Friday, March 22, 2013

EOTD/FOTD: RPP look! ♥

Hi girls~
Today's topic isn't about beauty review but more about my pictures spamming. lol. I'm a little bored with so many beauty review that I need to make, so I decide to take a break a while. Like I promised (to myself) earlier this year, that I will make more EOTD post this year. Today I will share you some pictures of my EOTD/FOTD. Again, I tell you that I'm very very very amateur when it comes to eyeshadow. So, sorry if the result is messy >_<

I played with soft purple and soft pink color as a base. Though all you can see is soft purple color, I did use the pink color but unfortunately I didn't really noticeable. After that I apply a little red color and voila here are the result~

Also, I use my new falsies from Loujenne (from Japan). You maybe already saw this on my haul post. I always want to try this kind of falsies and after I have a chance to try it, I'm very happy because it looks good on me (my personal opinion hehehe).

So, what do you think about this look? Don't hesitate to leave comment on my blog because it really helps me to improve :)
See you on next post~


  1. ini kah hasil make up semangka :) wkwkkk baca twitter ngakak sendiri hehehee

    1. hahahaha bukan ce..yg semangka masih belum buat lol ini hasil iseng2 minggu lalu :p

    2. oo, maap salah nebak hehehee...ditunggu ah postingan make up semangkanya ^_~

  2. waa... cakep make up matanya :)
    pink and lovely, cocok tu kalau dipakai kencan

  3. cantik <3 suka deh sama tampilan baru blog kamu :)


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