Monday, March 18, 2013

New Face!

Do you notice something different with my blog?
I've changed my blog design! yay~
I've already talked about this news at my twitter since last week, 
and now I'm proudly presnt you my new layout!
So, here is a little story about my new layout. 
Basicly I didn't changed much, I just use my old layout but with new header and button.
Don't you think my new header and buttons are cute?

The girl behind those cute illustrations is my friend, Idelia.
She is very talented and kind~
I'm very satisfied with the result!
ah, I also have a new watermark and signature sign~ 
it is a "mini-me" with a lot of shopping bag hihi so cute <3

If you interested to have a cute header or buttons like mine, you can contact Idelia via BBM (28918BDC) or if you want to see her portofolio, you can go to her Instagram

and another information... The rumour about GFC will be gone *soon* is here again *sigh*
I think it is around June or July, the GFC will no longer available *well, I hope that's not true*
but, to prevent that, I wish you can follow my blog through Bloglovin or twitter.
Just click these cute icons bellow, and click the follow button :)

Don't you want to click those cute icons? *wink2* lol
anyway, that's all my information for this time.
Thanks for reading and see you soon~


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