at Tunjungan Plaza Mall~ wandering around and do some shopping lol.

On 15th, I was invited to joined Media Gathering by Etude House. Actually I've already knew about this news from last year, because the marketing staff already contacted me about this event. Luckily I can joined the event and I got a nice goody bag from that event~ *review coming soon*

My life after 15th was only wandering one mall to another mall. because my sis is here, she dragged me along to shopping almost everyday. I can't even count how many times I went to ciputra world's mall in 1 week. so tiring but I'm really happy because I can spent quality time with my sis :)

 FOTD From Feb 17th

I think I will stop here for now. Thanks for reading and I promise I will flood your timeline with a new review next month :) Thank you~

PS: All pictures are taken from my Instagram. If you want to follow me, my username is @laurensianatasha


  1. you look so cute with those selcas ^_~

  2. Lagi peak season ya ci? :') #simpatisesamaanakakun
    FOTD nya cantik ciii <3

  3. canttikkk Sha!! suka pic yg kedua..hihihi

  4. Nice entry, shasha! And i wanna thank u again for helping me with the questionnaire, u're so kind :D!

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