Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pieces Of Me: March 2013

The hardest post I need to write every month is this kind of post. Why? Because I don't have anything to tell lol~ Not because nothing happen to me during thi month. Of course many things happen, but it doesn't really significant and I can even categorize it as a normal things in my life. Then why I always make this kind of post? That's because I use this blog as my diary, I think I must keep write it eventhough it just a "plain" post. I make this post, not because I want to make this blog looks "Alive" by posting a new post, but because I want to keep these memories with me. A month later, a year later, even after 5 years from now, if I looked back to this post, I can still remember these memories. That is my goal :)

PS: If you don't wish to read this boring post, you can skip it now before it's too late :p

14th March, I tried the famous Hakata Ikkousha Ramen for the first time yay! Okay, maybe I sounds to "Kampungan" but I never tried it before and I heard many good comments about the taste. My opinion? I think it just a normal ramen. It is delicious but I think it just a "normal delicious" for me. Nothing special.

16th March, my great great grandfather was passed away. I never meet him in person because he live at different city, but I always heard his story from my mom since I was little. May he rest in peace.

17th March, I changed my blog's layout. I have a new face for my lovely blog and I really like how it looks now. If you want to read my complete post about this, you can click here.

26th March, Heard a very good news from BF! yay~ I will have a vacation on June~ lalala can't wait :D 

28th March, 2 years and I still survive! yay! Today is my 2nd year since I've started working in my current office :)

30th March, one of my bestfriends engage with her fiancee. I'm really happy for her! I wish she can have a happy family and lived happily ever after.

btw, I also have a new hair after yearssss hahahaha.. Welcome short hair :D

31st March, Happy Easter Day!

all pictures taken from my instagram~ follow me if you have one :)

Have a nice day and see you again very soon~

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review: The Skin Food Red Orange Jelly BB

Hi girls~ I want to share an unique BB Cream for all of you. This time I will talk about The Skinfood Red Orange Jelly BB. I don't purchased the full size of this BB cream, I only bought the sample version. At first I only got 2 samples but after that I purchased another 10. This is the first time I try a jelly BB cream. It is quite interesting to try something new, and you know I have an endless love for BB cream, so I'm really excited to try this BB Cream.

About the product:
Skinfood Red Orange Jelly BB Cream is a flexible jelly pudding BB Cream. It contains moisture-rich revitalizing ingredients from orange to keep your skin ultra moisturized and to create hydrated and jelly-like resilient skin with a smooth finish. Orange have a natural mild bleaching property that helps reduce the appearance of sunburn, blemishes, and dark spots. It also acts as a gentle astringent that helps relieve acne-prone skin.

The sample version comes with a little plastic container. It is slightly different with the usual BB cream samples packaging (usually it comes with sachet packaging), because the texture is jelly. The main color is orange and has orange slices as decoration. The packaging is small and can be sealed again after I opened it (don't open to many if you want to sealed it again). It contains quite many product and can be used for 2-3 times.

Available Shades: #1 Light Beige, #2 Natural Beige
My Shade: #1 Light Beige

It has a jelly texture. Chewy, soft and bouncy. This is the first time I touch something bouncy for a cosmetic. It is easy to spreads on my face and it has a nice orange fragrant. The scent is quite strong at first, especially when the first time I opened the packaging, but after several minutes it will slowly reduce.

This BB Cream has 2 different shades: Light beige and Natural beige. My shade is light beige. It has slightly yellow undertone and gives me an instant bright effect after I spread it on my face. The coverage is light to medium. Compared with my last BB cream (Baviphat Magic Girls BB cream), this BB cream has more coverage. But, you still need concealer if you want a perfect coverage. The finish result is matte, which makes me happy because I have an oily skin. It is moisturise enough and makes my skin feels so smooth after I applied it. As for the oil control, after 3,5 hours my T-zone feels greasy and I need to use oil control film to reduce it.

Unique texture and nice scent
Matte finish
Brighten my face and make it feels so smooth
Provides light to medium coverage
Contains SPF 20/ PA++
Oil control is around 3,5-4 hours.
So far it doesn't makes me breakout

The full size is on jar packaging. I don't really like jar packaging because it isn't really hygienic.
The scent can be consider too strong for some people.

