Saturday, March 9, 2013

California Baby Giveaway!

Hi girls~
Like I've mentioned before on my twitter, I will have 2 new giveaway. At first I want to celebrate my 500++ followers by having a personal giveaway (I bought the prizes by myself). But, few days ago, I was contacted by Ms.Katherine from California Baby and she offered to sponsored a giveaway on my blog! yay~ So, I need to postpone my giveaway until next month, and now I'm proudly present California Baby's Giveaway!

For those who still not aware about this brand, let me talk a little about this brand~

California Baby is the nation's leading natural skin care line for babies, kids, and adults. Califronia Baby focuses exclusively on products suitable for infants, although all of the products are suitable for anyone with sensitive skin. The company markets products for sun protection, diaper care, hair and body, bug spray and massage oils. Additionally, it also has a line of aromatherapy oils specifically for children, as well as accessories for bath time.

With mounting concerns over exposing children to chemicals and synthetic ingredients and fragrances, California Baby stands out among those who make personal care products for kids. California Baby pledges to create natural products that consider your family as well as the environment in their production. All products are proudly made in the USA in FDA registered and certified organic solar powered facility. All products are allergy tested and free of peanuts, soy, or dairy. No animal testing.

Be happy readers~ California Baby is here~ in Indonesia!
Visit their webpage: California Baby
Twitter: CA_BabyID

Interested to try their product? I have 2 California Baby Sunscreen Stick for 2 lucky winners. You can join the giveaway at the end of this post. BUT, please read all the rules first~

Eligibility: Open to Indonesia Residents Only

Prizes: 2 California Baby Sunscreen Stick for 2 Winners. The first winner will choose the varian first then the second winner will get the other.

 (Please use this picture for your sidebar and blog post)

Open Until: End of March

1. The first 5 options on Rafflecopter are MANDATORY entries. You MUST fulfill all those options or your entries not valid.
2. Don't Cheat~ 
3. Winners are choose randomly.

Good Luck to all the participants~


  1. hello, shasha :D

    i'd like a chance to try any of California Baby sunscreen.. not for me, but for my best friend's children.. she has 2 adorable kids and she understands how bad the UVA & UVB for skin, especially for baby's sensitive skin.. she has been looking a good sunscreen (she lives not too far from the beach too)

    so wish me luck coz if i win, the California Baby Sunscreen Stick is for them ;)

    thanks for the giveaway :*

  2. hi ^^
    I'd like to try the bubble bath since it seems fun to take a bath with those bubbles lol XD the baby suncreen stick seems good too! :)

    thanks for this giveaway :)

  3. Hi! Sha...
    sebenernya aku ga ngeh sama brand California baby, tp setelah aku buka web nya baru ngeh kalau produk ini ga cuma bisa dipakai baby saja, ternyata bisa di pakai untuk semua kalangan..berhubung aku sudah punya baby dan suka banget ajak baby ku jalan2 aku butuh banget suncreen yang aman di pakai untuk baby.. aku tertarik banget untuk beli paket eco travelernya..hahaa ngirit sih, banyak varian..kayangnya produk ini bagus banget untuk kulit, aman gitu bahasanya hehehee
    semoga aku bisa menang di giveaway ini..produknya wajib untuk di cobain! wish me luck!!
    thanks Sha :)

  4. hei,,
    i'd like to try California Baby sunscreen coz i have sensitive skin
    thanks :)

  5. i'd like to try California Baby® No Fragrance SPF 30+ Sunscreen Stick because it look so practical, sometimes im just too lazy to put any sunscreen >.<

  6. Hello Shasha,

    Sekitar 3 minggu belakangan ini aku baca beberapa review California Baby yang hasilnya memuaskan. Aku sendiri belum pernah mencobanya. Aku sendiri ingin coba Sunscreen Stick yang Super Sensitive. Karena aku memakai hijab jadi yang ingin aku coba ya sunscreen untuk wajah ku ini.

    Terima kasih. Wish me luck :D

  7. Cece... Ikutan :-) wish me luck :-)
    Aq ngidam ca baby summer blend spf 30+ sunscreen krna lg butuh bnget cr subscreen yg g bikin aq purging dan water resistant krna aq mudah berkeringat.

  8. Ikutan yaa :)
    I wanna try California Baby® No Fragrance SPF 30+ Sunscreen
    SPF nya gede banget cocok buat kalau pergi2 keluar rumah kena panas ^.^
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!
    Wish me luck ^.^

  9. Hi sha,

    Jujur aja aku baru tau banget brand California Baby ini sekitar sebulan yg lalu gara2 lht reviewnya di bblogger. Berhubung brand ini baru banget jadi banyak banget yang aku pengen coba. LOL. Tapi buat sekarang aku pengen bngt nyobain Californian Baby Sunscreen everyday/year round aromatherapy coz aku suka bngt sama bau-bauan aromatherapy dan yang paling penting mupeng banget nyobain sunscreen berbentuk stick.

