Sunday, April 28, 2013

Paint my nails - Powerful Peach

Hi girls, it is quite rare to see me publish a new post at night time, right? well, because today I have some leisure time, I decide to make a new post for you. I just realized that lately my posts are about Etude House products. See my popular posts on my sidebar, almost all of them are about Etude House~ hehehe. Truthfully, I don't have any bias for korean brands. If lately I post about Etude House, that's because of coincident. First, I got many EH products from the last event at Grand City Mall. Second, I also won some nail polish from EH brand from Kiki's giveaway. So....that's the story behind my so-many-etude house-posts-lately :D

Today, I will share another Etude House Product with you. This time I will make it short, because I just want to show you my NOTD. I got this nail polish as a giveaway gift. The product's name is Etude House Dear My Neon Pop Nail - Powerful Peach.

No doubt that Etude House always have a cute packaging even for a nail polish. Look at the bottle! It has a nice heart carriage embossed on the bottle. The brush is rectangular shape, which I really like better than the usual brush. The color is very bright and fit perfectly with summer time!

Apply 1 layer on my nails, and these are what I got~ A bright neon peach *similar to stabilo's color* 

What do you think about this color? Looks good for summer, right?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Introducing Cubox Korea!

Hello girls~ I'm back again with a good news for you. You know, beauty box subscription is very famous lately at Indonesia. I'm sure you already familiar with some of them too because recently I wrote many reviews about it. Now, I will introduce you to a new box in the town~ It is called Cubox! I'm not sure if you already know about this box or not because it's still very new. Now, to make it more clear, I will introduce you properly in this post.

What is Cubox?
Cubox stands for "Curator Box". Cubox korea is the latest e-shopping mainstrem offering a "theme" monthly box subscription containing the Best Curated Korean Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Products professionally hand-picked by Top Korean Product Curators. Cubox is based at Korea, but recently they're planning to expand the service to South East Asia countries.

What is included in the box?
Curious right? Cubox is quite different with another beauty boxes because it offers 3 different boxes with 2 different price. As you can see below, they have Fashion and Beauty box for women,  Style and Grooming box for men, and Lifestyle and Interior box. Yes, they also provide beauty box for men too~ I really love this idea because it is different with another beauty box services.

All products included in the box are in Real Size! wow~

How are the products picked?

And who are the curators?

CuboxKorea will launch their official website on 1st May and they also will open for subcription for their May box. and guess what is the good news? They will having a BIG giveaway too.  Okay, how big is the "BIG" giveaway? Let me tell you the some spoiler~

They will give a trip to Korea for you and 1 of your friend and they will let you have a shopping experience with their curators!

okay screammm nowww~ omg! am I the only one whose excited here? *raise your hand*

Interested to subscribe?
Subcription for Cubox Korea is IDR 540K for standar box and IDR 900K for VIP Box.

Okay, I know some of you will complain about how pricey is the box after you read the sentences above *that's why I put it on the bottom of the post so you don't close this post at first hehehe*

BUT, *yeah, please understand, there always be a good excuse, right?* there are some reason why you shouldn't complain about the price.

First reason: With that price, you will get 9-11 full size products from Korean brand. It is also include a fashion item and a lot of beauty items. Let's see the example~

 As you can see, these are what can you get in 1 box. You can get a beautiful dress. You also can get a full size BB Cream, lip tint, face mask, etc.

Second reason: The shipping is free worldwide! you don't need to pay another fee to get your cubox on your doorstep. You only need to pay for the box and the shipping is free.

Third Reason: This is seasonal reason~ For next month (May), Cubox Korea is having a big giveaway (like I've mentioned above). By puchasing May box, you will get a chance to go to Korea with your friend. How cool is that? Only spend less than IDR 900k and you can go to Korea!

Maybe some of you think the chance will be very low to win the giveaway because there will be many subscribers, right?
Let me tell you some secret~ *Oh how I love a good news*

Cubox korea only offers limited 100 box next month. and they only open subcription for 1 week. That means you only compete against 99 persons *not thousands and I think this is quite good news*

So here is my opinion: If I subscribe for the box, it is only cost me IDR 900K or IDR 540K if you subscribe for the standar one. But, I can have a chance to go to Korea. 
What if I win the giveaway? I will be the happiest person in the world because I can go to Korea with only some amount of money.
What if I don't win the giveaway? I think it's still okay because I've already got the box that worthed more than the price.

You get what I mean?

Now, interested so subscribe? hold on your excitement because CuboxKorea will officially open on 1st May! Mark your calendar~ Before that, I suggest you visit:

 CuboxKorea Facebook page 

to see more information about this interesting offer.

I hope my information is helpful for you and have a nice day :)

PS: I have another good news for you~ *how many good news I've shared on this post?*
I'll be having a new giveaway teamed with CuboxKorea *very soon* so, please stay around~

Friday, April 26, 2013

Winner of Catch the Number Giveaway: 300.000 Pageviews!

