Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: Baviphat Magic Girls BB Cream #1 Fresh For Oily Skin

It's been a while since I wrote a BB Cream review. BB Cream is one of my must have item. I can't leave my house without BB Cream on my face he5~ Today I will talk about BB Cream from Baviphat. It is called Baviphat Magic Girls BB Cream. Baviphat is one of korean brand *I wonder how many cosmetics brand are there in Korea~* I got this BB cream from charity sales on Facebook 3 months ago. I've been wanting to try this varian since a long time ago. They have miniature size for this BB Cream. But, everytime I put my order for this miniature, the seller told me that it is out of stock (I've tried to order it twice on different seller). So, I guess it's kinda hard to get this BB Cream~ *the miniature one*

I love to try sample version of BB Cream, because I don't want to take a risk buy the full version and ended regret it because it doesn't suits with my skin.

About the product:
A triple-acting formula, this BB Cream can be used as a makeup base and foundation while concealing blemishes for a flawless look. Select mattifying ingredients control sebum production to reduce shine and keep skin fresh. Squeeze out a pea-sized amount of BB Cream and then evenly spread all over face. Apply powder or foundation on top of BB Cream for flawless finish.

Available Shades: #1 Fresh for oily skin and #2 Moisturizing for dry skin
My shade: #1 Fresh for oily skin

Packaging: Because this is a miniature, it comes with a small tube packaging made from plastic. The main color is brown and it has a green sticker on it. The decoration is a vintage girl picture. The miniature packaging is the same with the full product packaging.

The consistency is not really thick but also not to watery. I can blend it easily and the color match with my skin tone perfectly. It doesn't really covers my blemishes because the coverage is sheer, If you want a flawless finish, you need to apply concealer. Because this BB Cream is suitable for oily skin, the finish result is matte. It maintains the matte finish on my skin for almost 4 hours. After that, my face slightly become greasy but not too much~ Overall my opinion about the oil control is, good. I just need 1 oil control film for 6 hours~ *quite happy with the result*

Good oil control
Matte finish
The staying power is quite long~ around 5-6 hours.
It contains SPF 30/ PA++
Available in 2 different shades for oily skin and dry skin

Sheer coverage

Overall: I'm quite amazed with the result from this tiny BB cream! It works really good on my oily skin and it doesn't make my skin break out~ Though the coverage is sheer, I still love this BB cream. I use it for my everyday BB cream because the texture is light~


  1. I used to have this one too! At first I feel in love with it, but then I realized this caused small pimples to appear .__. too bad.. But overall its pretty good actually..


    1. oh really? that's too bad for you :( fortunately I don't have any problem with this BB cream~ I hope you can found new BB cream that suits with your skin.

  2. mini banget Sha, bagus nih review kamu..mau coba, tapi susah nyari produk baviphat di os, langkaa :v

    1. Yup..ukurannya kira2 mirip sama yang miniaturenya skin79 :)

  3. It doesn't seem to conceal completely :( But then, if it's great for oily skin, it's great for me! :)


    1. Yes, too bad the coverage is quite sheer~ :(

  4. ooh, great! I've always have a hard time looking for a bb cream that helps control oiliness! thanks for sharing =)

  5. gemes sama kemasannya ..imut banget :D

  6. Aku dulu cobain yg #02 dan suka jugaa.
    Ukurannya kecil imut2 jadinya praktis dan cepat abis ssebelum bosan he he he

  7. ini yg miniatur tuh brp ml yah?

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