Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pieces Of Me: March 2013

The hardest post I need to write every month is this kind of post. Why? Because I don't have anything to tell lol~ Not because nothing happen to me during thi month. Of course many things happen, but it doesn't really significant and I can even categorize it as a normal things in my life. Then why I always make this kind of post? That's because I use this blog as my diary, I think I must keep write it eventhough it just a "plain" post. I make this post, not because I want to make this blog looks "Alive" by posting a new post, but because I want to keep these memories with me. A month later, a year later, even after 5 years from now, if I looked back to this post, I can still remember these memories. That is my goal :)

PS: If you don't wish to read this boring post, you can skip it now before it's too late :p

14th March, I tried the famous Hakata Ikkousha Ramen for the first time yay! Okay, maybe I sounds to "Kampungan" but I never tried it before and I heard many good comments about the taste. My opinion? I think it just a normal ramen. It is delicious but I think it just a "normal delicious" for me. Nothing special.

16th March, my great great grandfather was passed away. I never meet him in person because he live at different city, but I always heard his story from my mom since I was little. May he rest in peace.

17th March, I changed my blog's layout. I have a new face for my lovely blog and I really like how it looks now. If you want to read my complete post about this, you can click here.

26th March, Heard a very good news from BF! yay~ I will have a vacation on June~ lalala can't wait :D 

28th March, 2 years and I still survive! yay! Today is my 2nd year since I've started working in my current office :)

30th March, one of my bestfriends engage with her fiancee. I'm really happy for her! I wish she can have a happy family and lived happily ever after.

btw, I also have a new hair after yearssss hahahaha.. Welcome short hair :D

31st March, Happy Easter Day!

all pictures taken from my instagram~ follow me if you have one :)

Have a nice day and see you again very soon~


  1. rambut barunya cakep <3
    happy passover ya, selamat paskah ^^ Tuhan berkati~~~ amen!

  2. wah nice haircute, cute~
    ew... aku malahan belum pernah coba yang namanya ramen.. (kamseupay banget (?) hihihi~

  3. Hakataaaaa, sampe detik ini blom coba Sha, haduh makin ngiler liat postinganmu :)

  4. I love your new layout! so cute and pretty ^_~


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