Hi all~
Few weeks ago, I've started a new giveaway at twitter. Basicly it is the same giveaway like I did back on December. The name is "Catch the number". Like you can see, now my pageviews are already hit 300.000++ *thank you readers*

I will make this short. So, the winner is the one that can captured my blog's layout when it was shown number 300.000. And the winner is....

Congratulations to Mitchellina Metta

and here are your prizes~

Thank you so much for all readers! I will be having another giveaway very soon :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Lalaluna!

Hello girls~ do you remember my christmas swap partner, ce Josephine from Lalaluna? This month, she celebrate her first blogversary by having a huge giveaway! All you need to do is make a shout out for her blogversary and post it on your blog. The shout out can be anything~ you can do nail art, FOTD, Craft, drawing, or whatever you want to do. For me, because I'm a beauty blogger, I decide to make FOTD and NOTD. I'm quite late to make my entry because I'm very busy lately *sorry*.

So, without further ado, these are my entries for the giveaway~ The first one is EOTD. When it comes to birthday party, I always love to use pink color for my make up. So, I decide to make a simple EOTD for this time.

Second~ Show off my Pink Gradient Nails~ matching with my EOTD, isn't it?

Lastly~ FOTD! Pink eye make up, pink nails, and pink shirt! I'm feeling pink~ lol.

To Ce Josephine~

Happy birthday for your blog! I always amazed everytime I saw your nail art. Also when I met you in person, I also amazed about your young appearance! I hope we can meet again someday and please help me with my nails~ hahaha <3 Keep up the good works and I wish you have many pageviews and followers on your blog because you really deserved it! Happy birthday~

This post was made as a giveaway entry at Lalaluna's blog

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vanity Trove First Edition!

Good Morning~ Another review about beauty box! Sorry if I'm spamming you with many beauty boxes, but I promise this is the last one for this month. This time my beauty box comes from Vanity Trove Indonesia. If you lived in Malaysia or Singapore, I'm sure you've already familiar with this service because this box is quite popular there. So, let's begin unboxing my First Edition of Vanity Trove.

The "Jacket":
The box has an outer wrapper which I like to call a jacket. If you love k-pop you maybe familiar with this words hehehe. The jacket looks super elegant with white color and a big number "1" with silver color on the front cover. The side of the jacket has a nice pharse "Beautiful Surprises" along with the website of Vanity Trove Indonesia.

The box:
The box is my favourite because it has white color for the upper box and pink color for the bottom box, Unlike my other beauty boxes, this box is a drawer type. To open the box, I must pull the pink ribbon. The box material is very thick and looks sturdy. The cover of the box is different with the jacket, the box have "Vanity Trove" and "Beautiful Surprises" words on its cover.

Inside the box:
All the products and brochures are wrapped with a thick tissue paper. And here are what I got for this month:

Make Over Make Up Pouch [Real Size]

Make Over Powder Eyeshadow [Real Size]

Vial Perfume Radiance by Britney Spears

Elise False Eyelashes [Real Size]

Makarizo Hair Recovery
Makarizo Hair Repair Mask

 Laneige Water Bank Essence [15 ml]

Beauty Vouchers:

They only give 2 vouchers and 1 catalog.

Beauty book:

Consists all the products for this month trove. As you can see there are L'occitane, Lioele, Silky Girl, Shu Uemura, Juicy Couture, Clinique, Orlane, etc

My Opinion:
First about the box, so far this is my favourite. The material is thick and it has my favourite colors too (white and pink). For the contents, actually I'm okay with the content. Though, it doesn't provides many products like my other beauty boxes, I'm still pleased with the size. I also very happy about the Laneige Water Bank Essence, been wanting to try that and recently I run out my essence. So, this is the right time to try something new. Though I also want another brand like Shu Uemura and L'occitane, I'm still happy with my box. I think because I choose more make up rather than skincare, that's why I don't get Shu or L'occitane :p. But, If I count all the product's prices, it's already exceed the box's price. So I think it's okay.

Vanity Trove subscription is IDR 180K/month or IDR 540K/3months. If you want to subscribe you can visit their website:

also support them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Beauty Treats Indonesia! First Edition~

Another post about beauty box! Like I've said before, this is a new phenomena in Indonesia. Maybe many of you already read the similar posts from another bloggers. I also want to join the crowd! Remember my old post about Beauty Treats Indonesia? I've already received my first box from Beauty Treats last week and now I will share my opinion about this beauty box.

The Outer Box~
The outer box is quite interesting because it has a cute phrase.. "'s a secret" hehehe I found it is cute and quite tempting. It makes me want to see what's inside the box.


The beauty box~
My first impression: A black box with pink ribbon and some brochure and Voucher. It has a magnetic lock too, so it is quite secure. My box comes with a perfect condition. so no complaint for this time :)

Inside the box~
There is a small card with a handwriting from BTI. *I wonder how many card they must wrote hahaha*. A lot of brochures, vouchers and many stuffs that wraped with a tissue paper and black ribbon. I got many stuffs this time *again, I think because this is their first box, so they put many things inside the box*. They also give a little book that explain about all the products inside the april box. Some products are same for every box, but some products are different depends on my beauty profile.

