Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: Etude House Missing You~ I Can Fly Lip Balm [Sponsored]

Have you ever want to eat your beauty products? Lol~ I know my question sounds absurd but that's what happened with me since couple weeks ago. One of my sponsor sent me a new product from Etude House to review. The product is a lip balm from Missing You Series~ "Missing You I can Fly Lipbalm". She said the scent is very nice and fragrant. At first my reaction is just "Oh really? Okay, let's see if the scent is that good". And when I received the product and tried it for the first time.. I went crazy~ lol. The scent is seriously very nice and makes me want to lick or bite the product. Ommoo~

The concept for Missing You Series are changed every season but it always related to animals. This season, Etude House's concept is to save owls! They will donated some amount of money from this series sales to save owls. Here are some stories about the owls.

Now let's skip to the review~

About the product:
Formulated with natural organic ingredients. Lip balm is contained in a cute bird egg shaped container/applicator.

Available Flavours:
Pink - Very Berry Cherry (Eagle owl)
Green - Sunny Sunny Apple (Kakapo)
Yellow - Peach Peach (Eastern Glass Owl)
Blue - Sweet Cotton Candy (Cerulean Warbler)

My Flavour: Green - Sunny Sunny Apple (Kakapo)
Amount: 10 g

The packaging concept is an egg. Each varians has different color and name. My egg is kakapo, the main color is green/tosca. The packaging made from plastic and has a grey dots as a decoration (To make it look like a real egg, I guess). The material is doff/matte plastic so it can get dirty easily. The size is tiny so it is easy to bring this little egg all around. To open the egg, I must twist it several times and here is inside the egg..

The lipbalm's color is milky pink and the shape is round like egg.

Swatch, Flavour, Texture:
My flavour is sunny sunny apple and the scent is seriously the best scent I've ever smell for a lipbalm. It is exactly like an apple candy. Fresh, sweet, and makes me want to eat it. The lipbalm color is soft pink but it doesn't appear on my lips, so I can only admire the color when it's still on its packaging. The texture is creamy but not really sticky and it is very moisturise.

Not Really Sticky
Cute and small packaging 
Super nice fruit fragrant
It does a great job for moisturizing my lips for almost 4 hours
There are various flavour selection~ and I bet all the flavours smell good too

The packaging can get dirty easily

Overall: I really love this lipbalm! Truthfully, I'm not a lipbalm person. I don't use lipbalm everyday. I often only use it when I have a chapped lips. lol. yes~ I know it isn't right, but I just don't like something sticky on my lips. But, I've changed my habits after I met this baby kakapo. Trust me, I use this lipbalm everyday. Not only once but several times a day. Even my officemates are asked me, why suddenly I use lipbalm everyday? hahahaha~

If you want to adopt this little baby too (like me), you can visit Bell's Etude House to buy this egg. They sell it for IDR 75K and if you mention "Miss Belanja" you can get additional 5% dicount for ready stock items.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience. I'm not being paid for doing this review.  


  1. It looks like an eos lipbalm :)


    1. yes~ the packaging is similar with eos..

  2. I really wanted to get this but i already own too uch EOS lipbalms so i forced myself not too buy it since it looks similar, but your post makes me waver and want to buy it anyway Shasha -

    1. Mindy~ you should try this lipbalm~ trust me~ the scent is very nice <3

  3. oh God, the packing is too small, i think, but so cute.. isn't it?
    hahha ..
    by the way editan fotoe jie-jie makin lucu ya :D

    1. yes~ small and cute <3
      hahaha thank you~ I use more bright color this time. I think that's why it looks more colorful and cute.

    2. hahha mungkin juga tapi paling suka editan before-apply-after..
      creative!! jarang yang edit kayak gini di Indo hohho

    3. oya? ha5 nanti buat gitu lagi ah~ he5 thank you say~

  4. Karena udah direview di sini, merupakan kewajiban saya untuk membelinya sekarang, hahaha.. *cari alesan belanja*

  5. wow. it seems a really good product!
    Your blog is very nice and interesting!

    Maybe wanna follow each other?? Let me know :)
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    Dont forget to like my Facebook page too!

    1. Thank you~ nice idea~ I'll visit your blog soon ^^

  6. shasha nebar racun nih *____*
    cute gt packagingnya :D aaah mau beli hahaha ~

    1. hahahaha ayo beli vi~ dijamin ga nyesel <3

  7. Great Blog!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?

    1. sure, it's a nice idea~ thanks for coming here :)

  8. the packaging reminds me of eos but a cuter version =)

  9. Oh the package looks like eos, really interesting I saw this product en ebay loks really interesting. many thanks for the review has a cute package.


  10. Is this new?! I didn't know Etude House had these out... I want one though! Great review!

    1. It is quite new~ I think they launched it at the end of 2012 *if i'm not wrong*

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  12. Hi! I would like to know how do you get sponsor? Those that send you products for review..


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