    Semoga menang... ^^

  10. California Baby® No Fragrance SPF 30+ Sunscreen Stick karena praktis dan gampang dibawa kemana2 :D

  11. join bebii <3
    twitter name yumimakimura
    fb margaret yennyca
    i'd like to try no fragrance product, if lucky goes to me laaa~ XD XD

    ciayo buat GA nyaa <3

  12. aku mau coba 2oz California Baby® Aloe Vera Cream, karena kulit aku tuh kering, dan sering main bola gitu jadi suka belang
    aku juga mau California Baby Sunscreen Stick sama alesannya kaya di atas kegiatan aku banyak yang diluar ruangan jadi butuh banget perlindungan untuk kulitku
    makasih ci uda bikin giveaway, pas banget lagi butuh, wish me luck deh~

  13. I'd like to try this California Baby Sunscreen Stick, because I really need a non-chemical & fragrance sunscreen like this product for my sensitive skin ^^
    Thanks for the giveaway ce <3

  14. I'd love to try the product you're giving away. My skin is sometimes dry, sometimes normal. I'm quite fair compared to other Indonesians and I get sunburnt quiet easy. The reason why other than my skin tone is because that I never wear sunscreen. I don't really like them because they're sticky. But since this is a sunscreen stick, I figure that it won't be as sticky as normal liquid sunscreens.

    Kulitku belang karena kebanyakan aku pakai lengan pendek, dan juga aku suka berenang tapi ga pake sunscreen. Alhasil belang deh punggungku. Hopefully, I win the giveaway so this won't be a problem anymore x)

  15. Hallo ce^^
    aku pgn coba 4.5oz California Baby® Super Sensitive Massage Oil. dari descriptionnya menarik untuk dicoba...

    thank youu

  16. Hi Shasha, thanks for lovely giveaway btw :)
    Aku suka 2.9oz California Baby® No Fragrance SPF 30+ Sunscreen soalnya sunscreen ini cocok buat kulit aku yang sensitif, aman di kulit dan fragrance free. :)

  17. Ternyata produk California Baby gak cuma buat bayi aja ya. Aku pengen banget California Baby® Eyeryday Year-Around SPF 30+ Sunscreen stick karena sangat praktis di aplikasikan dan mudah di bawa treaveling karena gak akan tumpah. Selain itu PABA free pasti aman bua siapapun termasuk baby. .
    Wish me luck ^^

  18. Sha,, makasi udah ngadain giveaways ini.
    So lovely with California Baby :)
    Wish me luck to be one who receive this suncream ^^
    Thanks a lot yeah and I will introduce myself.
    I'm not a beauty blogger but I very interested with IBB. Nowadays I'm just blog walking and be a stalker in some beauty blog such as your blog, sharon blog, phanie blog others.
    I have two blog but I still afraid to posting about make up or skin care. Wish me luck if one day I can be the one like you^^

  19. Hai Shaa, pengn nyobain bug repelent nya deh. Hahahaha. Kalo sunscreen, kayaknya kurang water resistant deh, abis kan itu sebenernya produk buat baby, kalo dipake panas-panasan buat marathon mah kayaknya kurang nampol. :p Malah penasaran sama bug repelent, soalnya biasanya obat nyamuk gitu baunya agak2 wangi yang annoying. Mungkin yang satu ini beda. :D

  20. thx you for this giveaway :D

    aku pengen nyoba 2.9oz California Baby® No Fragrance SPF 30+ Sunscreen soalnya aku sering banget ada kegiatan outdoor, dan butuh sunscreen buat ngelindungin kulit aku, dan aku rasa 2.9oz California Baby® No Fragrance SPF 30+ Sunscreen pas buat aku, SPF nya cukup tinggi dan no fragrance for my sensitive skin, supa like it :D

  21. Hi Shasha, nice to know you :)
    My favourite product is California Baby® Calming Basics Tote
    I want to try that product because as it named 'calming basics' for newbie I guess this product is nice to trial :)

  22. hi, I love 4.5oz California Baby, Super Sensitive Massage Oil. Massege adik bayi lebih enak pakai produk California Baby.

  23. Hi :)
    My favourite product is 4.5oz California Baby® Super Sensitive SPF 18 Sunscreen. I think this one suits my two-year-old brother :D
    wish me luck xx


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