What do you think about this Jelly BB? Have you tried it? I also have another pudding/jelly Bb cream samples from another brand. I will write a review about it later and maybe I will do some comparison about it. Please stay tune for the next blogpost. Thank you~

Friday, March 22, 2013

EOTD/FOTD: RPP look! ♥

Hi girls~
Today's topic isn't about beauty review but more about my pictures spamming. lol. I'm a little bored with so many beauty review that I need to make, so I decide to take a break a while. Like I promised (to myself) earlier this year, that I will make more EOTD post this year. Today I will share you some pictures of my EOTD/FOTD. Again, I tell you that I'm very very very amateur when it comes to eyeshadow. So, sorry if the result is messy >_<

I played with soft purple and soft pink color as a base. Though all you can see is soft purple color, I did use the pink color but unfortunately I didn't really noticeable. After that I apply a little red color and voila here are the result~

Also, I use my new falsies from Loujenne (from Japan). You maybe already saw this on my haul post. I always want to try this kind of falsies and after I have a chance to try it, I'm very happy because it looks good on me (my personal opinion hehehe).

So, what do you think about this look? Don't hesitate to leave comment on my blog because it really helps me to improve :)
See you on next post~

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: California Baby Hair De-Tangler [Sponsored]

Hello~ have you joined my latest giveaway? If you're not, you can still join now~ I'll accept the entries until 31st March~

Today I will share my opinion about a product from California Baby. I've mentione a short story about this brand on my giveaway post. But, I will share it again here~ California Baby is a brand from USA  they provide various products from skin care, hair care, body care, sun care, etc. Recently, they expand their market into Indonesia. You can check their website to read information about this brand.

Now I will move into the review. California Baby kindly sent me a product to try. They sent me a hair care product called Hair De-Tangler. Judging from the name, I think this product will help to make my tangled hair  become "tame" hahaha...

About the product:
Herbal emollients and light, fresh aromatherapy essential oils work together to detangle and soften hair. Natural sunscreens of willow and pansy protect baby's hair from the harmful rays of the sun. No-tears formula.

Benefits & Features:
Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients
May be used on wet or dry hair
No tears, non-irritating, and no numbing agents
Non-sticky formula
Does not attract dirt or dust to hair
Use in combination with our hair conditioner for extra curly or difficult hair
Leaves hair lightly scented

For Grownups:
Helps to reduce split end damage caused by combing or brushing, and safe for chemically-treated hair.

The packaging is a fat plastic bottle with spray applicator. Surprisingly the bottle doesn't has any cap. To use it, I need to twist the spray 1 time and it is ready to use. I think the ide about "no cap" is quite unique and useful for me. I often lose my bottle cap when I was in hurry lol. But, if you want to travelling I suggest you pour this product into a small bottle with cap. Because, eventhough it is very secure as long you don't twist the applicator, I still hesitate to bring this in my bag. I'm afraid it will leak because of turbulance when I was travelling.

Water, Hydrolyzed quinoa protein, calendula officinalis flower exctract (calendula) [certificated organic], viola tricolor extract (pansy) [certificated organic] ,yucca schidigera extract (yucca), lecithin (sourced from safflower oil), pure essential oils of lavandula angustifolia (French Lavender) and salvia sclarea (clary sage), phytic acid (rice origin), gluconolactone (sourced from corn) and sodium benzoate.

I was like "wow" when the first time I saw the ingredients list. There are many good ingredients and mostly are from flowers. No wonder they said it is really safe even for baby.

Price/Amount: IDR 156k / 251 ml (8,05 Oz)

My opinion:
Rather than called this hair mist, I prefer to called this product liquid conditioner, because it works like a conditioner for me. I use this product on my wet and dry hair. On wet hair, I spray this mist after I tpwel dry my hair then let it dry naturally. As for the dry hair, usually I spray this mist before I use my hair straightening iron.

About the benefits~ I think all the product's claims are true. I like the smell of this mist. It has a nice peppermint scent that makes me feel fresh and cool after I sprayed it on my hair. It is also not sticky and doesn't make my hair feels greasy eventhough I use it twice a day.

The effect after I use this hair mist? It makes my hair soft and easy to comb~ like the effect after I use conditioner. That's why I like to called this "liquid conditioner". For a person with thick hair like me, it is not rare to have "a bad hair day" in the morning. My hair often tangled and hard to comb when I wake up in the morning, for those problems finally I found the cure~ spray this mist and voila.. my hair become soft and easy to comb. No more tangle hair <3

Huge packaging with spray applicator
Contains many good ingredients
Makes my hair soft and easy to comb
Nice peppermint scent

Quite pricey for a hair mist, but the ingredients are really good, I think that's the reason for the high price.

