Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner

Two beauty products that I always buy over and over again are eyeliner and mascara. Though I still have plenty new eyeliner, I always buy a new one he5. This time I will talk about my latest eyeliner from Milani. When the last time has 40% sale, I managed to put my order for this cutie baby. This product has been on my wishlist since a looong time ago and finally I can have it on my hand. yay~

About the product:
Full color flow thru system that delivers & defines a perfect line in one stroke. Felt tip nib applicator is easy to use, provides precise control with no skipping or pulling.



This is pen type liquid eyeliner, so it comes with a pen packaging. Unlike the other pen eyeliner, who usually comes with a sleek and long pen packaging, this eyeliner comes with a short and fatty pen packaging. The main color is gold and to open it, I must twist the pen several times (not pull it, like the other pen eyeliner). I love the idea of the gold packaging, because it makes the product looks more luxury! and the size is just perfect for my cosmetic case.

The tip is okay for me. Not the softest tip but it is not that rough too. It doesn't hurt my eyelids and easy to use. The tip is quite thick, so when I want to make a thin line, I must draw it slowly.

Available Color: Black, Brown, and Charcoal

My color: Black. I always choose black as my eyeliner color because it is wearable and black makes my eyes looks bigger (in my opinion)

Price/Amount: $ 7.49 / 0.015 fluid ounces / 0.44 milliliters

Swatch: The color are really intense and bold. The product need to shaked well before use. I notice there are some little balls inside the packaging, because when I shake it, there are some bouncing sounds

 (Waterproof test~ I pour some water on my hand)

(Then rub it gently..and this is the result)

NOTICE: After several minutes, this eyeliner will give me a little cool sensation. At first, I'm a little shocked with this condition. I thought there is something wrong with the eyeliner *like it's already expired* But, after I do a little searching *thanks to the technology called internet connection and PC* I do found a fact that, this eyeliner actually gives me that sensation *So, it is not wrong if I experience the cool tingling sensation on my eyes after I applied it*.

Nice packaging and travel friendly
The color is really bold
Easy to use and the tip is not rough
Smudgeproof and the staying power is awesome. (I try to use this for 6 hours and it still stays perfectly on my eyelids)

Not waterproof
The tingling sensation is a little annoying sometimes
Need to shaked well before use or the color will not really bold when you apply it
The amount is quite small considering the price isn't cheap

TIPS: Keep/store the eyeliner horizontally and don't forget to shake before use


  1. I haven't tried any milani product and this look pretty nice!^_~

  2. i got this for free from a purchase! and i don't really like it :( I think I'm too used to and in love with dolly wink liquid eyeliner that everything's bad now :( haha

    1. I never tried dolly wink but I've read many good review about it he5

  3. whoaa, bajuss yaa warnany item pekat banget! + ga smudgeproof lg, :3
    thanks ci for sharing xD
    btw pake eyelinerny rapiii banget heheheh,


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