Masami Shouko Oil Blotting Paper [Real Size]
Masami Shouko Black Round Cleansing Sponge [Real Size]

Perfumies Solid Perfume Stick [Real Size]

Lioele Nail Polish [Real Size]
*they give me a purple color yay~ hahahaha*

Make Up Forever Premium Mirror [Real Size]

L'occitane Samples:
Volumizing Shampoo
Volumizing Conditioner
Immortelle Precious Eye Balm
Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream
L'occitane Pivoine Flora Hand Cream
*The scent is really nice*

Skin79 Gold Label BB Cream Sample 

Now the last item from my box is:

This trial set from Biokos Derma Bright~ I'm quite surprised with this set. They give me the whole products from cleanser, toner, serum, day cream and night cream. The size of the serum and creams also very acceptable!

Beauty Vouchers~ *Like always, it can only be redeemed in Jakarta..sigh* Fortunately, there is one voucher from Zalora that can be use online yay! *Btw, this voucher is re-useable, so I will share the code with you too. The code is "BTREATS15", The discount is 15% without minimum purchased and valid for cosmetics only until May 15th* 

My opinion:
I really like their handwriting card! I can feel their sincerity in this box. Plus I love their black box~ looks elegant and suitable with it's pink ribbon. For the content, I wish they put all the vouchers and brochures in one envelope or plastic bag or anything else. It is looks messy when the first time I opened my box because the papers are everywhere. I don't have any complain about the products because I love it all! I don't mind with the sachets samples because it is from L'occitane! hahaha.. I love this brand and I know it is quite expensive.

Ah one more thing... I'm a little disappointed because they didn't give me any cosmetics *except for the BB Cream sample*. I'm pretty sure I wrote on my beauty profile that I choose cosmetics than skincare :(. I hope they will put more cosmetics in the future.

Subscription for Beauty Treats Indonesia is IDR 95K/Month or IDR 275K/3 Months. I think this is the most affordable beauty box in Indonesia *right now* and the contents are very acceptable. If you want to subscribe, visit their website:

Also support them at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Say hello to my Lolabox! *First Edition*

Hi girls~ lately there is a huge phenomenal in Indonesia called Beauty Box. Yes~ I've already mentioned about it before, that we will be have beauty box in Indonesia! yay~ Finally after months waiting, my first ever beauty box is here. It is called Lolabox.

Lolabox is one of beauty box service that available in Indonesia *right now*. It is already open for subscription from April 16th (Go subscribe now). Last month, I was contacted by Lolabox. I was informed that I was one of the lucky person that can receive the first box for free~ yay! So, today I will share my opinion about my first box~

I received the box quite late because I lived in Surabaya, I've already saw the box from other bloggers pictures and posts. So, yeah~ I'm not really surprised with the contents. The first Lolabox contents are same for every box. but for next month, we must fill our beauty profile on their website, so they can pick suitable products for us.

Let's see... Lolabox has a nice pink/white box with Lola signature on top of it. The box has magnet so it is quite secure. One thing that made me quite disappointed, my box already ripped when I received it :( I guess it is because the shipping, but it is only a little, so I don't really mind it.

Inside the box. The wrapper of the products was tied with a bright orange ribbon. There is a small card from Lola that explained about the product's detail and greetings.

So, what I've got?

Sebamed Clean Face Cleansing Bar
Sebamed Clean Face Deep Cleansing Facial Toner
Sebamed Clean Face Care Gel

Orlane Be 21 Eau De Parfum
Orlane Extreme Line-Reducing Lip Care

Orlane Anagenese 25+ Complex First Time-Fighting Care
Orlane Anagenese 25+ Complex First Time-Fighting Care Eye Contour

Platinum Long Lasting Lipstick
*I don't like the color because it's too old for me, so I give it to my mom*

Taman Sari Royal Heritage:
Green Coconut Series - Conditioner
Papaya Enzyme Series - Body Scrub
Balinese Series - Murut Body Scrub
Cocoa Series - Body Scrub

My favourite is the Aromatic Pouch by Scentsibility! Super love this cute pouch~ It has a nice lavender fragrant that make me relax.

Beauty Vouchers
*too bad it can only used in Jakarta*

I'm quite impressed with the contents. It has many products! I guess because this is their first time, they made it very special and put many things. As far as I know, for the next box they will only put 7-8 products. 

My opinion:
I love how Lola put all the vouchers and brochures in one envelope. It looks neat and more organized for me. I also like how they put a deluxe samples inside the box, somehow it looks more expensive (than sachets samples). My suggestion for the next lolabox is about the box, I hope they can make a better quality box in the future. Also, I hope they will give vouchers that can be used outside Jakarta. I mean, I don't need tons of vouchers if they can only be redeemed in Jakarta.

That's all my opinion about my first ever beauty box from Lolabox. The subscription for Lolabox is IDR 145K/month or IDR 375k/ 3 months. If you want to subscribe you can visit:

Also support them at Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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