If you interested to buy California Baby's products you can go to:

The good news for my readers: Mention "LOVE10" for additional 10% disc

PS: Don't forget to join my giveaway. 
Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience. I'm not being paid for doing this review.  

Monday, March 18, 2013

New Face!

Do you notice something different with my blog?
I've changed my blog design! yay~
I've already talked about this news at my twitter since last week, 
and now I'm proudly presnt you my new layout!
So, here is a little story about my new layout. 
Basicly I didn't changed much, I just use my old layout but with new header and button.
Don't you think my new header and buttons are cute?

The girl behind those cute illustrations is my friend, Idelia.
She is very talented and kind~
I'm very satisfied with the result!
ah, I also have a new watermark and signature sign~ 
it is a "mini-me" with a lot of shopping bag hihi so cute <3

If you interested to have a cute header or buttons like mine, you can contact Idelia via BBM (28918BDC) or if you want to see her portofolio, you can go to her Instagram

and another information... The rumour about GFC will be gone *soon* is here again *sigh*
I think it is around June or July, the GFC will no longer available *well, I hope that's not true*
but, to prevent that, I wish you can follow my blog through Bloglovin or twitter.
Just click these cute icons bellow, and click the follow button :)

Don't you want to click those cute icons? *wink2* lol
anyway, that's all my information for this time.
Thanks for reading and see you soon~

Friday, March 15, 2013

Review: The Face Shop Clean Face Oil-Free Control Essence

Hi girls~ 
I have this product since quite a while but I always forgot to review it. Lately I'm more into makeup rather than skincare because I rarely change my skincare product. I have an acne-prone skin and sometimes when I try new skincare product it will makes me break out crazily. This is one of my favourite skincare, because it is suitable for oily skin like me. I've already review the suncream from this line (you can check it here). This time I will talk about the essence.

Clean face oil-free control essence is a new and improved formula engineered for those with oily or problem skin. As with all items in the clean face oil-free control line, the cream helps you get a better handle on sebum secretion. Great for those with combination or oily skin.


Price/Amount: IDR 90k / 40 ml

How to use:
After lotion, apply an ample amount over the face. Gently tap until fully absorbed

The packaging is quite elegant for me. It comes with a bottle made from glass. It also has a pump so I can control the amount of the product that I want to use. The color is soft brown and dark brown for the pump. However I have a little complaint for the cap. The cap is made from plastic and somehow it looks ugly if you look the whole packaging (why can't they made it from glass too instead of cheap plastic??) Because the bottle was made from glass, I don't think it is a good idea to bring this product during travelling. It might be broken or cracked when you store it in your bag.

The texture is light cream with white color. It is absorb quickly and makes my skin become super smooth. It has a fresh lemon fragrant and it is quite strong. It really helps to control my excess oil. After I applied it, I can feel my skin become matte and it continue until the next day. I usually use it on night before I go to sleep and I notice that my face become less oily in the morning (compared with if I don't use this product).

It has a nice Scent
It helps to control my excess oil
Contains tea tree oil so it also helps to reduce my acne (not really significant, but I can see my skin condition become better. But, I also combine it with another products from another brand)
Elegant packaging (except for the cap lol)
Quite affordable
Absorb quickly and not sticky at all

I have nothing to say :)

If you have oily or combination skin, I suggest you try this product. It is really help to control the excess oil and leave your skin smooth for quite long time.

PS: It can be used for as a primer too~ Sometimes, I used it before my makeup and it works really great to make my makeup stays longer on my face.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Review: It's Skin Baby Face Petit Blusher [Sponsored]

Good Morning~ To start this beautiful monday, I will share some cute pictures for you ^^ If you following me on Instagram, maybe you already saw my picture with this baby. Recently, I got a new blusher from It's Skin brand. For those who don't know, It's Skin is one of Korean brand. Their "Baby Face" line quite famous these days. And today, I will review one of their item. My blush called It's Skin Baby Face Petit Blusher. 

About the product:
Creates fluffy and colorful skin tone.
Soft Touch
Maintains clear makeup without perpiration and sebum for a long time



Like you can see, this blush has a very cute packaging. The most eye catching are the wings on the left and right of the packaging. Unfortunately it is only the outer packaging. When I remove the plastic wrapper, the wings are disappear too. The packaging is made from plastic and the shape is round. The cap was decorated with hair, eyes, mouth and cheek (the color of the cheeks are different depend on the shade) like a newborn baby. Super cute!

