Monday, March 11, 2013

Review: It's Skin Baby Face Petit Blusher [Sponsored]

Good Morning~ To start this beautiful monday, I will share some cute pictures for you ^^ If you following me on Instagram, maybe you already saw my picture with this baby. Recently, I got a new blusher from It's Skin brand. For those who don't know, It's Skin is one of Korean brand. Their "Baby Face" line quite famous these days. And today, I will review one of their item. My blush called It's Skin Baby Face Petit Blusher. 

About the product:
Creates fluffy and colorful skin tone.
Soft Touch
Maintains clear makeup without perpiration and sebum for a long time



Like you can see, this blush has a very cute packaging. The most eye catching are the wings on the left and right of the packaging. Unfortunately it is only the outer packaging. When I remove the plastic wrapper, the wings are disappear too. The packaging is made from plastic and the shape is round. The cap was decorated with hair, eyes, mouth and cheek (the color of the cheeks are different depend on the shade) like a newborn baby. Super cute!

Inside the pact, there is a little ribbon puff. I think this puff is useless because it is very very very small and hard to use. I do recommend you to use blush brush to apply it rather than the puff. But, because the puff is cute, I will forgive it for now~ lol.

Available Shades:

My Shade: #3 Rose

Price / Amount: IDR 90K / 5,5 g

Swatch and texture:
The powder was embossed with the baby's face too~ seriously super cuteee.. They emboss it quite deep, so after several used, I still can see the baby's face. The color is mixture between pink and red color. It has a soft shimmer which doesn't really appear on my skin. The pigmentation is quite good and this blusher doesn't have powdery texture. So, I'm not wasted so many products when I swipe the blush.

Good pigmentation and nice color
Cute and simple packaging
Contains soft shimmer 

The puff isn't really useful
The size is quite small

I'll admit that I fell for it's packaging at the first time. But, after I tried it personally, I really like this blush. I like the color and the texture. If you looking for something cute but useful, you need to buy this blush.

You can get It's Skin Products (and another Korean Brand) at Beautybar2010. Mention "Miss Belanja" to get additional 10% disc with minimum purchase IDR 200k for all items.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purpose, however all my reviews are based on my personal opinion and experience. I'm not being paid for doing this review.  


  1. parah, lucu banget ci, aduh keracunan nih~
    check blog aku ya

    1. hehehe mmg packagingnya ga nahan~ lucu banget ^^

  2. i love the color rose, such an intense shade!! and the packaging is super cuuteee!

  3. lucu shaaa.. cm uda agak bosen sm blush on packaging bgini, ud ada 3 yg ky gini xD

  4. Aku adaaa nih yg peach lucuu bgt packagingnya! Ada sayap2nya :D

    1. setuju~ sayapnya yang buat semakin imut :D

  5. lucu cee.. xD
    bentuknya puff hampir sama kaya punya Etude ya.. :D

  6. It is sooo cute! And I love the color :) Very summer-appropriate :)


  7. ooh, the shade is so lovely and suits you well enough! ^_~

  8. Nice review! I'll try that blush in the future! :)

  9. This looks really cute and I like the colour, I love pink blushes. ;-) Thanks for your comment! My blog is in german and as I have only ~300 readers who are mostly germans, austrians or from switzerland, i dont post in english (and because my english is rather poor) :-p) But I know something in Bahasa Indonesia; Selamat pagi! Apa kabar? ^_^

  10. The colour is very pretty on you :)

  11. Like your FOTD sha!!!
    Looks super pretty!!

  12. huaa... kemasanny unyu unyu bener.... ga nahan (mulai mupenk)
    nice color too :)


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