Saturday, March 9, 2013

Beauty Treats Indonesia

Do you know about beauty box?

Beauty box is a beautiful and decorated box consist with some beauty products samples. For International beauty bloggers, maybe beauty box isn't a new thing for them. But, for Indonesian Beauty Blogger, it's still a new things.

A beauty box service is an e-commerce business where subscribers pay to receive attractively decorated boxes filled with a personalized and curated mix of sample cosmetics and beauty products on a regular basis. The contents of the boxes are a surprise to consumers. These boxes are also a channel for beauty brands to distribute and market their products and receive market insights and feedback from subscribers.

I always want to try a beauty box, but I have problem with the payment and shipping fee if I subscribe to international beauty box (I guess many of you have the same problem like me). But, recently I heard a good news~ The first Indonesia Beauty Box is hereeee~ yes yes..

Introducing you to Beauty Treats Indonesia! The first beauty box in Indonesia~ Beauty Treats Indonesia was founded by Rebecca (Indonesian / Dutch Singer and Model). Beauty Treats Indonesia provides 5-7 samples each month is a fantastic and visually amazing box.

 You need to register first to get your beauty box :)

How much is the price? No need to worry~ for 1 Month subscription you only need IDR 95K~ quite affordable I think. I've already subscribed my first box this morning. If you want to get yours too, you can go to Beauty Treats Indonesia~

Stay Beauty Ladies~


  1. I've just subscribe too!!! So excited! Shasha ngambil yg brp bulan?

    1. aku ngambil yang 1 bulan dulu hehehe nanti kalo cocok ambil lebih panjang lagi ^^

  2. Hi sha, baca postingan km aku jadi tertarik buat subscribe juga.. :p

    slm kenal dari malang, pls follow me back^^

  3. wah tertarik banget buat ikutan subscribe! thanks for sharing ci shasha :D


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