Inside the pact, there is a little ribbon puff. I think this puff is useless because it is very very very small and hard to use. I do recommend you to use blush brush to apply it rather than the puff. But, because the puff is cute, I will forgive it for now~ lol.

Available Shades:

My Shade: #3 Rose

Price / Amount: IDR 90K / 5,5 g

Swatch and texture:
The powder was embossed with the baby's face too~ seriously super cuteee.. They emboss it quite deep, so after several used, I still can see the baby's face. The color is mixture between pink and red color. It has a soft shimmer which doesn't really appear on my skin. The pigmentation is quite good and this blusher doesn't have powdery texture. So, I'm not wasted so many products when I swipe the blush.

Good pigmentation and nice color
Cute and simple packaging
Contains soft shimmer 

The puff isn't really useful
The size is quite small

I'll admit that I fell for it's packaging at the first time. But, after I tried it personally, I really like this blush. I like the color and the texture. If you looking for something cute but useful, you need to buy this blush.

You can get It's Skin Products (and another Korean Brand) at Beautybar2010. Mention "Miss Belanja" to get additional 10% disc with minimum purchase IDR 200k for all items.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience. I'm not being paid for doing this review.  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

California Baby Giveaway!

Hi girls~
Like I've mentioned before on my twitter, I will have 2 new giveaway. At first I want to celebrate my 500++ followers by having a personal giveaway (I bought the prizes by myself). But, few days ago, I was contacted by Ms.Katherine from California Baby and she offered to sponsored a giveaway on my blog! yay~ So, I need to postpone my giveaway until next month, and now I'm proudly present California Baby's Giveaway!

For those who still not aware about this brand, let me talk a little about this brand~

California Baby is the nation's leading natural skin care line for babies, kids, and adults. Califronia Baby focuses exclusively on products suitable for infants, although all of the products are suitable for anyone with sensitive skin. The company markets products for sun protection, diaper care, hair and body, bug spray and massage oils. Additionally, it also has a line of aromatherapy oils specifically for children, as well as accessories for bath time.

With mounting concerns over exposing children to chemicals and synthetic ingredients and fragrances, California Baby stands out among those who make personal care products for kids. California Baby pledges to create natural products that consider your family as well as the environment in their production. All products are proudly made in the USA in FDA registered and certified organic solar powered facility. All products are allergy tested and free of peanuts, soy, or dairy. No animal testing.

Be happy readers~ California Baby is here~ in Indonesia!
Visit their webpage: California Baby
Twitter: CA_BabyID

Interested to try their product? I have 2 California Baby Sunscreen Stick for 2 lucky winners. You can join the giveaway at the end of this post. BUT, please read all the rules first~

Eligibility: Open to Indonesia Residents Only

Prizes: 2 California Baby Sunscreen Stick for 2 Winners. The first winner will choose the varian first then the second winner will get the other.

 (Please use this picture for your sidebar and blog post)

Open Until: End of March

1. The first 5 options on Rafflecopter are MANDATORY entries. You MUST fulfill all those options or your entries not valid.
2. Don't Cheat~ 
3. Winners are choose randomly.

Good Luck to all the participants~

Beauty Treats Indonesia

Do you know about beauty box?

Beauty box is a beautiful and decorated box consist with some beauty products samples. For International beauty bloggers, maybe beauty box isn't a new thing for them. But, for Indonesian Beauty Blogger, it's still a new things.

A beauty box service is an e-commerce business where subscribers pay to receive attractively decorated boxes filled with a personalized and curated mix of sample cosmetics and beauty products on a regular basis. The contents of the boxes are a surprise to consumers. These boxes are also a channel for beauty brands to distribute and market their products and receive market insights and feedback from subscribers.

I always want to try a beauty box, but I have problem with the payment and shipping fee if I subscribe to international beauty box (I guess many of you have the same problem like me). But, recently I heard a good news~ The first Indonesia Beauty Box is hereeee~ yes yes..

Introducing you to Beauty Treats Indonesia! The first beauty box in Indonesia~ Beauty Treats Indonesia was founded by Rebecca (Indonesian / Dutch Singer and Model). Beauty Treats Indonesia provides 5-7 samples each month is a fantastic and visually amazing box.

