Monday, February 18, 2013

Review: *New* Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint [Sponsored]

Happy (belated) Valentine's day girls~

Sorry for the late greeting, I've been busy with my works lately (from February until April are my super busy months in a year) and also my big sister is come home for a vacation, so it is quite hectic too at my home. Anyway, today I will talk about my little pink lip tint from Etude House. I've tried some lip tint from different Korean brand, such as the famous Tony Moly lip tint (which I don't really like, because it dries super fast and somehow it's a little hard to blend) and another lip tint from The Skin Food. This is the first time I try lip tint from Etude House. So, when Bell's Etude House offered me this little lip tint, I was really happy and can't wait to try it.

About the product:
Etude HouseNew Fresh Cherry Tint : Milky smooth texture in cherry tinted colors to accentuate lips with a naturally blushed and moist look.
Amount: 9 g
Available Shades: RD301, PK001, OR201, PK002

My Shade: PK002 Hot pink

Let's see the wrapper first~ The box is in small size with soft pink color and dominated with cherry images as decorations. The box is really cute and girly. Inside the box~ the packaging is a small plastic bottle with shocking pink color and white color for the cap. I'm quite surprised with the bottle's color because I thought the lip tint's color will be similar with the bottle's color. This tint also comes with an applicator.

The color is bold milky pink for me. I hope you get what I means lol. The color is like milky pink (mixture between pink and white) but it is quite bright/bold. Well, I'm bad at describe something, see the photo to know the color~ At first the color is quite bold but after blends it on my lips, the color turns out really nice. The texture is quite watery and similar to soft jelly. It dries faster too so you better works fast when you apply this lip tint. This lip tint also has a very fragrant scent. I don't know if it smells like cherry but it's a nice scent.

Cute Bottle and also comes with an applicator.
Nice color and scent
Staying power is around 3 hours
It doesn't dry my lips
Doesn't taste very bitter after several hours
Has various color selection

Nothing :)

Price and Where to buy?
Bell's Etude House sells this Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint for IDR 75K. If you mention "Miss Belanja" you can get additional 5% discount for ready stock items.

Overall~ I really love the color and the highlight is, no bitter taste from this lip tint like my previous lip tint. Now that I've found my favourite lip tint (at this moment) I want to try the other lips product from Etude House. What do you think about this product?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience. I'm not being paid for doing this review.  


  1. sama sha, aku jg lg sibuk bgt skrg >.<
    smangat buat kitaaa..
    bagus ya ga ada rasa pahit2nya gituu..

  2. iya nih rin luar biasa sibuknya >_<
    Fighting!! <3

  3. jatuhnya natural banget d km, ga keliatan pake liptint..
    btw, jgn sibuk2 laa..jaga kesehatan! cayoo!! :D

  4. the color look so cute and lovely! suits you really well! ^_~

    1. thanks janet! you should try this product too :)

  5. Aww, kawaii review :3 the product looks very cute and nice!

  6. I never tried a liptint yet, but it looks interesting. Much more natural then lipstick or lipgloss =)

    1. yes~ if you want natural look you should try lip tint ^^

  7. wah, bagus banget Sha :) jatuhnya kayak natural di bibir kamu ^_^

    join my international giveaway

    1. hihi thank you ce <3 aku juga suka banget sama warnanya~

  8. wahh makasih ya reviewnya cc Shasha, aku lg nyari warna ini akhirnya nemu juga stlh baca postinganmu :D thankyou very muachhh!!! >..<
    I love your blog, following u now dear, klo bs visit n polbek blog q yaa xoxo

    1. thank you udah mampir dan baca :) semoga reviewku bisa membantu~
      nanti aku main2 ke blognya ^^

  9. aku pakai juga lip tint etude ini tapi yang peach. Dan baru mau coba bikin reviewnya :)
    Hasilnya memang natural..

  10. Makasih udah mampir ke blog ku..
    Just explored your blog, addict sama produk korea juga kamu ternyata ya.. Sama kalo gitu. Salam kenal aja.

    Aku juga pengen nyoba tint ini, tp masih maju mundur, penasaran juga sama milk tint nya peripera soalnya. *lirik dompet*

  11. 75K itu kalo di IDR-kan berapa yah ??

    find me here:


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