Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review: Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Pact [Sponsored]

Hi girls~ I'm back with a new review. I've been eyeing this product since last year. You know why I want this product so bad? That's because the name~ Oil Queen! I think it suppose to works good for oily skin people like me. Back on February, I was contacted to endorsed products from one of trusted online shop in Indonesia. The owner was very kind and sent me this product to review. I was really happy because finally I can try this baby~

About The Product:
Sebum control pact that controls overflow of sebum and changes the skin from an oily skin to a soft skin.  Provide clear looking skin with no mineral oil, no paraben, no talc, no vaseline, and no ethanol.


My first impression about the packaging is very cute~ The front box was decorated with a cute cloud and the main colors are soft blue, white, and slightly orange color. The cloud is seriously too cute to resist. She even wink to me~ lalalala. When I opened the box, I discovered a little round pact with white color. The baby cloud is still there and wink at me again *lol* The pact was made from plastic, it is quite sturdy and the size fit perfectly in my make up case. Not to big but also not to small. The puff and mirror are included inside this pact. There is a plastic separator between the puff and the powder. The puff isn't my favourite, it is small and hard to use especially if you have a big hand and long fingers like me. I prefer to use brush to apply this powder.

Price / Amount: IDR 128K / 8,5 g

Cotton0,5% exctract, Iceland Glacial Milk, Green tea extract, Calamine  

Swatch, Texture, Oil Control, etc:
When I opened this compact, I was really surprise because the little cloud is still there~ the powder was embossed with the little clouds. However, it disappear quickly after the first use *too bad they didn't embossed it until the bottom of the powder*. Another surprise for me is the powder itself. Unlike the other compact powder, this powder is in white color (this is the first time I have a white compact powder)~ I try to swatched it on my hand but it is hard to capture the color. I hope you can still see the color.

At first, I use this powder with its puff after I apply my BB Cream. But, I found out my face become very white and somehow looks like a ghost lol. This powder give me an instant matte effect and brighter effect. I also really like the fact that the matte effect last until 3 hours after I applied it. After my first experience, I changed my method. This time after I applied my BB Cream, I apply a loose powder (natural beige) then I use my powder brush to apply this powder all over my face. The result? Amazing~ It looks more natural on my face and not as pale as the first one. 

For the coverage, surprisingly this pact offers a nice coverage for me. I thought it wouldn't give me any coverage because the color is white ha5. It covers my large pores quite well but doesn't really cover acne scar or vig pimples (still need help from concealer). I think this compact is more suitable for those who already have a flawless skin. Or... you can try my method to use this powder as a final touch (so, you use another powder with heavy coverage then apply this powder on top of it). Furthermore, this pact also has  SPF 30 / PA ++ ~ Yay to sun protection!

For the oil control~ Like I've mentioned before, this pact offer me a nice oil control. It maintains my matte skin until 3-4 hours. For me, it is quite good result and I don't mind to re-apply this powder. Because the size is small, I can easily take it with me anywhere.

Use this powder as a final touch and don't apply to many powder.
I suggest to use powder brush to apply this powder
For combination skin~ you can try to apply this powder around you T-Zone to control your excess oil

This compact really suitable for people with oily skin because it offers a great matte finish
The oil control also works good for at least 3-4 hours
Offers a good sun protection (SPF 30 / PA++)
small size, sturdy packaging, and easy to bring
Cute packaging :D
It doesn't contain mineral oil, paraben, talc, vaseline, and ethanol
Affordable and can be found easily because this brand is quite popular these days. Many local online shop already provide a pre-order system for this brand

If I use it too many, I will ended look like a ghost and it also make my skin super dry
The puff isn't really useful for me, I prefer to use brush to apply this powder
I don't think this powder will suitable for people with dark skin (If you have a dark skin and still want to try this powder, you can try my tips above)
Need to re-apply after several hours

Overall~ I like this compact powder. I also have another product from this line, please wait my next review about it. For now, If you want to try this product, you can visit BeautyBar2010

They sell various brand from Korea. They have pre-order system and ready stock too. If you mention "Miss Belanja" you can get additional 10% disc with minimum purchased IDR 200k.  

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience. I'm not being paid for doing this review.  


  1. Racun baru euy...
    jadi kepengen nyoba.. lol

  2. notolnya kudu setengah hati ya kalo ga bisa jd anggota keluarga cullen dadakan.. =)
    mirip bgt kayak bedak pdt clean n clear yg warna putih...

    1. lol~ super agree with your comment :p
      Aku malah baru tahu kalau ada bedak clean n clear yg warna putih juga >_<

  3. I love how simple and neat they design the package! ^_~

  4. sha...lucu bgt itu powder pact nya...huwaa..
    jadi pengen beli ini..kulit ku juga berminyak bgt..heheheh
    thank you for sharing sha..will try it soon...

  5. I'm not sure about this shade, maybe it is just too bright? >.< also, the packaging is really cute!

    Mind checking my giveaway please?

    xoxo <3

    1. will check your giveaway soon~ thanks for coming ^^

  6. lucu banged packaging nya. awan nya apalagiii.. sayang ya cepet ilang nya. apply nya di T Zone sama pipi aja biar ga keputihan natasha. Nice post btw :D

  7. Hello! I am a brand new follower and was looking at getting this whole collection so your reveiw has really helped! Thank you and I look forward to looking through more of your posts ^_^

    Jo Tokyo


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