 You need to register first to get your beauty box :)

How much is the price? No need to worry~ for 1 Month subscription you only need IDR 95K~ quite affordable I think. I've already subscribed my first box this morning. If you want to get yours too, you can go to Beauty Treats Indonesia~

Stay Beauty Ladies~

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review: Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Pact [Sponsored]

Hi girls~ I'm back with a new review. I've been eyeing this product since last year. You know why I want this product so bad? That's because the name~ Oil Queen! I think it suppose to works good for oily skin people like me. Back on February, I was contacted to endorsed products from one of trusted online shop in Indonesia. The owner was very kind and sent me this product to review. I was really happy because finally I can try this baby~

About The Product:
Sebum control pact that controls overflow of sebum and changes the skin from an oily skin to a soft skin.  Provide clear looking skin with no mineral oil, no paraben, no talc, no vaseline, and no ethanol.


My first impression about the packaging is very cute~ The front box was decorated with a cute cloud and the main colors are soft blue, white, and slightly orange color. The cloud is seriously too cute to resist. She even wink to me~ lalalala. When I opened the box, I discovered a little round pact with white color. The baby cloud is still there and wink at me again *lol* The pact was made from plastic, it is quite sturdy and the size fit perfectly in my make up case. Not to big but also not to small. The puff and mirror are included inside this pact. There is a plastic separator between the puff and the powder. The puff isn't my favourite, it is small and hard to use especially if you have a big hand and long fingers like me. I prefer to use brush to apply this powder.

Price / Amount: IDR 128K / 8,5 g

Cotton0,5% exctract, Iceland Glacial Milk, Green tea extract, Calamine  

Swatch, Texture, Oil Control, etc:
When I opened this compact, I was really surprise because the little cloud is still there~ the powder was embossed with the little clouds. However, it disappear quickly after the first use *too bad they didn't embossed it until the bottom of the powder*. Another surprise for me is the powder itself. Unlike the other compact powder, this powder is in white color (this is the first time I have a white compact powder)~ I try to swatched it on my hand but it is hard to capture the color. I hope you can still see the color.

At first, I use this powder with its puff after I apply my BB Cream. But, I found out my face become very white and somehow looks like a ghost lol. This powder give me an instant matte effect and brighter effect. I also really like the fact that the matte effect last until 3 hours after I applied it. After my first experience, I changed my method. This time after I applied my BB Cream, I apply a loose powder (natural beige) then I use my powder brush to apply this powder all over my face. The result? Amazing~ It looks more natural on my face and not as pale as the first one. 

For the coverage, surprisingly this pact offers a nice coverage for me. I thought it wouldn't give me any coverage because the color is white ha5. It covers my large pores quite well but doesn't really cover acne scar or vig pimples (still need help from concealer). I think this compact is more suitable for those who already have a flawless skin. Or... you can try my method to use this powder as a final touch (so, you use another powder with heavy coverage then apply this powder on top of it). Furthermore, this pact also has  SPF 30 / PA ++ ~ Yay to sun protection!

For the oil control~ Like I've mentioned before, this pact offer me a nice oil control. It maintains my matte skin until 3-4 hours. For me, it is quite good result and I don't mind to re-apply this powder. Because the size is small, I can easily take it with me anywhere.

Use this powder as a final touch and don't apply to many powder.
I suggest to use powder brush to apply this powder
For combination skin~ you can try to apply this powder around you T-Zone to control your excess oil

This compact really suitable for people with oily skin because it offers a great matte finish
The oil control also works good for at least 3-4 hours
Offers a good sun protection (SPF 30 / PA++)
small size, sturdy packaging, and easy to bring
Cute packaging :D
It doesn't contain mineral oil, paraben, talc, vaseline, and ethanol
Affordable and can be found easily because this brand is quite popular these days. Many local online shop already provide a pre-order system for this brand

If I use it too many, I will ended look like a ghost and it also make my skin super dry
The puff isn't really useful for me, I prefer to use brush to apply this powder
I don't think this powder will suitable for people with dark skin (If you have a dark skin and still want to try this powder, you can try my tips above)
Need to re-apply after several hours

Overall~ I like this compact powder. I also have another product from this line, please wait my next review about it. For now, If you want to try this product, you can visit BeautyBar2010

They sell various brand from Korea. They have pre-order system and ready stock too. If you mention "Miss Belanja" you can get additional 10% disc with minimum purchased IDR 200k.  

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience. I'm not being paid for doing this review.  
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